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Walk-In Bath

Walk-in baths by a specialist company that offers a vast range that has been designed to simplify the bathing experience. If you are thinking about future-proofing your home or you have complex needs, we have a walk-in bath that will suit you. Most of our walk-in baths have an inward opening door so the pressure of the water will keep a nice tight seal on the door. All the baths are assembled and filled with water in the factory so you can be assured the bath won't leak at any time. 

Bath Length
Bath Width
Full Length
Powered Seat
Price Range
£0 - £1116.99
£1117 - £2233.99
£2234 - £3350.99
£3351 - £4467.99
£4468 - £5584.99
Active Bathing
The Savanna
Walk-In Bath
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Kensington Walk-in Bath with Twin Wastes

Was £1,995.00
Now Only £1,695.00
Hartford Walk-in Bath with Twin Waste

Was £2,075.00
Now Only £1,695.00
Ancora Walk-in Bath

Was £2,345.00
Now Only £1,745.00
Cortega Double Ended Walk-in Bath

Was £2,350.00
Now Only £1,795.00
Avrail Walk-in Bath with Twin Wastes

Was £2,420.00
Now Only £1,795.00
Maestro Walk in Bath

Was £2,699.00
Now Only £1,795.00
Affinity Walk-In Bath

Was £2,649.00
Now Only £1,795.00
Avrail Reversed Walk-in Bath with Twin Wastes

Was £2,420.00
Now Only £1,795.00
Cordova Double Ended Walk-in Bath

Was £2,350.00
Now Only £1,795.00
Ambience Walk in bath

Was £2,999.99
Now Only £1,845.00
Abalone Walk-in Bath with Glass Door & Twin Waste

Was £2,260.00
Now Only £1,850.00
Priya Walk-in Bath With Glass Door

Was £2,300.00
Now Only £1,895.00
Renaissance The Talis Walk-in Bath

Was £2,500.00
Now Only £1,900.00
Ancora Grande Walk-in Bath

Was £2,435.00
Now Only £1,935.00
Active Coral Walk in Bath

Was £2,500.00
Now Only £1,950.00
Pearl Walk-in Bath with Moulded Seat

Was £2,575.00
Now Only £1,975.00
The Savanna Walk-in Shower Bath

Was £2,750.00
Now Only £1,985.00
Access Georgia Walk-in Bath

Was £2,700.00
Now Only £2,050.00
The Larimar Walk-in Shower Bath

Was £2,950.00
Now Only £2,100.00
Easy Access Vermont Walk-in Bath

Was £2,900.00
Now Only £2,175.00
Access Buckingham Walk-in Bath

Was £2,850.00
Now Only £2,200.00
Access Florida Walk-in Bath

Was £2,900.00
Now Only £2,275.00
Access Oregon Walk-in Bath

Was £2,900.00
Now Only £2,275.00
Access Georgia Vision Walk-in Bath with Glass Door

Was £2,500.00
Now Only £2,300.00
Access Tennessee Low Entry Walk-in Bath

Was £2,900.00
Now Only £2,450.00
Renaissance Valens Walk in Bath

Was £3,200.00
Now Only £2,499.00
Novellini Iris Walk in Bath

Was £2,831.40
Now Only £2,561.59
Tranquility Walk-in Bath

Was £3,495.00
Now Only £2,850.00
Trojan Bathe Easy P-Shaped Concert Walk in Bath

Was £4,100.00
Now Only £2,950.00
Access Montana Walk-in Bath

Was £4,950.00
Now Only £3,975.00
Access Montana Vision Walk-in Bath with Glass Door

Was £5,250.00
Now Only £4,375.00
Easy Riser Walk-in Bath

Was £7,850.00
Now Only £6,700.00

With a wide range of walk-in baths to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. Our most popular bath is the  Kensington Walk-in bath  which is on sale at a very affordable price. All our walk-in baths are advertised at zero rate VAT so we have taken care of every aspect. 

If you are looking for a walk-in bath which will double up as a family bath then look no further!  The Abalone  or  Buckingham  walk-in bath will fit perfectly into the family bathroom. 

Most of the baths are manufactured in the UK and can be delivered within 4 weeks. Please call us on 01482 795165 to discuss the current delivery times of the bath you require. 

If you are looking for a walk-in bath with a powered seat then the  Montana  or  Easy Riser  are known as the best on the market. Running on two 12 volt batteries with a hard-wired charging system they are foolproof in the case of a power cut. The bath will still operate with no power.

