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St James

When it comes to creating a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the furnishings and fixtures you choose play a pivotal role. The St James Collection, hailing from the land of sartorial heritage, brings you an assortment that defies the mere utilitarian aspects of bathroom products, elevating them to pieces of art. Read more to delve into the distinctive styling, remarkable quality, and commendable features that set this brand apart.

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St James Mono Basin Mixer

St James Mono Basin Mixer

Was £293.00
Now Only £281.05
St James 3 Hole Bath Filler

St James 3 Hole Bath Filler

Was £600.00
Now Only £574.46
St James Bath Filler

St James Bath Filler

Was £702.00
Now Only £570.42
St James Towel Rail with Cast Iron Fins

St James Towel Rail with Cast Iron Fins

Was £1,631.30
Now Only £1,257.85
St James Tall Towel Rail with Cast Iron Fins

St James Tall Towel Rail with Cast Iron Fins

Was £2,300.10
Now Only £1,776.03
St James Multi-Rail Towel Rail

St James Multi-Rail Towel Rail

Was £1,530.10
Now Only £1,180.68
St James Ladder Towel Rail

St James Ladder Towel Rail

Was £1,383.80
Now Only £1,070.43
St James Handshower

St James Handshower

Was £105.00
Now Only £101.36
St James Adjustable Handshower Cradle

St James Adjustable Handshower Cradle

Was £101.00
Now Only £97.54
St James Wall Mounted Handshower Cradle

St James Wall Mounted Handshower Cradle

Was £119.00
Now Only £114.75
St James Shower Hose

St James Shower Hose

Was £67.10
Now Only £59.30
St James Porcelain Tumbler & Holder

St James Porcelain Tumbler & Holder

Was £95.00
Now Only £91.81
St James Single Towel Rail

St James Single Towel Rail

Was £138.00
Now Only £132.89
St James Double Towel Rail

St James Double Towel Rail

Was £205.00
Now Only £196.95

A Symphony of Traditional and Contemporary Styling

The St James Collection is a magnificent blend of traditional British craftsmanship and contemporary styling. If you are someone who revels in the elegance of time-honoured styles, St James' offerings provide an array of products that resonate with the Victorian period's classical lines. Every tap, shower, and accessory is a testament to the traditional essence that the brand embodies.

Yet, modernity is not sacrificed at the altar of tradition. St James ingeniously infuses a minimalist modern update into its products. This perfect balance makes the collection not just a suitable but a distinguished choice for those who wish for their bathroom to reflect a fusion of past and present. Additionally, the brand offers an extensive range of brassware, taps, showers, and accessories available in six stunning finishes, ensuring that you have the luxury to customise every detail.

Quality Beyond Compare

In an age where mass production often compromises quality, St James places utmost importance on handcrafted excellence. Using solid brass of unparalleled finish and the finest English porcelain, the brand promises nothing less than superior quality. But this commitment is not merely superficial; it extends deep into the mechanics of every product. From precision engineering to meticulous attention to detail, St James defines what exceptional craftsmanship should look like.

Furthermore, durability is not just an added feature but a fundamental aspect of St James products. With durable construction methods, they withstand the test of time, ensuring that the products serve you well for years to come.

For those who seek assurance, St James offers an industry-leading 10-year guarantee on all taps, showers, and accessories. To bolster this, all products from the collection are hand-assembled in Britain, reinforcing the brand's unwavering commitment to quality.

Individually Inspected, Uniquely St James

Quality control isn't a box-ticking exercise for St James; it is an integral part of their manufacturing process. Each product is individually inspected and tested, ensuring excellence not only in terms of design but also engineering and finishing. This level of scrutiny goes a long way in establishing why the brand has remained a leader in bathroom furnishings since its inception in 1968.

A Legacy of British Craftsmanship

Esteemed for its British heritage, the St James Collection has proudly been crafted in England for over half a century. Rooted in Birmingham, the brand has an in-house team that is as passionate about quality as it is about British manufacturing. All plating is done in the UK by renowned British platers, and the porcelain is sourced from authentic British potteries. These practices contribute to achieving the highest possible levels of quality control, something of which St James is immensely proud of.

In summary, the St James Collection transcends the norms of bathroom furnishings, offering a gamut of products that encapsulate distinctive styling, exemplary quality, and detailed craftsmanship. Each piece serves as a marker of British heritage and modern ingenuity, acting as a perfect addition to your bathroom that enhances both your lifestyle and home aesthetics.

Investing in St James products is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in timeless elegance, enduring quality, and exceptional craftsmanship. With its industry-leading guarantees and a commitment to British manufacturing, the brand ensures you are making a choice that you will treasure for years to come.

St James Taps

When it comes to marrying historical elegance with contemporary functionality, few can rival the St James Collection of bathroom taps. With their fine attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, these taps stand as a testament to the era of Victorian splendour while effortlessly incorporating modern technology.

