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Kudos Shower Enclosures

In the beautiful settings of the English Lake District and the stunning Northern Irish coast near Coleraine, a brand has been crafting luxurious showering experiences for more than 20 years. Kudos, a reputable UK-based company, has been setting standards for luxury, functionality, and value in the showering market since 1999. Their dedication to precision engineering and innovative design is evident in every product that leaves their premises.

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Kudos operates from two state-of-the-art facilities—one for shower enclosures in the Lake District and another for shower trays in Coleraine. The choice of locations is not just about aesthetic beauty; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to crafting an experience that’s close to nature. Nestled amidst natural grandeur, their team finds daily inspiration in their surroundings, translating it into products that are both luxurious and functional.

Quality at Its Core

Quality is an uncompromisable trait for Kudos. By maintaining complete control over components and the manufacturing process, Kudos ensures that each product meets the highest standards of excellence. Whether it's shower doors, enclosures, or trays, every single piece is precision-engineered to deliver unparalleled functionality, performance, and value for money. This attention to detail has earned Kudos an enviable reputation in the UK and beyond.

A Comprehensive Range of Showering Solutions

Kudos doesn’t just stop at offering a single type of product. Their range is extensive, offering solutions for every kind of bathroom space and aesthetic preference. From elegant shower enclosures to efficient shower trays, over-bath screens, and even wet-room solutions, Kudos has something for everyone. Each category represents the epitome of innovative design, engineered to provide not just a shower but an experience.

Innovation as a Hallmark

The brand is synonymous with innovation. For over two decades, Kudos has consistently introduced products that bring fresh perspectives to bathroom designs. Their enclosures, for instance, aren’t just boxes but intricately designed spaces that offer both privacy and a unique showering experience. The wet-room solutions provide an open, minimalist aesthetic, perfect for modern homes that value both form and function.

Sustainability and Value

In today's world, any discussion about manufacturing is incomplete without mentioning sustainability. Kudos, being a responsible brand, ensures that their manufacturing processes are as eco-friendly as possible. Not only do they focus on producing high-quality products, but they also strive to make them long-lasting to minimise waste and environmental impact. This is not just good for the planet but also offers excellent value for money to the consumer, making it a win-win situation for all.

Kudos shower enclosures:

If you're seeking premium quality, stylish design, and robust engineering, then Kudos shower enclosures may just be the perfect fit for you. Here's a comprehensive look at what sets Kudos apart in the world of bathroom fixtures.

Variety of Designs and Styles

One of the key strengths of Kudos is its extensive range of designs tailored to meet diverse requirements. Whether you have a compact bathroom or a spacious one, Kudos has an array of enclosures, including quadrant, offset quadrant, square, and rectangular options.

The brand's Original Classic range offers a selection of door types such as Straight Pivot Doors, Bowed Pivot Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Straight Sliding Doors, Bowed Sliding Doors, and Curved Corner Sliding Enclosures. This enables you to choose a shower enclosure that not only fits perfectly but also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Innovative Features

Kudos takes functionality seriously. The brand's shower enclosures come equipped with cutting-edge features like a Nylok™ frame levelling system and concealed wall post fixing. These make the installation process not only easier but also more secure.

Additionally, the enclosures are designed to adjust for out-of-true walls, and the toughened safety glass comes with Lifeshield™ protection. For those interested in the Bowed Sliding Doors, Kudos offers a sliding panel release mechanism for easy cleaning, stainless steel roller bearings for a smooth opening, and options for a left- or right-hand opening.

High-Quality Engineering and Materials

Craftsmanship and material quality are two aspects where Kudos excels. The shower enclosures are renowned for their innovative design and high-quality engineering that marries functionality and aesthetic appeal seamlessly. Depending on the range you select, the glass thickness varies from 6mm to 10mm safety glass. This ensures not just the durability of the enclosure but also the safety of the users.

Different Ranges

Kudos presents multiple ranges to cater to diverse tastes and needs:

Ultimate Range

The Ultimate range from Kudos represents the pinnacle of luxury shower enclosures. These enclosures are constructed with toughened safety glass available in both 8mm and 10mm thicknesses. The 10mm glass in particular provides a solid, heavy feeling, conveying luxury. For a truly seamless look, the Ultimate range uniquely offers curved glass options. The expert curvature and craftsmanship of the glass enable completely open, walk-in access to the shower while maintaining aesthetic beauty. The curves are intentionally designed to allow easy cleaning of the glass. In keeping with the range's minimalist style, the hardware is discretely integrated and includes subtle handle designs and low-profile hinges. This provides an uncluttered, sophisticated look. The Ultimate range enclosures also incorporate an easy-to-clean glass coating that prevents unsightly limescale buildup and water spots on the glass. This coating minimises the need for frequent cleaning. Doors feature lift-and-lock adjustability for perfect alignment and watertight closure.

