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Contemporary Towel Warmers

In today's world, where function meets fashion, contemporary radiators stand as a testament to this union. These aren't just devices to warm your rooms; they're a statement of style, a nod to modern living, where every element in our homes reflects our personality and design preferences. Read more to learn all about these kinds of radiators and towel warmers to help you decide which one is right for your home.

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Modern radiators have evolved beyond their traditional counterparts, boasting stylish designs that serve both functional and aesthetic roles in contemporary spaces. This evolution has brought about various types, including electric, middle connection, and timeless cast iron radiators, all given a modern twist. The choice of materials has also seen a shift, with aluminium and stainless steel becoming common due to their durability and sleek appearance.

Design and Aesthetics

One of the most striking aspects of contemporary radiators is their design. Designer radiators come in a plethora of styles, adding not just warmth but a touch of elegance to any room. These are no longer hidden elements but focal points in a room’s decor.

Customisation is another key aspect. The modern consumer loves personalisation, and radiators have not been left behind. You can now choose custom colours and finishes to match or contrast any interior design, ensuring your radiator complements your space perfectly.

Some contemporary models even push the boundaries, incorporating mirrored surfaces or artistic elements. These serve a dual purpose: functional heating solutions and mesmerising pieces of art.

Efficiency and Functionality

But it's not just about looks. The heart of the contemporary radiator's appeal lies in its energy efficiency. Modern radiators are designed to heat up and cool down quickly, meaning they are more responsive to our changing needs and, importantly, more kind to our wallets and the planet.

Space-saving designs are another hallmark of contemporary radiators. Newer models are often smaller and lighter, making them suitable for compact spaces without sacrificing performance.

And let's not forget the traditional cast iron radiators, which, despite their old-school vibe, are prized for their excellent heat retention, proving that some classics never go out of style.

Installation and Maintenance

The modern homeowner seeks simplicity and convenience, and contemporary radiators deliver on this front as well. Many models are easier to install compared to their predecessors and require less maintenance, which is a boon for the DIY enthusiast or busy homeowner.

For those looking to upgrade, replacing old radiators with new, contemporary models is a straightforward process, often manageable with basic plumbing knowledge.

Contemporary Towel Warmers

A special mention must be made of contemporary towel warmers, a chic and functional addition to any bathroom. These come in various designs, including ladder-style and panel versions, often mirroring the aesthetics of modern radiators.

They serve the dual purpose of heating the room and drying towels, adding a layer of convenience and comfort to our daily routines.

Cost-Effectiveness and Long-Term Value

Contemporary radiators might seem like a significant investment at first glance, but it's essential to consider the long-term savings. Their energy efficiency can lead to significant reductions in heating costs over time.

Additionally, contemporary designs are often built with longevity in mind, ensuring they stand the test of time both in style and functionality.

Contemporary radiators and towel warmers offer a compelling blend of aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality. They are no longer just heating devices but integral parts of our home's design, reflecting our taste and lifestyle.

For homeowners considering an upgrade or new installation, it's important to weigh factors such as space, design preference, and heating needs. But one thing is clear: contemporary radiators offer a sophisticated, efficient, and stylish solution to heating needs, blending seamlessly into the modern home.

Stand-Out Brands in the Contemporary Radiator Space:

DQ Heating:

For over two decades, DQ Heating has been at the forefront of the heating industry in the UK, renowned for its exceptional designer radiators, towel rails, and heating accessories. Nestled in the heart of Thetford Forest, Norfolk, their facility is more than just a factory; it's a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

Family Values and Personalised Service

As a family-owned and operated business, DQ Heating takes pride in offering a personal touch. Their approach to customer service is refreshingly straightforward and empathetic, ensuring that every interaction, be it an inquiry or a technical question, is met with the utmost care and efficiency.

State-of-the-Art Production and Customisation

Their state-of-the-art powder coating facility marks a leap in quality control and product variety. This advancement allows DQ Heating to offer an impressive range of designer radiators and towel rails in 28 RAL colours, ensuring that there is a style to match every interior. The level of customisation extends beyond these options, as they are also open to sourcing alternative colours upon request.

