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Dawn Showering

Escape to a sanctuary of calm with Dawn Shower Enclosures, Walk-In Shower Panels and Bath Screens. Carefully crafted to give you the ultimate showering experience, our exclusive collections provide the perfect balance of sophistication and functionality to transform any bathroom into an oasis.

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At the heart of Dawn's ethos is the pursuit of perfection, where every product is a blend of elegance, functionality, and long-lasting quality. The collection is vast and versatile, suited to a plethora of bathroom shapes and styles, from the compact and cosy to the grand and luxurious.

Outstanding Quality and Craftsmanship

One of the hallmarks of Dawn is its unwavering commitment to quality. Each product in their collection, be it a shower enclosure, walk-in panel, or bath screen, is crafted using the finest materials. This ensures not only outstanding performance but also durability and longevity. Dawn takes pride in its flawless designs, utilising durable materials to bring you a versatile lineup of products that offer long-lasting performance.

Design Philosophy

Dawn's products stand out through their exceptional design and innovative technology. The range is carefully crafted for all bathroom shapes and sizes, offering an array of choices that cater to individual needs and aesthetic preferences. The design ethos is centred on creating products that are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom.

Innovative Features for an Enhanced Experience

Trident Guard - An invisible, hydrophobic coating is bonded with toughened safety glass during the manufacturing process. This water-repellent barrier protects against limescale, soap scum, and bacteria buildup, ensuring an easier clean and a longer-lasting gleam.

Toughglass - All Dawn shower enclosures come with toughened safety glass, known as tempered glass. This makes it significantly stronger than ordinary glass, ensuring safety and durability.

PVD and Anodised Finishes - Dawn employs advanced coating technologies like PVD and anodising to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of their products. These finishes increase corrosion resistance, ensuring that the products maintain their look over time.

Seamless Design - The frameless enclosures offered by Dawn are a testament to their commitment to both aesthetics and functionality, providing a sleek, modern look while ensuring ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Eco-friendly Approach

In line with contemporary needs, Dawn endeavours to use eco-friendly, sustainable, and/or biodegradable packaging and materials wherever possible. This approach underlines their commitment not only to quality but also to environmental responsibility.

A Range for Every Bathroom

The versatility of the Dawn collection means there's something for every bathroom. Whether it's a compact space that requires a smart, space-saving solution or a luxurious bathroom that demands an enclosure that makes a statement, Dawn has an array of options to choose from. Each range in the collection, such as Asteria, Apollo, Athena, and others, has its own unique character, yet all adhere to the core values of quality, design, and innovation that define Dawn.

Lifetime Guarantee for Peace of Mind

Understanding the importance of reliability and trust, Dawn offers a lifetime guarantee on their shower enclosures, walk-in panels, and bath screens. This guarantee is a testament to the confidence they have in their products and their commitment to their customers.

Now let's take a look at the various collections in Dawn's catalogue, which should help you decide which one is the best fit for your bathroom.

Dawn Athena:

The Athena frameless range is characterised by its petite and refined aesthetic, embodying minimalist features and simplistic detailing that exude elegance and sophistication. This collection is expertly crafted to provide the grandeur and openness typically associated with larger frameless enclosures, but in a more compact and versatile form. Its design is particularly advantageous, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms of varying sizes, from the most spacious to the cosiest. The sleek, frameless appearance of the Athena range is not only visually appealing but also functional, as it aids in creating an illusion of more space, thus making it a perfect fit for smaller bathrooms that seek to maximise their area without compromising on style.

Expansive Variety in Options

The Athena range showcases an extensive variety of styles, tailored to meet diverse aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Among its offerings are the elegant hinged doors in-line and with side panels, as well as the stylish hinged offset and standard quadrants. Each style is meticulously designed and available in multiple sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide array of bathroom layouts and designs. Notably, the range includes options like the hinged door & in-line recess and the hinged door & in-line + side panel, available in finishes such as chrome, brass, and black. These finish options provide an opportunity to customise the bathroom's look to match individual tastes and decor themes, from contemporary chic to classic elegance.

Precise Dimensions and High Adjustability

A key feature of the Athena range is its high level of flexibility in dimensions, catering to an array of bathroom sizes and configurations. Models such as the hinged door and in-line recess are available in sizes ranging from 800 mm to 1200 mm, allowing for seamless integration into various spaces. Furthermore, these models are equipped with adjustable openings and fixed panel sizes, a crucial aspect that accommodates different bathroom layouts and design requirements. This adjustability is particularly beneficial in ensuring a customised fit, making the Athena range an adaptable and practical choice for many homeowners.