Pinnacle8 Range

Kudos' Pinnacle8 range couples slim, modern styling with robust durability. The enclosures incorporate strong 8-mm safety glass available in popular choices of black, white, or silver grey. Rather than traditional handles, the glass panels cleverly utilise finger-pull cut-outs for easily opening and closing the doors. This provides a clean, minimalist look aligned with contemporary design tastes. The range also features easy-fit wall posts with concealed fixings that hide unsightly screws and provide quick installation. Advanced engineering is reflected in the adjustable rollers, smooth-gliding door guides, and tightly sealing joints, which enable flawless operation and watertight protection. The sturdy wall posts securely support the weight of the heavy glass while still allowing easy adjustment when needed.

Original Classic Range

As the foundational range from Kudos, the Original Classic series represents reliable quality and enduring performance. The range offers 6mm tempered glass panels with classic-style pull handles and stabiliser bars for safety and secure handling when opening and closing. There is a comprehensive selection of pivot doors, folding doors, complete shower enclosures, and optional accessories to customise your shower space. Precision engineering of the rolling mechanisms, wall posts, and door seals prevents leaks for a watertight enclosure. The corrosion-resistant silver/white colouring and water-repellent coating allow for easy cleaning with minimal maintenance required. The Original Classic range couples these hallmarks of quality with very affordable pricing, making it an unbeatable value. It's built to provide decades of daily use.

Original6 Range

The Original6 range from Kudos enhances the esteemed Original Classic collection with superior design and construction. The doors are hand-built to exacting quality standards. The range features upgraded 6mm tempered glass styled with integrated handles rather than separate pull handles as in the Original Classic range. This achieves a more seamless, modern look. There are lustrous finishing options such as Chrome, Manhattan, and Satin which further elevate the aesthetics and visual appeal. Hidden fixings and minimal hardware provide the doors with a clean, contemporary style. The precisely sized glass panels and precision adjustments ensure a perfect, customised fit and a completely watertight closure. The Original6 range is hand-built in Britain under stringent quality control for hallmarks of fine craftsmanship. There is a wide selection of pivot doors, sliding doors, enclosures, and optional extras available, enabling full customisation.

Kudos shower trays:

As the cornerstone of any bathroom or shower space, the shower tray is an often underappreciated fixture that can make a significant difference in both functionality and aesthetics. If you're looking to elevate your bathroom experience, Kudos' range of shower trays offers not only exceptional design but also unmatched quality. Made in the UK, Kudos shower trays are a testament to innovative British manufacturing, exuding both durability and ease of installation. Here, we delve into the rich features and benefits of Kudos shower trays to help you make an informed decision for your next bathroom renovation.

Kstone shower trays: A Sleek and Stable Option

The Kstone range by Kudos represents the epitome of luxury and convenience. Manufactured using high-quality materials in the UK, these trays are constructed with a structural resin-bonded stone filler that offers unparalleled stability. The Kstone range is incredibly versatile, with a wide variety of shapes available, including rectangular, square, quadrant, and offset quadrant designs, allowing you to customise your shower space according to your preferences.

One of the standout features of the Kstone series is its slim design, with a height of just 45mm, making it a sleek yet practical choice. These trays are suitable for 90-mm waste, which is sold separately. Furthermore, Kudos ensures that you can choose a finish that aligns with your aesthetic sensibilities; Kstone shower trays are available in high gloss and SR (slip and stain-resistant) finishes. And if that wasn't enough, the Kstone range is covered by the Kudos Lifetime Guarantee, attesting to its superior quality and durability.

Connect2 shower trays: A Revolutionary Design for Effortless Installation

The Connect2 range offers a unique and revolutionary design that tackles some of the most common installation challenges head-on. This series also boasts two offset waste positions, ensuring an obstruction-free connection. This eliminates the often problematic need to cut joists or lift the tray onto a plinth during installation.

In terms of aesthetics and functionality, the Connect2 trays are available in a range of finishes: high gloss, slate effect, and SR (slip, scratch, and stain-resistant). They feature a slim design with a height of just 35mm, and their structural resin-bonded stone filler further enhances stability. Each tray in this series is supplied with a dedicated high-flow waste, rated at 35 litres per minute, along with a colour-matched, magnetically secured waste cover that's easily removable for cleaning. You can choose from various shapes and sizes, including new quadrant designs. The unique design ensures an obstruction-free waste connection, irrespective of joist position or direction. And like its Kstone counterpart, the Connect2 series is covered by the Kudos Lifetime Guarantee.

Ease of Installation

One of the standout features of Kudos shower trays is their ease of installation. The Connect2 range, in particular, is designed to avoid any joist obstruction under the tray, making the installation process even smoother. With their clever design, the Connect2 trays can slide into place without the need to cut away floor joists, saving time and headaches during the installation process.

British Manufacturing

Constructed in the UK, Kudos shower trays are built to last, each coming with lifetime guarantees that represent the pinnacle of British quality manufacturing. By being locally made, Kudos is able to closely monitor and control the production process, ensuring each tray meets the highest standards. The lifetime guarantees reflect the confidence Kudos has in the durability and longevity of their shower trays. When you choose a Kudos tray, you can be sure you're investing in a quality product backed by outstanding British craftsmanship.

