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Kaldewei, a German family-owned company with over a century of heritage, isn't just crafting bathroom solutions; they're sculpting sanctuaries. Imagine soaking in a seamless bath born from a single sheet of steel or gliding barefoot across a shower surface that's as smooth as glass yet remarkably slip-resistant. This is the Kaldewei experience, a harmonious blend of avant-garde design, enduring quality, and unwavering commitment to the planet.

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Luxstainability®: Where Elegance Meets Eco-Consciousness

Coined by Kaldewei, "Luxstainability®" defines their unique philosophy. It's not just a buzzword; it's the very essence of their brand. Every curve of a Kaldewei bathtub and every whisper of a shower's spray echo their dedication to marrying opulent aesthetics with responsible practices. Witness this dedication in their basins, crafted from sustainable steel enamel and offered in a captivating spectrum of sizes and colours.

Pioneering the Future, One Seamless Bath at a Time

Kaldewei's innovative spirit shines through their rich history. In 1957, they revolutionised the industry with the first seamless bath, a testament to their unwavering pursuit of perfection. Fast forward to 2014, and the world marvelled at the birth of Kaldewei Meisterstücke, a collection of bathtubs and basins that redefined bathroom elegance.

Steel Enamel: Nature's Symphony of Strength and Beauty

The secret to Kaldewei's magic lies in their signature steel enamel. Imagine the robust nature of steel imbued with the smooth elegance of glass. This remarkable blend of strength and beauty isn't found anywhere else. Kaldewei goes the extra mile, developing their own enamel formulation and meticulously producing it in-house, ensuring unparalleled quality control.

More Than Just Products: Tailoring Your Sanctuary

From their headquarters in Ahlen, Germany, Kaldewei's creations grace over 80 countries. Each bathtub, shower tray, and basin is an invitation to tailor your personal sanctuary. Imagine whirlpool baths with mood-enhancing lighting and soothing sounds, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like haven.

Effortless Elegance, Easy Installation, and Endless Possibilities

Kaldewei doesn't believe in compromises. Their secure and easy-fit installation systems ensure your dream bathroom comes to life without the hassle. A kaleidoscope of colours and surface finishes await, allowing you to personalise your space to perfection. Comfort-enhancing features and accessories, like ergonomically designed bathtubs and slip-resistant shower surfaces, are the final touches that make every Kaldewei creation a masterpiece of functionality.

Now let's take a more detailed look at some of their outstanding products to help you understand why this brand remains at the top of the bathroom game:

Kaldewei Basins:

Kaldewei offers a diverse range of basins, all made from their signature sustainable steel enamel. This material is highly favoured for its durability and robustness, being resistant to discolouration, scratches, and cracks. Furthermore, it's fireproof and completely recyclable, ensuring long-term sustainability. The steel enamel's glass-like surface contributes to the hygiene of the basins as it prevents bacteria and contaminants from adhering, making them easy to clean.

Kaldewei's basins come in various types and installation styles. Countertop basins provide minimalist elegance and serve as a centrepiece in the bathroom. Built-in basins are designed for virtually flush mounting, creating a harmonious blend with the vanity unit. Undercounter basins offer a flush finish and maximise utility space in compact bathrooms. Additionally, Kaldewei's wall-hung sinks are notable for their aesthetic individuality, providing a classic and distinct look.

The steel enamel used in Kaldewei basins forms a strong and tough bond, harnessing the strengths of both steel and glass. This combination not only ensures lasting quality but also offers an exquisite appearance that remains attractive over time. Emphasising their commitment to sustainability, Kaldewei's bathroom products are made entirely from natural materials, aligning with their eco-friendly manufacturing practices. This approach aligns with their global strategy of "Luxstainability®", blending luxury with sustainable practices.

Which Material is the Best for Basins?

Steel Enamel, The Undisputed Champion: When it comes to material, Kaldewei champions steel enamel. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a basin that's a masterclass in durability and sustainability. Forget discolouration, scratches, or cracks. This fireproof marvel is 100% recyclable, a testament to Kaldewei's eco-conscious spirit. And then there's the hygiene factor. The glass-like surface of steel enamel repels bacteria and dirt, making cleaning a breeze. Thanks to the pearl effect, water dances off, whisking away impurities with ease.