Uncompromised Quality and Durability

The Athena range's commitment to quality and durability is evident in its construction, which features 6mm toughened safety glass. This ToughGlass feature is a hallmark of the range's dedication to safety and long-term use. The toughened glass not only ensures safety but also contributes to the longevity and maintenance of the product, making it a reliable and durable choice for any bathroom.

Innovative Advanced Features

Trident Guard: A standout feature in the Athena range is the Trident Guard, a hydrophobic protective coating standard across all its products. This innovative coating repels water and significantly reduces the build-up of limescale and soap scum. The result is glass that remains clearer for longer periods, making cleaning simpler and maintaining the pristine appearance of the enclosure over time.

Seamless and Easy-to-Maintain Design: The frameless design of the Athena range is not just a visual delight but also a practical aspect, simplifying cleaning and maintenance. This design feature enhances the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, contributing to a modern, streamlined, and uncluttered look, perfect for those seeking a minimalist and contemporary bathroom environment.

Adjustability for ‘Out of True’ Walls: Acknowledging the practical challenges faced during bathroom installations, the Athena range is designed with up to 20mm of adjustment in its enclosures. This feature is particularly important for accommodating walls that may not be perfectly straight, ensuring a precise and secure fit. This adjustability is a testament to the range's thoughtful design and commitment to ease of installation.

Universal Design for Openings: Catering to both left and right-hand openings, the Athena range exhibits remarkable versatility in its installation and usage. This design consideration ensures that the range can seamlessly fit into various bathroom configurations and cater to different user preferences, further enhancing its appeal as a universally adaptable bathroom solution.

In summary, the Athena frameless range stands out for its elegant design, extensive style options, precise dimensions with high adjustability, exceptional quality, and innovative features. These characteristics collectively make it a top choice for homeowners seeking a stylish, practical, and long-lasting bathroom enclosure.

Dawn Asteria:

The Asteria range from Dawn Showering stands as a beacon of modern elegance in the realm of bathroom design. This collection, featuring super-slim framed enclosures with 8mm glass, is a testament to sleek sophistication, seamlessly merging style with functionality. The Asteria range is more than just a bathroom fixture; it's a statement piece that embodies chic sophistication in every aspect. Let's delve deeper into the unique features, design elements, and the versatile options this range presents.

Innovative Design and Aesthetics

The hallmark of the Asteria range is its super-slim-framed enclosures, meticulously crafted to exude sleekness and elegance. This design isn't solely focused on aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in maximising space and enhancing the influx of light, thereby creating an open, airy atmosphere in the bathroom. The slim frames of the Asteria range contribute to a more spacious and luminous bathroom environment, which is a key aspect of modern bathroom design.

Diverse Styles and Finishes

The Asteria range boasts an array of styles, including slim sliding doors, pivot doors, and bi-fold doors, each available in finishes such as chrome, brass, and black. This diversity ensures that there's a perfect Asteria style for every individual taste and bathroom design. Whether aiming for a contemporary, minimalist look or a more classic, sophisticated ambiance, the Asteria range offers a suitable option.

Flexible Dimensions and Customisability

Understanding the varied dimensions of different bathroom spaces, the Asteria range offers a wide range of sizes. For example, the slim sliding door options are available from 1000mm to 1200mm, while the bi-fold door options range from 760mm to 1000mm. This flexibility in dimensions means the Asteria range can adapt to various bathroom layouts, ensuring a tailored fit for different spaces.

Unwavering Quality and Durability

Constructed with 8mm toughened safety glass, the Asteria range is a symbol of quality and durability. This feature is crucial not only for enhancing safety but also for extending the lifespan of the product, making it a durable and reliable choice for any bathroom.

State-of-the-Art Advanced Features

Trident Guard: A standard feature in the Asteria range, the Trident Guard is a hydrophobic protective coating that maintains the cleanliness and clarity of the glass. This coating repels water and minimises the buildup of limescale and soap scum, simplifying maintenance and preserving the glass's clarity over time.

Seamless Design: The super-slim framed enclosures of the Asteria range are designed for a seamless look, which is not just visually appealing but also practical for cleaning and maintenance. This frameless appearance adds a modern, minimalistic touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic of any bathroom.

Adjustability for ‘Out of True’ Walls: Recognising the realities of bathroom installations, the Asteria range is designed with up to 20mm or 30mm of adjustment in its enclosures. This feature is particularly beneficial for ensuring a precise fit in bathrooms where walls may not be perfectly straight, thereby facilitating easier and more accurate installations.

Universal Design for Openings: The Asteria range is thoughtfully designed to cater to both left- and right-hand openings. This versatility in design ensures ease of installation and use, making the range suitable for various bathroom configurations and user preferences.