Why choose a Walk-in Bath over a shower room or wetroom?

We have been involved in the Walk-in Bath industry for over 30 years and the answer is quite simple really. You can dig deep into all the technicalities of the condition or illness as to why have a bath over say a wetroom situation but the most common answer we get from customers is the fact they just miss a bath and just want to relax and soak aching bones and joints. Before Walk-in Baths existed it would be impossible to ever use a bath once arthritis takes hold. Wheelchair users had to just endure a shower but with the  Tranquility Walk-in Bath  it is easy to transfer from wheelchair to bath as the seat is exposed when the door is open. 

For the more complex conditions, you may need a power seat bath like the  Montana  or  Easy Riser Walk-in Bath . These baths still have a door to enter with a low threshold but you can then take a seat and the bath will do the rest. It will lower you gently into the warm water allowing you to bathe in comfort for as long as needed. Once you have finished in the bath the seat will then take you back out of the water ready to then grab your towel and get dressed. 

Filling a Walk-in Bath

This is one of the most important things and why you need to speak to a Walk-in Bath expert. Do not just use conventional or even your existing taps. This is dangerous and can result in severe scalding. If we think of the scenario of using the bath from start to finish. 

1 - Prepare for the bath. 

2 - Place the towels and robe in a position they can be easily accessed.

3 - Open the door and climb in.

4 - Close the bath door and either take a seat on the moulded or powered seat.

5 - Start to fill the bath.

This is when the correct taps are needed. We supply all our taps with thermostatic blending valves. This will not allow the water to scald you as you fill the bath. This is extremely important. 

6 - Enjoy the bath and have a soak.

7 - Drain the bath.

8 - Exit the bath and get dressed. 

9 - Feel revitalised and clean. 

Should I get a glass door or a solid door?

This is a personal choice. We decided to add the glass door just to make it look a little more modern and stylish. It doesn't change the bath but if you are looking at keeping your bathroom looking modern and up to date then maybe a glass door is right the choice for you.

Do I need an end panel?

If you are buying a Walk-in tub then in most cases the answer is yes as you will be removing a longer bath and replacing it with a shorter bath. 

What about the door seals?

The door seals are very robust and do not fail. It works on the same principle as a UPVC door seal. I am sure the bath will get less use than the front door of a house. We guarantee the seals for a lifetime to give you peace of mind that if they do fail we are on hand to send a replacement free of charge.

I have a very small bathroom can I still have a Walk-in Bath?

The answer is simple to this. We have very small baths to suit most situations. We have supplied our baths into static, touring caravans and narrowboats. If we use for example the  Affinity Walk-In Tub  this is only 1050mm in length or if access is an issue then you could also look at an end door on the  Access Florida Walk-in Bath  with a length of 980mm.

Can my plumber or bathroom fitter install my bath?

Yes, this is the same as installing a standard bath. When the Walk-in Bath is delivered to you all the technical work has already been completed in the factory. The door, legs and feet are on the bath. It is just a case of removing the existing bath or shower area and lifting the new bath into position. The plumber will just need to drill the bath for the taps and install the pipework to suit the installation. On all our baths you download the pre-installation manual. This can be found under the download tab. The installation process is no more than one day's work.

What about delivery times?

This does vary from month to month. Luckily our factories are in the UK so we are really in control. The only reason it varies is due to the demand for the product. Please call us to discuss the bath and extras you need and we can give you a precise delivery time. We also offer on some deliveries a white-glove service. This will be a two-man service that will carry the bath into any room of the house and unpack and check the bath. 

How does the delivery work with such a bulky item?

Most of our baths come with an option of 2 men white glove walk-in bath delivery service. The bath will be unpacked and carried into a safe place within your home and all the packaging including the pallet will be removed. This is what sets us aside from other walk in bath companies. 

Why buy from Bathroom Supplies Online?

We are a specialist with a wealth of experience. We have plumbers and electricians answering phones so we are on hand even while your installation is taking place. It doesn't end with us once you pay for the Walk-in Bath we want to see it through until the end. 

Can we try before we buy?

We have a showroom displaying the Walk-in Baths in Hull East Yorkshire. If you would like to drive over and visit us please try and book an appointment so we can dedicate some time with you. You will be able to use the powered baths and climb into the tubs. It's always best to sit in the bath you are thinking of installing. 

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