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TrayMate is a premium brand dedicated to crafting the highest quality 25mm thick natural stone resin shower trays. Using the finest materials and strictest manufacturing standards, TrayMate creates wonderfully luxurious shower trays that offer a lifetime of comfort, safety, style and performance.

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TrayMate shower trays start with a thick, durable 25mm layer of 100% natural stone resin for exceptional strength and impact resistance. This extra thickness provides stability even in the most high-traffic bathrooms and prevents cracking or damage over time. TrayMate trays will not warp, bend or deteriorate for years of guaranteed showering enjoyment.

In addition to durability, TrayMate shower trays prioritise slip resistance, water retention and ease of cleaning. Their range of anti-slip trays has a patented design and is textured using cutting edge technology to prevent slipping. The sloped sides and channels help guide water back to the drain for quicker clean up, while the smooth contours make dirt and grime easy to wipe away. TrayMate shower trays maintain a glossy, scratch-resistant finish that withstands harsh chemicals and the daily spills and splashes of a busy bathroom.

TrayMate offers a lifetime guarantee on all their shower trays, underscoring their commitment to quality over quick profits. With TrayMate, customers can feel confident purchasing a shower tray that will provide comfort and safety for years to come without worrying about premature wear or costly repairs and replacements. Their high-quality, durable construction and stylish minimalist designs are an investment that will enhance any bathroom space.

TrayMate shower trays are available in a range of standard sizes as well as fully customisable dimensions to suit unique spaces. Whether you require a square, slightly rectangular or lengthy shower tray, TrayMate has you covered.

Overall, TrayMate is the premier brand for premium stone resin shower trays. With a lifetime guarantee, exceptional durability, slip resistance, ease of cleaning and a range of superb minimalist styles, TrayMate shower trays provide a luxurious lifetime solution for comfortable, safe and worry-free showering enjoyment.

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