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Geberit is a renowned Swiss manufacturer that has been making a difference in the bathroom industry for over 125 years. Offering cutting-edge sanitary technology and innovative bathroom design, Geberit is a front-runner in the space, continually shaping and influencing the evolution of modern bathrooms.

Keep reading to take an in-depth look at Geberit bathrooms, encompassing their history, key products, commitment to sustainability, design philosophy, and the practical benefits of integrating Geberit solutions into one's bathroom.

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Geberit Duofix 82/98cm Basin Frame

Geberit Duofix 82/98cm Basin Frame

Was £365.45
Now Only £256.81
Geberit Duofix 112cm Basin Frame

Geberit Duofix 112cm Basin Frame

Was £314.38
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Geberit Duofix 98cm Bidet Frame

Geberit Duofix 98cm Bidet Frame

Was £536.18
Now Only £376.33
Geberit Duofix 82cm Bidet Frame

Geberit Duofix 82cm Bidet Frame

Was £536.18
Now Only £376.33
Geberit Square Design Grating

Geberit Square Design Grating

Was £170.83
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Geberit Screw-On Shower Grating

Geberit Screw-On Shower Grating

Was £34.98
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Geberit Circle Design Grating

Geberit Circle Design Grating

Was £170.83
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Geberit D50 Floor Drain

Geberit D50 Floor Drain

Was £236.95
Now Only £178.71

Geberit, a renowned name in the world of sanitary products, has a rich history and a comprehensive portfolio that has placed it at the forefront of the industry. Founded in 1874 by Caspar Melchior Gebert in Rapperswil, Switzerland, Geberit has evolved from a small plumbing business into a global leader in sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics. The company's journey, marked by innovation and strategic expansion, reflects its commitment to enhancing the quality of life through advanced sanitary solutions.

Early Innovations and Expansion

In its early years, Geberit made a significant impact with the invention of the "Phoenix," the first lead-lined wooden cistern, patented in 1912. This product marked a turning point for the company, setting a foundation for future growth. In the 1950s, Geberit ventured into plastic processing, introducing the first plastic cistern in 1952, a move that signalled a significant upswing for the company.

The following decades saw Geberit expand its product range and geographic reach. The company's name, derived from its founders, became official in 1953 under the leadership of Heinrich and Klaus Gebert. Geberit pioneered several innovations, including the concealed cistern in 1964, which revolutionised the look of bathrooms worldwide. In 1970, Geberit introduced the Sovent fitting, a major innovation in building drainage, and the Pluvia syphonic roof drainage system in 1985, enhancing efficiency in handling heavy rainfall.

Product Portfolio and Services

Geberit's product portfolio is extensive, encompassing installation systems, cisterns and mechanisms, faucets, flushing systems, waste fittings, traps, and shower toilets. The company also offers piping systems for building drainage and water supply.

Let's take a closer look at some of the offerings from this superb, cutting-edge company.

Geberit Aquaclean Bidet Toilets:

Geberit AquaClean shower toilets epitomise the concept of personal hygiene in the 21st century. Distinct from conventional toilets, the AquaClean range incorporates an integrated bidet function that provides a gentle, warm water wash at the touch of a button.

By embracing AquaClean, you are not just upgrading your bathroom; you are enhancing your daily well-being and contributing to a more sustainable future. Geberit AquaClean shower toilets are more than a bathroom fixture; they are a testament to Swiss ingenuity, where advanced technology meets uncompromising design, bringing a revolution right into your private sanctuary.

These toilets come in multiple models, such as the Sela, Tuma, 4000, and more. Let's take a look at the flagship model from Geberit, the Aquaclean Mera.

Geberit Aquaclean Mera:

When it comes to bathroom design, the AquaClean Mera series stands out with its sleek, floating design. This aesthetic appeal transforms the toilet from a mere necessity to the centrepiece of any modern bathroom. Both the Mera Comfort and Classic models are equipped with WhirlSpray shower technology and a rimless WC ceramic appliance integrated with TurboFlush technology, ensuring a cleaning experience that is both efficient and thorough.

The Mera Classic and Comfort Models

The Mera Classic model, while serving the basics, goes a step further with features like an odour extraction unit and a warm air dryer. The Mera Comfort, on the other hand, elevates the experience with additional luxuries such as WC seat ring heating, a touchless WC lid automatic function, and an orientation light that can be set in various colours to suit personal preferences or bathroom decor.

Designed for Every Need:

The Mera family extends beyond pure luxury. The Mera Care model caters to those seeking independence and dignity. Its intuitive controls, including a handy push-button panel and a touchless remote, cater to diverse abilities. Adjustable water pressure, a barrier-free mode for shower chair compatibility, and individual user profiles empower everyone to experience the comfort and hygiene that Mera offers.

A Symphony of Smart Features:

The brilliance of Mera lies not just in its headline features but also in the thoughtful details. An oscillating spray ensures thorough cleansing, while SoftClosing gently lowers the seat, adding a touch of quiet elegance. User recognition automatically activates and personalises the settings, and an economy mode ensures eco-conscious operation. And for those who prioritise a spotless experience, the descaling function keeps your Mera performing at its peak.

