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Bathroom Supplies Online, online and in store supplier of disabled toilets and shower packs, offering pre-boxed washroom products that comply with the UK Building Regulations Document M. These products, also known as "Doc-M packs," are designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Building Regulations Approved Document M (Doc M) in the UK for use in public buildings.

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FAQs about Doc M Toilet Pack

What is a Doc M toilet?
A Doc M toilet is a type of disabled toilet designed for use in public buildings that meet the requirements of the DDA and Building Regulations Approved Document M (Doc M) in the UK.

What is included in a Doc M pack?
A typical Doc M pack includes a toilet with grab rails, a basin with grab rails, and a lever-operated tap. Other items such as a shower seat and alarm may also be included. For more information on what's included in a Doc M pack, check out our blog.

What is Doc M compliance?
Doc M compliance refers to meeting the accessibility and facilities requirements outlined in Approved Document M of the UK Building Regulations for people with disabilities.

What is the size of a Doc M basin?
A Doc M basin is usually around 450mm in size, but this can vary. It should have a clearance space of at least 600mm wide and 480mm deep in front of it to comply with guidelines and to allow for easier manoeuvrability.

What is the height of a Doc M toilet?
The height of a Doc M toilet typically measures between 440mm to 480mm from the floor to the top of the seat, which is slightly higher than standard toilets to make it easier for people with mobility issues to use.

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