In conclusion, the Asteria range by Dawn Showering is a paragon of modern bathroom elegance. Its thoughtful design, variety in styles and finishes, customisable dimensions, and advanced features collectively make it a highly sought-after choice for those seeking to infuse their bathrooms with a blend of sophistication, functionality, and modern charm.

Dawn Apollo:

Apollo is distinguished by its framed enclosures, which incorporate 8mm toughened safety glass, combining durability with style. A notable characteristic of the range is its height of 1950mm, offering a spacious and indulgent showering experience. This height contributes to the luxurious feel of the shower space. The framed enclosures of the Apollo range bring forth a robust and classical aesthetic, distinctly different from the minimalistic frameless designs found in other collections, such as Athena. This classical touch is a nod to traditional design elements, blending them seamlessly with modern sophistication.

Key Distinctive Features of the Apollo Range

Framed Enclosures: Apollo's framed enclosures provide a traditional and timeless appeal. These frames enhance the structural integrity and add a definitive aesthetic to the shower enclosures, making them stand out with their classic elegance.

Enhanced Adjustment for Wall Irregularities: The Apollo range excels with up to 40mm of adjustment for 'Out of True' walls. This significant adjustment capability is advantageous for accommodating wall imperfections and ensuring a perfect, custom fit, which is particularly helpful in older buildings or uniquely shaped spaces.

Diverse Door Styles: Catering to various design preferences and functional needs, the Apollo range includes a variety of door styles like sliding, hinged, and infold doors. This diversity offers flexibility in design and functionality, accommodating different bathroom layouts and user requirements.

Hydrophobic Protective Coating: Consistent with other ranges, Apollo features the Trident Guard hydrophobic coating. This innovative coating simplifies cleaning and maintenance, keeping the glass pristine and free from water stains and residue buildup.

Lifetime Guarantee: Emphasising its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the Apollo range, like other Dawn collections, comes with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee is a testament to the range's durability and high-quality craftsmanship.

Why Opt for Apollo Over Other Ranges?

The Apollo range is particularly suited for those who value a classic yet sturdy design in their bathrooms. Its framed enclosures offer a distinct aesthetic that melds modern sleekness with traditional robustness, providing a unique visual appeal. The structural support of the frames makes the Apollo range a dependable choice for long-term usage, especially in settings where durability is a key consideration.

Furthermore, the 40mm adjustment capability for 'Out of True' walls in the Apollo range is a notable benefit for installations in spaces with irregular or uneven walls. This feature not only eases the installation process but also ensures a more customised and precise fit, enhancing the overall bathroom design.

In summary, the Apollo range from Dawn Showering is a perfect amalgamation of style, practicality, and resilience. Its framed enclosures, extensive adjustability, and diverse door options render it a versatile and attractive choice for a variety of bathroom aesthetics. Whether undertaking a renovation or constructing a new bathroom, the Apollo range stands as an exemplary choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of traditional durability and contemporary elegance.

Dawn Minos:

The Minos range from Dawn Showering is celebrated for its seamless blend of luxury and adaptability, offering an exquisite selection of wetroom collections in a variety of finishes. This range is designed to complement every bathroom decor, providing a stylish solution for any space. It stands out for its flexibility, making it a highly adaptable choice for different bathroom sizes and styles. Let's delve deeper into the distinguishing features that make Minos a unique and sought-after choice in bathroom design.

Defining Characteristics of the Minos Range

Array of Diverse Finish Options: Minos distinguishes itself with an extensive selection of finish options, including chrome, brass, bronze, gunmetal, and black. This variety allows for unparalleled aesthetic customisation to harmonise with the specific design elements of any bathroom, offering a tailored and upscale look.

Advanced PVD Coating Technology: Utilising PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating technology for its chrome, brass, bronze, and gunmetal finishes, the Minos range ensures a durable and scratch-resistant surface. This technology contributes to the longevity and pristine appearance of the finishes, maintaining their allure over time.

Enhanced Toughglass: In contrast to other ranges that primarily use 8mm glass, the Minos range boasts 10mm Toughglass. This extra thickness not only adds to the durability and safety of the enclosures but also enhances the overall luxury feel, contributing to a more robust and elegant showering experience.

Ideal for Wet Rooms and Tiled Bathrooms: The Minos range is an excellent choice for wet rooms and tiled bathrooms, offering a splendid mix of classic and contemporary styling. It serves as a perfect focal point in bathrooms, adding a layer of sophistication and elegance.