The Mera Comfort: Peak of Luxury and Innovation

The Mera Comfort is the epitome of high-end bathroom technology. It boasts a range of features designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience.

Advanced WhirlSpray and TurboFlush Technologies: Both the Comfort and Classic models feature these technologies, but the Comfort takes it a step further with enhanced efficiency.

Lady Shower and Warm Air Dryer: The separate lady shower is designed for gentle, hygienic cleansing, while the warm air dryer provides a touch-free drying experience.

Customisable Comfort: With the Mera Comfort, you can personalise your experience. It offers programmable user profiles, adjustable shower pressure settings, and the ability to set the spray arm position and water temperature.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Experience: Features like soft closing, user recognition, and a descaling function are shared with the Classic model. However, the Comfort model adds WC seat ring heating, a touchless WC lid automatic function, and an orientation light, which are not available in the Classic.

Design Flexibility: Like the Classic, the Comfort model can be combined with the design panel and Geberit Monolith for a seamless bathroom aesthetic.

The Mera Classic: Essential Luxury

The Mera Classic, while slightly less feature-rich than the Comfort, still offers a luxurious experience.

Essential Features for Comfort and Hygiene: It includes WhirlSpray shower technology, TurboFlush technology, a rimless WC ceramic appliance, and a separate lady shower, similar to the Comfort model.

Customisable Settings: The Classic also offers programmable user profiles, adjustable shower pressure settings, and the ability to customise the spray arm position and water temperature.

Standard Luxury Features: It includes a warm air dryer, odour extraction, SoftClosing, user recognition, and a descaling function.

Design Integration: The Mera Classic can be combined with the design panel and Geberit Monolith, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any bathroom design.

Geberit VariForm Bathroom Furniture:

The Geberit VariForm bathroom furniture series stands out for its integration of style, storage space, and a commitment to minimalist design. This range notably combines washbasins and matching bathroom furniture, including options specifically for lay-on washbasins. A distinctive feature of the VariForm series is its design concept, which is based on the four basic geometric shapes: circle, rectangle, oval, and ellipse. This approach offers unlimited design versatility, allowing for a personalised touch in bathroom styling.

The design of the washbasins, available as under-countertop, countertop, and lay-on models, is characterised by their slim rims. This design choice imparts a sense of lightness and elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom space. Geberit has paid special attention to practicality and aesthetics, with the VariForm washbasins designed to be both attractive and durable, thanks to the use of high-quality, easy-care sanitary ceramics. This material choice ensures the basins remain resistant to cracks and scratches, even with intensive use.

In terms of the furniture, the VariForm washbasin cabinets are designed to complement the washbasins, maintaining a balance between style and storage. The cabinets are available in different finishes, like white high-gloss coated, lava matt, and hickory, providing options to suit various interior design preferences. The cabinets are not just visually appealing but also practical, with features like water-resistant surfaces and drawers with a small projection at the front, preventing water ingress. The minimalist design is further enhanced by the handle-free push-to-open drawers, adding to the sleek and modern look of the units.

This series is adaptable for different bathroom settings, whether residential, commercial, or hospitality spaces. The modular system of the VariForm series allows for flexible planning, enabling customisation according to specific space requirements and personal preferences. This adaptability, combined with the series' sophisticated design, makes the Geberit VariForm an appealing choice for those seeking a combination of style, functionality, and versatility in bathroom furnishings.

Geberit Smyle Suites:

The Geberit Smyle bathroom series is a testament to contemporary design, blending sophisticated lines and subtle shapes to create a relaxing and positive ambience in family and guest bathrooms. Characterised by its efficiency in space utilisation and order, the series offers high convenience and functionality in various bathroom settings.

Design and Aesthetics

The Geberit Smyle series is known for its contemporary design that brings harmony and lightness into the bathroom space. The design of the washbasins in the Smyle series is notable for their sophisticated lines and harmonious shapes. They feature narrow rims, providing an exciting contrast to the generous shelf surfaces, which make them stand out in any modern bathroom. The series offers a wide range of washbasin sizes and styles, including options for large or small spaces, with or without tap holes, and even double washbasins or handrinse basins, catering to different requirements in modern bathrooms.

Furniture and Storage

The bathroom furniture in the Geberit Smyle series is meticulously designed to match the washbasins, continuing the contours of the ceramic design. This furniture is available in four finishes: sand grey (high-gloss coated), lava (matt coated), white (high-gloss coated), and hickory (wood-textured melamine). The modular elements, coated surfaces, and high-quality materials used in the furniture provide flexibility and durability. The furniture options include washbasin cabinets, low cabinets, tall cabinets, shelf elements, and wall shelves with towel hooks, offering a wide range of combinations to optimally use space in the bathroom.

