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Double Panel Bath Screens

In the world of bathroom design, double panel bath screens represent a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Gone are the days when a shower curtain was the only barrier between the shower's spray and the rest of the bathroom. Our range of double panel bath screens not only prevent water spillage but also add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

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Novellini Young 2.0 1V Hinged Bath Screen

Novellini Young 2.0 1V Hinged Bath Screen

Was £432.91
Now Only £288.02
Novellini Young Plus 1V Hinged Bath Screen

Novellini Young Plus 1V Hinged Bath Screen

Was £435.56
Now Only £305.89
Novellini Aurora 2 Hinged 2 Panel Bath Screen

Novellini Aurora 2 Hinged 2 Panel Bath Screen

Was £486.49
Now Only £312.51
Roman Embrace Inward Folding Bath Screen

Roman Embrace Inward Folding Bath Screen

Was £497.92
Now Only £349.54
Kudos 2 Panel In-Fold Bath Screen (6mm Glass)

Kudos 2 Panel In-Fold Bath Screen (6mm Glass)

Was £485.90
Now Only £365.43
Kudos 2 Panel In-Fold Bath Screen (8mm Glass)

Kudos 2 Panel In-Fold Bath Screen (8mm Glass)

Was £604.55
Now Only £454.41

What Are Double Panel Bath Screens?

Double-panel bath screens consist of two glass panels, usually made from toughened safety glass, that are fixed to the wall and bath edge. These screens serve as a more stylish and durable alternative to traditional shower curtains or single-panel screens. The dual panels provide enhanced flexibility and coverage, making them ideal for both compact and spacious bathrooms.

Benefits of Double-Panel Bath Screens

Opting for a double-panel bath screen offers numerous advantages, enhancing not just the functionality of your bathroom but also its aesthetic appeal. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Durability:

  • Robust Construction: The use of toughened glass or high-quality acrylic in double-panel screens ensures resilience against daily wear and tear, significantly outlasting traditional shower curtains.
  • Long-Term Investment: Their sturdy build means these screens are a long-lasting solution, potentially saving money over time as they don’t need frequent replacement.

Increased Water Containment:

  • Effective Barrier: The dual panels act as a more efficient shield against water splashes, maintaining a drier and safer bathroom environment, which is particularly crucial in compact spaces.
  • Prevents Water Damage: By keeping water contained, these screens help prevent potential water damage to floors and nearby furniture, preserving the integrity of your bathroom.

Improved Style and Aesthetics:

  • Modern Appeal: Double-panel screens offer a sleek and contemporary look, instantly elevating the bathroom's appearance.
  • Design Variety: Available in various styles, from frameless to framed designs, and finishes like matte or gloss, they can complement any bathroom decor, be it modern or traditional.

Enhanced Versatility:

  • Space-Saving Features: Some models can be folded or pivoted against the wall, freeing up space and making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  • Customisation Options: Many screens are available with adjustable widths or reversible fittings, accommodating different bathroom layouts.

Easier to Clean:

  • Low Maintenance: The smooth surfaces of glass or acrylic panels are simpler to clean than fabric curtains, requiring just a wipe to maintain clarity and hygiene.
  • Hygienic Solution: Unlike curtains, these screens don't harbour mould or mildew, ensuring a healthier bathroom environment.

Easier access to the bath:

Unlike curtains, double-panel bath screens do not obstruct access to the bathtub. This can be beneficial for people with mobility issues or those who simply prefer a more open feel.

Types of Double-Panel Bath Screens

There are two main types of double-panel bath screens: Hinged and Bi-folding.

Hinged double-panel bath screens: These screens consist of two panels that are connected by a hinge. One panel is fixed to the wall, while the other panel swings open and closed. Hinged screens are a good option for bathrooms with limited space, as they can be folded back against the wall when not in use.

Bi-folding double-panel bath screens: These screens consist of two panels that fold inward like an accordion. Bi-folding screens are a good option for larger bathrooms, as they provide a wider opening for easy access to the bath.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Double-Panel Bath Screen

Selecting the right double-panel bath screen can significantly enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Here are key factors to take into account:

Size and Layout of Your Bathroom:

  • Measuring Space: Precisely measure the area where the bath screen will be installed. Consider both the width and height available, ensuring the screen fits comfortably without overwhelming the space.
  • Layout Considerations: Assess the overall layout of your bathroom. A well-chosen screen should complement the existing setup and not hinder movement or access to other fixtures like cabinets, toilets, or basins.

Type of Opening:

  • Hinged Screens: Ideal for smaller bathrooms, hinged screens swing open, requiring less outward space. They are simple to use and offer a sleek, uninterrupted appearance.
  • Bi-folding Screens: These are perfect for larger bathrooms or for those requiring wider access. Bi-folding screens fold inward, providing flexibility and ease of cleaning.


  • Glass Options: Tempered safety glass is a popular choice for its durability and scratch resistance. It maintains clarity over time and adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.
  • Acrylic Screens: A cost-effective alternative, acrylic is lightweight and easier to install. However, it may be prone to scratches and may not have the same high-end look as glass.


  • Coordinating with Decor: Choose a finish that seamlessly integrates with your bathroom’s existing design. Chrome, nickel, and black are common options, each offering a different aesthetic. Matte finishes can provide a modern look, while polished finishes reflect light and create a sense of luxury.


  • Price Range: Our range of bath screens can vary widely in price, often between £100 and over £500. Factors influencing cost include material quality, brand, and additional features like anti-limescale coating.
  • Balancing Cost and Quality: Determine what aspects are most important for you (durability, style, brand) and allocate your budget accordingly. Remember, investing in a higher-quality screen can be cost-effective in the long run due to its longevity and performance.

Additional Features:

  • Ease of Cleaning: Look for screens with easy-clean coatings that repel water and reduce limescale buildup.
  • Adjustability: Some screens offer adjustable profiles for a perfect fit, accommodating uneven walls.
  • Safety Features: Especially important in households with children or the elderly, consider screens with shatterproof properties.
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