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Comfort Raised Height Toilets

Raised-height toilets, also known as comfort-height toilets, are designed with a taller bowl than standard toilets. The biggest advantage of comfort-height toilets lies in their ergonomic design. The increased height eases the effort required to sit down and stand up, which is particularly beneficial for the elderly, individuals with mobility issues, or those recovering from surgery. This design reduces strain on the knees and back, aligning more closely with the natural sitting posture of the human body.

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Bayswater Fitzroy Comfort Back To Wall Pan

Bayswater Fitzroy Comfort Back To Wall Pan

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Burlington Regal Back to Wall WC

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Bayswater Fitzroy Comfort Height Low Level WC

Bayswater Fitzroy Comfort Height Low Level WC

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Burlington Regal Close Coupled WC Suite

Burlington Regal Close Coupled WC Suite

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Burlington S Trap Close Coupled WC Toilet

Burlington S Trap Close Coupled WC Toilet

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Burlington Regal Slimline Low Level WC Suite

Burlington Regal Slimline Low Level WC Suite

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Burlington Regal Low Level WC Suite

Burlington Regal Low Level WC Suite

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Burlington Regal Medium Level WC Toilet Suite

Burlington Regal Medium Level WC Toilet Suite

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Burlington Regal High Level WC Suite

Burlington Regal High Level WC Suite

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Burlington Regal Aluminium High Level WC Suite

Burlington Regal Aluminium High Level WC Suite

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Ergonomic Advantages

For homeowners, incorporating these toilets into their bathroom design can significantly enhance the daily comfort of family members, especially for those living with older adults or individuals with disabilities. In healthcare settings, such as hospitals and care homes, these toilets are indispensable. They not only assist in patient comfort but also reduce the physical strain on carers who assist in toileting.

Impact on Accessibility

The accessibility aspect of comfort-height toilets extends beyond individual homes and healthcare facilities. Public spaces, too, are increasingly recognising the importance of inclusive design. Installing comfort-height toilets in public restrooms ensures accessibility for all, aligning with the principles of universal design. This not only serves a practical function but also promotes a more inclusive society.

Practical Examples

In residential homes, the installation of a comfort-height toilet can transform a standard bathroom into a more accessible space. Imagine a family home where grandparents are frequent visitors or where a family member has a temporary or permanent physical limitation. The presence of a comfort-height toilet can significantly enhance their independence and dignity.

In healthcare settings, these toilets are part of a broader approach to patient-centred care. In hospitals, where patients might struggle with mobility, comfort-height toilets can facilitate easier transfers from a wheelchair or walker. Similarly, in care homes, where residents may have long-term mobility issues, these toilets can greatly assist in daily routines and reduce the need for extensive assistance.

Considerations for Installation

While the benefits are clear, there are considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, the suitability of the toilet height should be tailored to the individual. What works for a tall person may not be comfortable for someone shorter. Additionally, in households with young children, a taller toilet might pose challenges.

Another aspect to consider is the bathroom layout. Ensure that there is adequate space around the toilet for ease of movement, especially for wheelchair users. Grab bars and other assistive devices might also be necessary to complement the raised toilet, enhancing safety and usability.

Brands in this space:

Now we've covered the basics of comfort-height toilets, let's get into some of the best brands that manufacture these toilets and why they are such great sellers here at Bathroom Supplies Online.

Ideal Standard:

Ideal Standard is renowned for its focus on combining aesthetics with practicality. Their comfort-height toilets are no exception, boasting sleek designs that fit seamlessly into a contemporary bathroom. The extra height, typically around 450mm to 480mm from floor to rim, compared to the standard 400mm, makes sitting down and standing up easier for users.

Ideal Standard offers a variety of styles in their comfort height range, including close-coupled, back-to-wall, and wall-hung models. This variety ensures that regardless of the bathroom size or style, there is likely a model that fits well.

