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Geberit - Toilet frames, Flush Plates and Shower Toilets

Geberit has a range of contemporary and minimalist bathroom products to give you a clean and fresh looking bathroom.

Geberit Duofix 82/98cm Basin Frame

Was £365.45
Now Only £255.81
Geberit Duofix 112cm Basin Frame

Was £314.38
Now Only £220.07
Geberit Duofix 98cm Bidet Frame

Was £536.18
Now Only £375.33
Geberit Duofix 82cm Bidet Frame

Was £536.18
Now Only £375.33
Geberit Smyle 550mm 1 Tap Hole Basin

Was £171.88
Now Only £126.24
Geberit Smyle 600mm 1 Tap Hole Basin

Was £189.06
Now Only £138.85
Geberit Square Design Grating

Was £170.83
Now Only £131.74
Geberit Screw-On Shower Grating

Was £34.98
Now Only £27.71
Geberit Circle Design Grating

Was £170.83
Now Only £131.74
Geberit D50 Floor Drain

Was £236.95
Now Only £177.71



Geberit History

  • 1874 Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert founded the company. It was opened as a tinsmith business in the old town quarter of Rapperswil (CH). This was the very start of the Geberit brand although it was not known in the bathroom industry.
  • 1905 the first lead-lined wooden cistern was brought to the market by Geberit. This was the cornerstone of the future of Geberit toilet cisterns.
  • 1909 The first Geberit Swiss produced cisterns leave the production line
  • 1935 Geberit produced the first plastic cistern. This cistern was years ahead of its time.
  • 1953 The name “Geberit” is registered as a trademark and is used as the brand name and quality label for all Geberit products from this point on.
  • 1957 Geberit move into Drainage and try to revolutionise the sector with plastic drainage pipes 
  • 1964 Geberit released the first concealed cistern
  • 1977 Geberit released the first in-wall installation cistern. The birth of the cistern frame.
  • 1978 the Geberalla shower toilet is launched. This bidet shower toilet lasted until 1993.
  • 2004 Geberit acquires Mapress 
  • 2005 Geberit released the first drinking fountains 
  • 2006 Geberit start to use animals to advertise the brand. In a campaign, elephant, eagle and other animals draw attention to the many benefits of Geberit prewall systems: design freedom, stability, concealed technology, and versatility.
  • 2008 Sigma10, Sigma20, Sigma50 (actuator plates) and UP320 (the first concealed cistern that can be installed without tools)
  • 2009 Geberit rebrand the shower toilet and call it Geberit Aquaclean with a keen message of I Love Water 
  • 2010 Geberit launched the Geberit Monolith sanitary module for WCs
  • 2013 Geberit launched the AquaClean Sela shower toilet. This is the first shower toilet that looks like a normal toilet.
  • 2014 Geberit launched the Omega concealed cistern and flush plate and the Sigma70 (actuator plate)
  • 2015 Geberit launched CleanLine (shower channel) and the Aquaclean Mera Shower Toilet.
  • 2017 Geberit launched AquaClean Tuma shower toilet
  • 2019 Geberit launched Geberit ONE (bathroom series) and the AquaClean Sela (shower toilet, enhancement)

Geberit will carry on with the product launches and will always be at the very top in the innovation on the toilet frame and the shower toilet. 

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