Types of Basins:

Countertop Basins:

The countertop basin from Kaldewei is not just a basin; it's a minimalist work of art. Its sleek design complements any vanity unit or console, allowing other bathroom elements to stand out. The basin's unobtrusive elegance supports a balanced aesthetic in the bathroom, enhancing the overall ambiance without overpowering it. This washbasin is more than a functional piece; it's a statement of refined taste that brings a touch of sophisticated minimalism to any bathroom setting.

Built-In Basins:

The built-in basin by Kaldewei is a marvel of integrated design. Sitting flush with the vanity surface, it creates an uninterrupted visual line, marrying functionality with sleek aesthetics. This design choice is particularly effective in echoing the clean lines of other Kaldewei products, such as their bathtubs, forming a cohesive and tranquil bathroom environment. The seamless integration of the basin minimises visual clutter, thereby enhancing the feeling of spaciousness and serenity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a bathroom that embodies elegance and calm.

Undercounter Basins:

The undercounter washbasin from Kaldewei is the epitome of space-saving elegance. Tucked neatly beneath the countertop, it reveals only its functional interior, creating a streamlined and contemporary look. This basin is particularly suited for compact bathrooms where every inch counts. Its design ensures that functionality does not compromise beauty, providing a sophisticated solution that enhances the bathroom's modern appeal while maximising available space.

Wall-Hung Basins:

The wall-hung basin by Kaldewei is a classic yet bold statement piece. Mounted against the wall, it seems to float, bringing a sculptural quality to the bathroom. This design is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of tradition and modernity. The rectangular shape, combined with a stylish designer bottle trap, transforms the basin into a piece of modern architectural art. It's more than a basin; it's a focal point that adds drama and character to the bathroom.

Bowl Basins:

The MIENA line from Kaldewei is a symphony of round, harmonious forms. These washbasin bowls exude an air of delicate elegance, seemingly floating beneath the counter, adding a sense of weightlessness and grace to the bathroom. The gentle curves and subtle design of these bowls make them more than just functional items; they are pieces of art that enhance the aesthetic value of the space, creating an atmosphere of refined tranquility and understated luxury.

Kaldewei Baths:

Kaldewei offers a diverse range of baths that transform any bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Their baths are suitable for various bathroom sizes, from small individual bathrooms to large bathrooms designed for two people. They also offer baths for corner installation and free-standing options. The variety in shapes and features allows for the creation of a personalised dream bath, always incorporating Kaldewei's timelessly elegant design and distinguished materials.

Their bath collection is designed to cater to individual needs and bathroom styles, offering a wide range of shapes and sizes. This variety ensures that there is a perfect bath for every preference and bathroom design. The range includes classic rectangular baths, known for their traditional appeal, and beautifully symmetrical oval baths, which can be freestanding or panelled to harmonise with the bathroom setting. For those seeking a stunning centrepiece in their bathroom, Kaldewei's freestanding baths are exquisite objects of aesthetic elegance, crafted in superior steel enamel.

Kaldewei enhances the bathing experience with various special features and accessories. These include aesthetically shaped grips for safety, non-slip surface finishes for secure footing, and an Easy-Clean finish that simplifies cleaning and maintenance. The steel enamel surfaces allow water to run off, taking dirt and lime particles with them, making the bath easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

For an immersive audio experience, Kaldewei's Sound Wave system is an innovative bath audio system with components, including a Bluetooth receiver, concealed in the bath, transforming the tub into a large sound box. Additionally, LED spots for mood lighting are available to enhance the wellness effect of a soothing bath.

The bath audio system is installed with the bath. Its six acoustic panels and two transducers are placed outside the tub using adhesive to prevent damaging the exquisite steel enamel. The transducers are connected to the receiver and control box, while the control box is plugged into a power source.

Sound Wave can wirelessly play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The device (your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC) must be within a range of ten metres. Sound Wave is simple to operate with your device. After activation and connection to the system, Sound Wave will then automatically recognise your device each time you use it again.

Kaldewei also offers the Relax Lounger, which turns the bathroom into a relaxation oasis. Its high-quality upholstery and semi-circular cushions provide a comfortable place to sit or lie, offering moments of pure peace. This lounging option can also serve as a practical shelf across selected Kaldewei baths. The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of steel enamel, a blend of robust steel and tough glass, ensuring lasting quality and eco-friendly manufacturing practices, as their products can be completely recycled at the end of their long lives.