Many Ideal Standard toilets incorporate innovative technologies, such as their AquaBlade® cleaning system, which provides a powerful and hygienic flush. Additionally, soft-close seats are a common feature, reducing noise and wear.

Ideal Standard is known for its high-quality ceramic construction, ensuring durability and a long lifespan for its toilets. This is a crucial factor, as a toilet is a long-term investment for most households.

Ideal Standard has taken significant strides in ensuring their products are water-efficient, which is an important consideration in today’s environmentally conscious world.


Roca's approach to comfort-height toilets also focuses on ergonomics, but with a distinctive flair that is characteristic of the brand. Their models often feature smooth, rounded lines and are available in various designs to suit different bathroom aesthetics. The height of their comfort toilets is also around 450mm, which is beneficial for a broad range of users.

Roca offers an extensive range of comfort-height toilets, including the popular Meridian-N and The Gap ranges. These collections offer different design aesthetics but maintain the core principle of enhanced comfort and accessibility.

Roca integrates several advanced features in their toilets, such as Rimless technology, which ensures easy cleaning and a more hygienic bathroom environment. Their soft-close seat technology is also a highlight, offering additional convenience and luxury.

Roca’s commitment to quality is evident in its products. The brand uses high-quality materials that promise longevity and resistance to wear and tear, making their toilets a reliable choice.

Like Ideal Standard, Roca places a significant emphasis on sustainability. Their toilets are designed to reduce water usage without compromising on performance, which is increasingly important for environmentally conscious consumers.


Burlington, a well-regarded name in the bathroom fittings industry, offers a range of comfort-height toilets that combine classic design with modern functionality. Their toilets are typically a few centimetres taller than standard toilets, making them an ideal choice for the elderly or those with joint pain.

Burlington's comfort-height toilets are known for their elegant and timeless designs. They often feature a traditional look, reminiscent of Victorian-style bathrooms, which makes them suitable for homes aiming for a classic or retro aesthetic. The ceramic construction, coupled with high-quality flush mechanisms, ensures durability and efficiency.

The raised height of these toilets provides ease of use, especially for those who struggle with sitting down or standing up. This design consideration not only enhances comfort but also promotes independence for users with reduced mobility. Additionally, Burlington toilets are equipped with efficient flushing systems, reducing water consumption while maintaining high performance.


On the other hand, Vitra, a brand known for its innovative and contemporary bathroom solutions, offers a different approach to comfort-height toilets. Their designs are more modern and sleek, suitable for a wide range of bathroom interiors, from minimalistic to luxurious.

Vitra's comfort-height toilets often come with cutting-edge features like rimless technology, which ensures a powerful and hygienic flush by eliminating the rim where bacteria and limescale often accumulate. This feature not only enhances the cleanliness of the toilet but also simplifies maintenance.

The heightened design of Vitra's toilets is ergonomically crafted to provide the utmost comfort. This design is especially beneficial for those with back issues or the elderly. The sleek lines and contemporary shapes of these toilets add a touch of modernity to any bathroom space.

When it comes to choosing between Burlington and Vitra, the decision largely depends on personal preference and the overall bathroom design.

If you are inclined towards a more traditional or classic bathroom design, Burlington's range would be more suitable. Their toilets often feature ornate designs and classic lines that complement a traditional bathroom setting. In contrast, if you prefer a contemporary, sleek bathroom look, Vitra's modern and minimalist designs would be more appealing.

For those prioritising hygiene and easy maintenance, Vitra's rimless technology offers a significant advantage. However, Burlington's focus on efficient flushing systems and durable construction is also noteworthy for those seeking a balance between traditional design and modern functionality.


In conclusion, both Burlington and Vitra offer compelling options in the realm of comfort-height raised toilets. Your choice between the two should be guided by your aesthetic preferences, functional requirements, and the specific needs of the users. Whether you opt for the classic charm of Burlington or the modern sophistication of Vitra, comfort-height toilets are a wise investment in enhancing the accessibility and comfort of your bathroom space.

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