Global Selection and Local Craftsmanship

DQ Heating's vision is to bring the world's finest selection of designer radiators and towel rails to your doorstep. Their expansive warehouse stocks over 40,000 products, all ready for next-day delivery if ordered from Bathroom Supplies Online. This inventory, coupled with the ability to quickly supply products in bespoke finishes, makes DQ Heating a standout in the market.

Uncompromised Quality at Competitive Prices

At DQ Heating, quality is paramount. Their in-house production and quality control processes ensure that every product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. This commitment to excellence is balanced with a keen eye on offering competitive prices, making high-end design and functionality accessible to a broader audience.

A Standout DQ Range - The Essential Collection

DQ Heating's Essential range exemplifies sleek functionality and aesthetic flexibility. This range, available in Chrome, Matt Black, Stone Texture, Granite Texture, and White Texture, caters to diverse interior designs with a clean, modern look. The Essential's versatility is evident in its size offerings, stretching from the compact 500 x 600mm to the statement-making 500 x 1600mm, ensuring a fit for various spaces and needs.

The technical specifications of the Essential range demonstrate DQ Heating's attention to detail: a projection from the wall to the front face of 85-100mm, wall to pipe centres of 70-85mm, and standard connections of 1/2”. These measurements are indicative of a design that prioritises both aesthetics and installation ease.

The Essential range's commitment to quality and customer assurance is underpinned by a 5-year guarantee, highlighting DQ Heating's confidence in their product's durability and performance.

The accompanying image of the white texture variant showcases the radiator's subtle elegance and the way it can integrate seamlessly into a room's design. Its presence is unobtrusive yet distinct, offering a contemporary charm without overwhelming the space it occupies.

In essence, the Essential range from DQ Heating stands as a paragon of contemporary radiator design, marrying style with practicality. It's a choice for those who seek reliability, efficiency, and a touch of modern sophistication in their heating solutions.

Zehnder Radiators:

Zehnder radiators, with their roots firmly planted in tradition yet always reaching for innovation, have become a household name when it comes to decorative radiators. Their commitment to design and functionality is evident throughout their diverse range of products, offering comfort, warmth, and style for every living space.

The Zehnder Universal, launched in 1980, marked the birth of the bathroom radiator, a testament to their pioneering spirit. The following years saw the release of the Zehnder Arcus in the early 1990s, which further defined the radiator not just as a heating element but as a design feature in homes.

The Zehnder Studio Collection embodies their dedication to quality and uniqueness. This collection brings together groundbreaking designs and technical expertise, challenging the norm and setting new standards in the radiator design industry.

Their decorative radiators are not limited to any single style; they cater to classic, contemporary, modern, and traditional aesthetics, making them a suitable choice for any interior design. They offer a variety of options depending on the heating system, including electric decorative radiators, operation with hot water via the central heating system, low-temperature decorative radiators, or a combination of electric and central heating.

Zehnder's commitment to customisation is showcased through their made-to-measure offerings, with models like the Zehnder Arteplano, the Zehnder Charleston, and the Zehnder Excelsior being tailored to meet specific requirements. Their colour and finish options further personalise the experience, ensuring that their radiators not only serve a functional purpose but also complement the room's design.

On the technical front, Zehnder radiators are designed for effortless installation, with easy-to-use hanging brackets and options for pipes from the wall or floor on most models. This ease of installation is matched by their reliability; all radiators are independently tested to conform to the highest standards, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Zehnder not only values the aesthetic and functional aspects of their radiators but also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Their logistic centre in Lahr, Germany, plays a crucial role in developing their customer service activities, reflecting their focus on delivering not only quality products but also an exceptional customer experience.

The Zehnder Group is also involved in various sectors, providing solutions for residential and commercial developments and offering knowledge resources for professionals. Their commitment to improving indoor climates extends to industrial air cleaning solutions, demonstrating their holistic approach to creating comfortable and healthy living environments.

Through their innovative designs, technical prowess, and customer-focused approach, Zehnder continues to offer decorative radiators that transform living spaces, providing warmth and elegance with a promise of performance and sustainability.

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