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Duravit is recognised for its high-quality craftsmanship at superb prices, making it a go-to choice for practical bathroom solutions. Whether you're looking to upgrade your bathroom with sleek, modern fixtures or seeking reliable, stylish pieces that won't break the bank, the extensive Duravit collection has something for everyone.

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Duravit No.1 550mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Duravit No.1 550mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Was £126.00
Now Only £94.50
Duravit No.1 600mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Duravit No.1 600mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Was £134.40
Now Only £100.80
Duravit No.1 500mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Duravit No.1 500mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Was £150.00
Now Only £112.50
Duravit No.1 800mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Duravit No.1 800mm 1 Tap Hole Basin - White

Was £272.40
Now Only £204.30

Duravit, a German bathroom brand with roots dating back to 1817, has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an earthenware factory. Now a global player in the sanitary industry, Duravit combines centuries-old tradition with modern innovation and sustainable practices.

The brand's deep connection to the Black Forest region in Germany shapes its commitment to environmental responsibility. This ethos is evident in their resource-saving manufacturing methods and water-efficient products. Despite embracing high-tech processes, Duravit still values craftsmanship, ensuring top-notch quality across their range.

What sets Duravit apart is their dedication to great design. They've bagged numerous international awards and collaborated with prominent global designers. But it's not just about looking good; Duravit prioritises practicality and listens to what bathroom users really want.

Using natural, regenerative materials like clay and quartz, Duravit creates functional, long-lasting products that are kind to the environment. It's this blend of sustainability, expertise, and forward-thinking that makes Duravit a standout choice for those after beautiful, responsible bathrooms.

Now, let's take a look at some of the fantastic Duravit products we've got on offer here at Bathroom Supplies Online.

Duravit Baths

Duravit has long been a go-to for those who value both design and functionality in their bathroom fixtures. The Duravit No.1 bath series perfectly encapsulates this, offering a range of sizes and styles to fit any bathroom layout comfortably. Whether you're pressed for space and opt for the smaller 1500 x 700mm model or have a bit more room and go for the 1800 x 800mm bath, Duravit ensures you don't have to compromise on your soaking experience.

Each bath in the series features a sleek, clean design that fits seamlessly into any bathroom style, from ultra-modern to more traditional. The largest bath is available as a double-ended model, ideal for those lazy Sunday baths with a partner or simply to give you more freedom of movement.

Duravit's baths aren't just about appealing looks; they're practical, too. The surfaces are simple to clean, thanks to the rimless design that reduces nooks where bacteria can lurk. Plus, they're made from durable acrylic that stands up to frequent usage.

Duravit Bathroom Furniture

Duravit's No.1 furniture range is a game changer for anyone looking to tidy up their bathroom while keeping it stylish. Available in cool matt white or sleek matt graphite, these pieces can elevate the look of your bathroom instantly while offering versatile storage solutions.

The range includes everything from compact vanity units that fit snugly into smaller bathrooms to larger units with internal drawers, perfect for organising those bits and bobs that usually clutter up the space. The semi-tall cabinets make excellent use of vertical space, which is often underutilised in smaller bathrooms.

One of the standout features of Duravit's furniture is its wall-hung design. Not only does this modernise the look of your bathroom, but it also makes cleaning around and underneath the units incredibly easy—no more awkward bending to mop or sweep under the cabinet!

Duravit Bathroom Suites

Duravit's No.1 bathroom suite collection is complete with a superb, modern design, offering a range of basins, toilets, and bidets that really stand out. Let's dive into the details:

Duravit Basins

Starting with basins, Duravit offers a variety of sizes and styles to suit any bathroom. The collection ranges from the more compact 360mm hand rinse basin, perfect for smaller spaces or cloakrooms, to the generous 800mm single tap hole basin, ideal for larger bathrooms where comfort and usability are key. Each basin, including the 550mm vanity basin and the 550mm semi-recessed basin, is crafted with a single tap hole, maintaining a sleek and modern look. Finished in pristine white, these basins are designed to complement any style, ensuring that your bathroom looks both clean and contemporary.

Duravit Toilets and Bidets

Moving on to the sanitaryware, Duravit's range includes several options that enhance the functionality of modern bathrooms. The selection includes the innovative Duravit No.1 rimless toilets, available in both wall-hung and back-to-wall configurations. These rimless models are particularly noteworthy for their ease of cleaning and improved hygiene, making them a smart choice for any household. The collection also features different styles of bidets, including both floorstanding and wall-hung versions, which are perfect for those looking for a some European luxury in their daily routine.

Duravit Bathroom Taps

Duravit’s No.1 tap collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to high-quality craftsmanship. Available in three sizes—small, medium, and large—these single lever basin mixer taps offer precise control, allowing for easy adjustment of water flow and temperature. Each tap is finished in a gleaming chrome, adding a touch of sophistication to any basin setup. Whether you choose the compact 156mm height for a smaller basin or the statement-making 300mm height for a larger setup, these taps integrate seamlessly with the overall bathroom design.

Duravit Mirrors

No bathroom suite is complete without a mirror, and Duravit’s No.1 mirrors blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. The range includes simple flat mirrors in a variety of sizes, as well as LED mirror cabinets that provide both illumination and storage. The LED mirror cabinets, available in single or double door options, are particularly useful. They not only offer convenient storage for toiletries but also feature energy-efficient lighting that enhances visibility for grooming tasks. Finished in matt white, these mirror solutions are designed to harmonise beautifully with the rest of the Duravit range, creating a cohesive and inviting bathroom environment.


At Bathroom Supplies Online, we proudly feature the Duravit No.1 series, a comprehensive collection that combines sleek design with practical functionality to enhance any bathroom space. Whether you're in need of a compact basin for a snug cloakroom or a spacious bath for a more expansive bathroom, the Duravit range offers diverse sizes and styles tailored to meet every need.

The series includes baths crafted for optimal relaxation and durability, available in sizes up to 1800 x 800mm, and designed with rimless features for easy maintenance. For those looking to maximise bathroom storage while maintaining a stylish look, Duravit’s furniture range offers versatile solutions, including wall-hung units that facilitate easier cleaning and help utilise space efficiently.

Completing the bathroom suite, Duravit also presents a selection of finely crafted basins, rimless toilets for better hygiene, sophisticated tap configurations, and LED mirror cabinets that combine functionality with sleek styling. Each product is designed to seamlessly blend with any bathroom decor so you can't go wrong putting any of these products into your bathroom.

We offer these exceptional products at competitive prices with quick delivery options, ensuring that you can transform your bathroom with ease and confidence. Explore our range at Bathroom Supplies Online and find the perfect Duravit fixtures to create your ideal bathroom setting.

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