Basin Taps

Let's start with the basin taps, which are the epitome of classic Victorian aesthetics. You have the liberty to choose between England Handle, London Handle, or London Lever designs, with each design available with white, black, or metal handle inserts or levers. The taps also feature a 1/4-turn ceramic disc operation, making the handling as smooth as silk. Versatility is key here, as these taps can be tailored to suit either 1, 2, or 3 tap holes and come in both deck-mounted and wall-mounted configurations.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Moving on to the bath shower mixer taps, these, too, are available in England Handle, London Handle, or London Lever designs, replete with the option of white, black, or metal handle inserts or levers. Both deck-mounted and wall-mounted variants are available, allowing you to match the tap design seamlessly with your bathroom layout.

Bath Taps

For those who relish a luxurious soak, the bath taps in the St James Collection are a delightful addition to any bathroom. Like their basin and bath shower mixer counterparts, these taps come in the signature England Handle, London Handle, and London Lever designs. They offer options for 2 or 3 tap holes and can be either deck-mounted or wall-mounted.

Bidet Taps

The collection also includes a bidet spray, which can be purchased individually or as part of a complete wall-mounted kit. The bidet taps are engineered from solid brass with optional white or black porcelain detailing, enriching the overall aesthetic.

Basin & Bath Wastes and Tap Components

To achieve a fully cohesive look, the St James Collection also provides a range of basin and bath wastes and other tap components. These accessories ensure that every aspect of your bathroom fixtures sings in harmony.

Styling and Quality: A Marriage of Elegance and Durability

The St James taps are designed to echo the opulence of the Victorian era, all the while incorporating the conveniences of modern-day technology. The collection defines luxury through its selection of brassware, taps, and accessories available in six stunning finishes, providing a visual feast of Victorian-inspired splendour.

Crafted from solid brass and polished meticulously by hand, the taps possess a flawless appeal and shine. This level of quality is further elevated by the incorporation of the finest English porcelain in some designs.


The St James Collection offers an array of finishes to complement any bathroom style. The options include Bright Chrome, Antique Gold, Bright Nickel, and Brushed Nickel, providing a spectrum of aesthetic possibilities.

Ceramic Disc Technology

But it's not just about appearance; the taps also boast ceramic disc technology. This ensures a longer life for the taps and provides a smooth, easy 1/4-turn operation.

To sum up, the St James Collection of bathroom taps serves as a landmark in the fine art of bathroom design. Its blend of classic aesthetics, modern functionality, and uncompromising quality makes it a standout choice for those looking to infuse their bathrooms with a touch of both history and luxury. Whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, the St James taps offer a timeless elegance that promises to elevate your bathroom experience to an art form.

St James Showers

There are certain things in life that serve a dual purpose: they fulfil a function while also enhancing our aesthetic experience. Among these, the bathroom shower is a prime example. It's not just a space to clean oneself; it's a sanctuary where we prepare for the day ahead or wind down after the hustle and bustle of daily life. St James, a reputable bathroom brand, understands this sentiment deeply. Their range of showers embodies not just functional excellence but also a classical elegance that transforms the humble bathroom into a place of luxury.

Exposed Showers: Brass Beauty on Display

Let's start with the exposed showers. When you walk into a bathroom adorned with St James' brass exposed showers, you immediately notice the unique configurations and aesthetics that each unit brings. It's an eye-catching blend of tradition and modern craftsmanship, offering a luxurious bathing experience. The brass construction adds a sense of enduring quality, assuring you that this is a shower designed to last.

Concealed Showers: Elegance Behind the Wall

The magic of St James’ Brass Concealed Showers lies in their subtlety. Designed with different styles and setups, these concealed units offer a streamlined look without sacrificing functionality. It's a shower that's there when you need it but blends seamlessly into the wall when you don't. This minimalist approach allows for the other features of your bathroom to shine, making the concealed showers an excellent choice for those who prefer a more understated elegance.

Shower Heads: Engineered for Durability and Style

St James takes shower heads seriously. Whether you opt for the Brass Skirted Shower Head or the Easy Clean Skirted Shower Head, you'll experience a perfect blend of durability and classic aesthetics. Built with a focus on high quality, these shower heads are a testament to St James' commitment to superior British craftsmanship.

Hand Showers: A Traditional Look with Modern Convenience

Hand showers are another highlight in the St James shower range. The brand offers a variety of brass hand showers, including ones with a wall bracket, a slider rail, and a slider with hose. All these are designed to combine ease of use with a traditional look, enhancing your shower experience without complicating it.

Shower Systems: A Comprehensive Experience

St James aims to provide a holistic shower experience with its range of wall-mounted shower systems. Products like the Brass Shower Wall Elbow, 18mm Overhead Shower Arm, and 18mm Riser Pipe work in harmony to offer a comprehensive and stylish showering experience. These components are not just add-ons; they're integral to fulfilling the brand’s vision of showering luxury.

Shower Valves: Control with a Classical Touch

One can't overlook the importance of a good shower valve. Whether you prefer the traditional concealed and exposed shower valves with a single outlet or the more advanced options like the classical exposed thermodynamic shower valve with a 2-function diverter, you're in control of a seamless and aesthetically pleasing operation. The brass construction ensures durability, and the design exudes a timeless beauty.