High-Quality Materials

From high gloss to slip, scratch, and stain-resistant finishes, Kudos shower trays offer a variety of options to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Whether you prefer a shiny, reflective surface or require a more matte, textured finish that can withstand daily wear and tear, Kudos provides choices to match your style and needs. The range of finishes allows you to seamlessly integrate your new shower tray into your bathroom design.

All Kudos trays are manufactured from top-quality materials, ensuring both durability and long-term performance. By using only the best materials, Kudos produces trays that can withstand repeated use without cracking, fading, or losing their shape. The high-grade materials are resistant to impacts and scratches, so your tray will maintain its lustre for years to come. You can enjoy your Kudos shower tray with confidence, knowing it is built to last.

Kudos bath screens:

Kudos bath screens offer a harmonious blend of elegance, functionality, and durability that promises to elevate your bathroom experience. Let's delve deeper into the myriad features and offerings that make Kudos bath screens a frontrunner in the realm of bathroom luxury.

Product Range and Design

Kudos offers a comprehensive range of bath screens under their distinguished 'Inspire' collection. They provide the consumer with a wide variety of options, each designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Single-panel bath screens: These screens are larger than your average screen, measuring 1500mm in height and 850mm in width, thus offering a spacious showering area. With their expansive size, the single-panel screens from Kudos provide an exceptionally roomy interior shower space. At 1500mm tall, they allow for an airy, open feel while showering. The 850mm width enables freedom of movement within the enclosure. For those seeking a more generous shower, the single-panel design delivers size and comfort.

Two-Panel Out-Swing bath screens: These innovative screens extend the showering area to 950mm but are designed to allow easy access to the bath. The two panels are configured to swing outward, opening up the bath area when needed while still providing a wide 950mm showering space. This intelligent layout gives you the dual functionality of a roomy shower paired with simple bath entry when desired.

Two Panel In-Fold bath screens: These screens feature a 500mm fixed panel and a smaller 375mm in-folding panel, easing access to the bath. The in-folding design ensures you can easily open the screen to get in and out of the tub without obstructing the surrounding space. When closed, it offers ample shower coverage at 500mm for a private washing experience. It's the best of both worlds: walk-in tub access with a sheltered shower room.

Three-Panel In-Fold bath screens: These screens unfold to a luxurious 1250mm but can fold back to 500mm, offering you the best of both a relaxing bath and an oversized shower area. Treat yourself to spacious showering with the 1250mm opening, then neatly tuck the panels away to 500mm for bath time. The adaptable three-panel system provides the ultimate combo of extravagant shower enclosures and open tub soaking.

Four-panel in-fold bath screens: These are designed for greater access to the bath without compromising on shower protection. With four panels that can be intricately folded and arranged, you get customisable screen coverage. Fully extended, it delivers ample shower privacy. Partially folded, it allows hassle-free bath entry while still keeping splashes contained. Whatever your needs, the four-panel design can accommodate them.

Quality and Durability

Quality is a hallmark of Kudos bath screens. They're made with toughened safety glass that adds a layer of durability. The bath screens come with the added assurance of SmartSeal technology, ensuring ultimate protection from water leakage. Additionally, you can choose between 6mm and 8 mm of glass thickness, depending on your requirements. Backing all this is a lifetime guarantee, which shows the brand's confidence in the longevity and durability of their products.

Kudos are not just about good looks; they're also about high performance. Here are some of the game-changing features:

SmartSeal Technology: This ensures the utmost shower protection through integrated mouldings and twin-element seals. Kudos's innovative SmartSeal system uses a combination of integrated mouldings and dual seals to provide superior waterproofing. The mouldings embed seamlessly into the screens to prevent leaks, while the twin seals provide double the protection against splashes and spills compared to standard screens. SmartSeal delivers complete peace of mind that your bathroom will stay dry.

Click to Lock Hinges: These unique hinges guarantee that the panels remain in line when in use, thus enhancing both functionality and the user experience. Kudos's proprietary Click-to-Lock hinges are engineered to keep panels precisely aligned once closed. The panels effortlessly click into place, and the hinges hold them there securely. This means no annoying sagging doors or misalignments when showering. The Click to Lock system allows for smooth, reliable operation and an unparalleled user experience.

Lifeshield Protection: An extra layer on the toughened safety glass enhances its durability. Kudos screens feature Lifeshield technology, an extra-fortifying layer that is applied to the tempered safety glass. This enhances the glass's resistance to damage from impacts and scratches. Lifeshield protection ensures your screen retains its flawless look over years of use while also providing robust safety.

Kudos bath screens are a feast for the eyes. They're available in sophisticated chrome and matt black colour finishes, giving your bathroom a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. In some models, the polished silver finish of the frame adds an extra layer of elegance. With choices like shiny chrome or sophisticated matte black, Kudos screens allow you to match your screens to your bathroom decor. The modern colour options exude contemporary style, while the polished silver accents lend a touch of timelessness. With finishes that are both fashionable and enduring, Kudos screens harmonise beautifully in any home.

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