Which Bath Size is Right For Me?

There is often uncertainty as to which size a bath should have. How big your bathtub should be is best chosen based on how much space you have in your bathroom, how tall you are, or who will be using the bath. But which bath is suitable for which body size? To answer this question, it is often advisable to measure your body and determine the so-called legroom measure, i.e., measure in a sitting position between the foot and seat (floor length) and between the seat and shoulders (seat height). However, this result will only give you a rough orientation for the dimensions of your bath. After all, we do not sit up straight when relaxing but rather lie in the bath.

Whether a large bath or a small bath, with Kaldewei, you will find the perfect bathtub size. Their range of baths includes a wide variety of dimensions, from 1.4m to over 2m in length. The narrowest tub is 70cm wide, and the widest is 1.2m. The Mini bath is perfect for a small bathroom. With a length of just under 1.6m, it fits perfectly into small bathrooms but still offers maximum bathing comfort. In the case of baths for large bathrooms, numerous models from the bath range are suitable. Free-standing baths, in particular, establish special design highlights. There are no limits to your dream bath in a large bathroom.

Kaldewei Shower Trays:

Step aside from the mundane shower spaces of yesterday. Kaldewei shower trays are revolutionising the way we experience our daily showers, merging sensory indulgence with refined design. At the core of each Kaldewei shower tray is their iconic steel enamel. This is not merely an aesthetic choice; it's an engineering marvel. Picture the robustness of steel combined with the flawless finish of glass. This fusion results in a surface that's not only breathtakingly beautiful but also exceptionally resilient. Resistant to scratches and chips and incredibly easy to clean, Kaldewei's enamel transforms your showering experience into something extraordinary.

Crafting Your Dream Shower Space:

Whether you desire a cosy en-suite or a spacious, spa-like sanctuary, Kaldewei provides an extensive range of shower tray designs to fit your dream. Choose from the elegant simplicity of a rectangular tray or the sophisticated curves of a quadrant design. Their walk-in options set a new standard in bathroom luxury. Each design complements Kaldewei's baths and basins, enabling you to fashion a harmonious retreat that reflects your individual taste.

Safety Meets Elegance:

Kaldewei's commitment to innovation extends beyond aesthetics, focusing on creating a secure and pleasurable shower experience for all. Their trays feature a subtle slope for effective water drainage, with the option of an anti-slip surface for added safety. The flush-fitting installation presents a sleek appearance, reducing the risk of trips and enhancing the elegance of your bathroom.

Sustainable Sanctuary:

At Kaldewei, luxury and responsibility go hand-in-hand. Their steel enamel is not only beautiful and durable; it's also 100% recyclable, ensuring your dream shower doesn't come at the cost of the planet. Choosing Kaldewei means investing in a future where sustainable indulgence becomes a reality.

Which Size Tray is Right For Me?

When buying a shower tray, the size of your bathroom is decisive. It determines how large your shower surface can be. The layout of the room is also important. Based on it, you can choose the optimum shape of the shower tray. A very large, rectangular bathroom, for example, offers the possibility of integrating a large, rectangular shower tray. A quarter-circle or pentagonal shower, on the other hand, is ideal for a small, angled bathroom.

Whether in a small or large shower space, Kaldewei shower trays are available in a wide variety of sizes. The smallest shower tray in the range is 75 x 70cm. The largest showers are real highlights, with an area of 180 x 100cm and 150 x 150cm.

Rectangular Trays:

Kaldewei shower trays in this standard shape come in a variety of series and sizes. Whatever your focus may be, from showering in style despite a small space to the perfect fit for modern architecture, we are confident that the range of rectangular showers offers a style and size to suit your needs. Right up to size XXL, nothing will cramp your style other than a relaxing shower with a partner.

Pentagonal Trays:

Pentagonal shower trays by Kaldewei offer an elegant corner solution with clean lines for pure showering pleasure, even in the smallest space. As an alternative to the quadrant versions, pentagonal shower trays feature a generous standing area and yet present a space-saving solution in the bathroom.

Quadrant Trays:

Installed discreetly in the corner, their elegant quadrant shape turns these into veritable space savers in any bathroom, all the while offering a surprisingly large standing area for comfortable showering. Minimalist in style, their square lines and circles fuse to create an aesthetic look that coordinates well with any bathroom design.

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