Toilets and Bidets

In line with the design language of the series, the ceramic form of the toilets and bidets closely follows the sophisticated design of the washbasins. The Geberit Smyle series includes standard and premium design solutions for toilets and bidets. A notable feature is the Rimfree® option for toilets, which offers added hygiene and easier cleaning. This innovative feature eliminates the conventional flush rim, making it easier to clean and maintain the toilet. The Rimfree® technology ensures a dynamic flushing out and reduces the amount of cleaning involved.

Functional Aspects

The Geberit Smyle series is designed with functionality in mind. The WC ceramic appliances are available in a shorter, space-saving version. The series features Rimfree toilets with no hidden places for dirt to accumulate, ensuring easy cleaning. The toilets also come with a 4.5-litre flush, promoting water-saving. The bathroom furniture includes features such as moisture-resistant, high-compressed three-layer chipboard, QuickRelease WC seats for easy cleaning, and drawers with soft closing mechanisms, adding to the practicality of the series.

Geberit Flush Plates & Buttons:

Geberit flush plates and buttons are a significant aspect of modern bathroom design, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also functional versatility. Their importance lies in the fact that, while they are a small part of the bathroom, they play a crucial role in the overall functionality and style of the space.

Geberit offers a wide range of flush plate options, each designed to match their in-wall toilet and urinal systems. This variety allows for a high degree of personalisation in bathroom design, enabling users to choose styles and finishes that align with their preferences and bathroom decor. The selection includes several series, such as Sigma and Omega, with each series offering its own unique design and functional features.

The Sigma series, for example, includes the Sigma01, Sigma10, Sigma20, Sigma21, Sigma30 (both single and dual-flush), Sigma50, Sigma60, Sigma70, and Sigma80. Each model in this series provides different aesthetic options and functionalities, such as dual-flush mechanisms, water-saving features, and a range of colour options. Some models, like the Sigma10, even offer manual or touchless activation, which enhances hygiene and convenience.

The Omega series, including Omega20, Omega30, and Omega60, offers similar versatility with different design aesthetics to suit various bathroom styles. The flush plates are available in materials like metal, glass, and plastic, with finishes ranging from matte black and brushed nickel to polished chrome. Some plates even feature 'precious metal' accents like brass and rose gold for an added touch of luxury.

A key feature of Geberit flush plates is their dual-flush technology. This feature allows for the conservation of water by providing a choice between a full flush and a half flush, depending on the need. It's an intuitive system where the smaller button is used for liquid waste and the larger button for solid waste, contributing to significant water savings over time.

Beyond just aesthetics, these flush plates are designed for ease of maintenance. They can be easily removed to access the in-wall system for any necessary adjustments or repairs. This design consideration ensures that the products are not just visually appealing but also practical for long-term use.

For those with specific accessibility needs or design preferences, Geberit also offers remote flush controls, which can be installed up to 5.5 feet away from the in-wall tank. These remote options include Type 01, Type 10, Type 70, and rectangular remote flush controls. These are particularly useful in universal design and living-in-place scenarios, ensuring that the flush controls are accessible to all users.

Geberit Frames & Cisterns:

Geberit frames and cisterns represent a significant advancement in bathroom technology, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits to modern bathroom installations. Known for their reliability, these systems are an integral part of concealed toilet setups, providing a clean, minimalist look while ensuring effective and efficient operation.

Concealed Cisterns: A Modern Bathroom Staple

Geberit's concealed cisterns are particularly noteworthy for their ability to blend seamlessly into a bathroom's design. These cisterns are hidden behind the wall, thereby saving space and contributing to a more streamlined bathroom appearance. This feature is especially beneficial in smaller bathrooms, where space conservation is crucial.

Durability and Reliability

Geberit is renowned for its commitment to quality and durability. Their cisterns are leak-tested before delivery, ensuring operational reliability and long-term performance. This rigorous testing process underlies Geberit's reputation for producing highly reliable bathroom products.

Design Flexibility

Geberit's range of frames and cisterns offers a high degree of design flexibility, allowing for customisation to suit various bathroom styles. For instance, the Geberit Duofix frame is designed with features like ceramic fixing, galvanised support, and anti-slip leg support, which facilitate easy installation and enhance the system's stability. This frame also includes rotatable footplates, enabling straightforward adjustments during installation.

Innovative Features

In addition to standard functionalities, Geberit's systems incorporate innovative features that enhance user comfort and convenience. These include soundproofing to reduce noise during operation, thermal insulation to prevent condensation, and dust covers to protect against dirt and dampness. Some models also feature empty pipes for water supply connections to Geberit AquaClean equipment, further extending their utility and versatility.

Compatibility and Installation

Geberit frames and cisterns are compatible with a wide range of toilet models, offering flexibility in choice and design. The installation process is straightforward, with self-supporting frames that can be easily adjusted to fit various bathroom configurations. This ease of installation is a significant advantage for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.

In summary, Geberit frames and cisterns stand out for their innovative design, reliability, and eco-friendly features. Their concealed cisterns offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency, making them an excellent choice for modern bathroom installations. With a focus on quality, durability, and user comfort, Geberit continues to be a leading choice in bathroom technology.

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