General Features: Commitment to Quality and Design

All of St James' shower products reflect a profound commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Available in five different finishes, the brand caters to a variety of tastes and bathroom décors. The solid brass construction across the range guarantees durability and long-term use.

A Prestigious Choice

And let’s not forget the prestige associated with the brand. St James shower products have been chosen for high-profile settings like Windsor Castle, the State President's home in South Africa, and even the Orient Express. This not only attests to the brand's quality but also adds a layer of prestige to your own bathroom.

St James Heated Towel Rails

When it comes to bathrooms, every detail matters. From the taps to the tiles, these elements collectively create a sanctuary where one starts and ends their day. One brand that understands the importance of these details is St James. With a rich history steeped in Victorian grandeur, St James offers an exquisite range of bathroom towel rails, warmers, and radiators that seamlessly marry form with function.

St James Ladder Towel Rail

For those who love simplicity with a dash of functional elegance, the St James Ladder Towel Rail is a classic choice. Resembling a ladder, it offers multiple rungs for hanging towels, allowing for excellent space management. It's ideal for larger families or those who wish to display a collection of plush towels.

St James Multi-Rail Towel Rail

If the ladder towel rail isn't enough, St James also offers a multi-rail towel rail that provides additional hanging space across multiple tiers. Practical yet stylish, it’s the epitome of contemporary design built on Victorian foundations.

St James Towel Rail with Cast Iron Fins

This particular model adds a unique twist to towel rails by featuring cast iron fins. These fins not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also seem to enhance heat distribution, ensuring your towels are evenly warmed through.

St James Freestanding Victorian Hobby Horse Towel Rail

For lovers of the unconventional, the Victorian Hobby Horse Towel Rail offers a whimsical, freestanding option. Its unique design allows it to serve as a focal point in your bathroom while maintaining the functionality of a towel rail.

St James Tall Towel Rail with Cast Iron Fins

This is essentially an upgraded version of the towel rail with cast iron fins, but in a taller structure. It offers enhanced heating capabilities and a bold statement in aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for those with a penchant for the dramatic.

Solid Brass Construction

Durability is not an aspect that St James compromises on. At least one model in their range features solid brass construction, ensuring longevity and offering a premium feel that is rarely seen in modern bathroom fixtures.

A Range of Options

Whether you’re swayed by the Victorian Hobby Horse's unique charm or the Multi-Rail Towel Rail’s sheer practicality, there is something in the St James range for everyone. You can choose from various designs, materials, and features that best suit your bathroom’s existing décor or planned renovation.

Dual Fuel Feature and Finish Options

Another notable feature of the St James collection is the dual fuel capability, offering both electric and central heating options for maximum flexibility. You also have the luxury to select from various finishes, further enhancing the product’s compatibility with your design vision.

St James Bathroom Accessories

The accessories you choose play a crucial role in defining both the functionality and aesthetic of your bathroom. One brand that exemplifies the pinnacle of luxurious bathroom fittings is St James. Here, we delve into their range of bathroom accessories to understand how they manage to blend high-quality craftsmanship with exceptional design.

Materials and Quality: An Ode to Craftsmanship

One of the standout features of the St James Collection is its unyielding commitment to quality. Each accessory is handcrafted, employing solid virgin-grade brass and the finest English porcelain. These materials not only add an authentic touch but also ensure the longevity of each piece. Imagine a soap dish or a toilet roll holder that feels robust and looks magnificent, year after year. It is not simply about utility, but the experience of luxury that endures.

Furthermore, the meticulous attention to detail sets the St James Collection apart from its competitors. From the early design stages to engineering and finishing, each product undergoes rigorous quality control. The brand is so confident in its offerings that it provides a 10-year guarantee on their products, underscoring their commitment to durability and quality.

Types of Accessories: Comprehensive Yet Curated

The St James Collection provides a wide array of bathroom accessories, offering something for every need and taste. Their general accessories include baskets, robe hooks, shelves, soap dishes, toilet brushes, towel rails, towel rings, and tumblers. This is not just about fulfilling basic needs; it’s about elevating everyday bathroom experiences. Need a robe hook that adds character to your wall? St James has it. Looking for a soap dish that reflects opulence? You're in the right place.

The range also includes a varied selection of taps and mixers, such as bath pillar taps and bath shower mixers. Here, form and function unite to offer a harmonious user experience.

For those interested in toilet essentials, the collection offers cistern levers, cistern parts, and internals, along with close-coupled toilets. Not to forget the heating solutions, which feature heated towel rails and radiators to provide that extra bit of comfort during the colder months.

What truly catches the eye with these accessories are the finishes. Each product comes in six stunning finishes, including chrome, bright nickel, antique gold, polished brass, unlacquered copper, and unlacquered brass. Each finish adds a unique touch, allowing you to customise your bathroom space in a manner that is both classic and contemporary. Whether you are a fan of the gleaming simplicity of chrome or the vintage charm of antique gold, there is something to suit your style.

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