Sleek Stabilising Bars and Profiles: Incorporating refined stabilising bars and profiles, the Minos range marries practicality with style. The design features hidden screws and subtle contours, creating a seamless and polished appearance. These features are consistent across all finish options, ensuring a unified and stylish design approach.

Extensive Configurability and Customisation: The Minos range excels in customisation, offering choices in shower wall glass, wall profiles, stabilising options, and even swivel panels. This level of customisability ensures that the range can be tailored to fit the specific requirements and aesthetic preferences of any bathroom.

Framed Shower Walls in Premium Finishes: For an added touch of elegance, the Minos range offers framed shower walls in luxurious finishes like brushed brass and black. These options deliver a sophisticated and refined look, enhancing the shower area's visual appeal.

The Minos range from Dawn Showering represents an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of traditional elegance and modern practicality in their bathroom. Its diverse finishes, superior glass quality, and innovative design elements distinguish it from other collections. Suitable for a variety of bathroom settings, from wet rooms to standard showers, the Minos range offers the versatility, durability, and style needed to create a luxurious and tranquil bathroom space. This range is more than just functional; it embodies a statement of style and a dedication to quality that transforms any bathroom into a sophisticated and serene sanctuary.

Dawn Thalia:

The Thalia range from Dawn Showering is renowned for its elegant and minimalist bath screens, specifically designed to transition seamlessly from traditional bathtubs to contemporary shower spaces. This range includes a variety of single-panel, inward-opening, and outward-opening bath screens, available in finishes such as chrome, brass, black, bronze, and gunmetal. These options offer a wealth of stylistic choices, ensuring compatibility with various bathroom decors.

Key Features and Unique Aspects of the Thalia Range

Specialisation in Bath Screens: Setting itself apart from other ranges that focus on shower enclosures and walk-in panels, Thalia is uniquely dedicated to bath screens. This specialisation makes it an ideal choice for those wanting to add shower functionality to existing bathtubs without the need for extensive bathroom renovations.

Sleek and Seamless Design: Thalia bath screens feature a sleek, frameless design, enhancing the visual spaciousness of the bathroom. This elegant design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers practical benefits, such as simplified cleaning and maintenance.

Variety in Opening Styles: The range offers both inward and outward opening bath screens, catering to different bathroom layouts and personal preferences. This versatility ensures that Thalia can adapt to a wide array of bathroom configurations and user requirements.

Optimal Height and Glass Thickness: The screens in the Thalia range are 1500mm in height and made of 8mm toughened safety glass. This combination provides a balance of safety, durability, and elegance, aligning with Dawn's high standards of quality and safety.

Trident Guard Coating: Consistent with other Dawn ranges, Thalia screens are treated with the Trident Guard hydrophobic coating. This coating ensures the glass remains clear and free from water stains, facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance over time.

Universal Design for Versatile Openings: Thalia bath screens are designed for universal use, suitable for both left and right-hand installations. This flexibility adds to the range's appeal, making it a convenient option for various bathroom layouts.

Adjustment for 'Out of True' Walls: Offering a 20mm adjustment, Thalia screens accommodate out-of-true walls, ensuring a perfect fit even in bathrooms with irregular wall surfaces. This adjustability is essential for a seamless and leak-free installation.

Lifetime Guarantee: Echoing the brand's confidence in the durability and quality of their products, the Thalia range, like other Dawn collections, comes with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee reinforces the commitment to providing long-lasting and high-quality bathroom solutions.

As we conclude our comprehensive exploration of the Dawn Showering ranges, it's evident that each collection - Athena, Asteria, Apollo, Minos, and Thalia - offers unique characteristics, catering to a wide array of preferences and bathroom styles.

Athena: The Epitome of Elegance The Athena range, with its petite and refined frameless enclosures, stands out for its minimalist features and simplistic detailing. Ideal for both spacious and cosy bathrooms, Athena embodies modest beauty and durability, featuring 6mm toughened safety glass and the Trident Guard hydrophobic coating for easy maintenance. Its universal design accommodates left or right-hand openings, making it a versatile choice for various layouts.

Asteria: Sleek and Sophisticated Asteria is distinguished by its super-slim framed enclosures and 8mm glass, offering a sleek and elegant look. This range is not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical, with features like the Trident Guard and up to 20mm adjustment for ‘Out of True’ walls. The variety of styles in Asteria, including slim sliding doors and bi-fold doors, adds flexibility and caters to different design preferences.

Apollo: Classic and Timeless Apollo is known for its framed enclosures that incorporate 8mm toughened safety glass. This range combines modern sleekness with traditional robustness, offering a structural strength that is both reliable and stylish. The 40mm adjustment capability for uneven walls and a variety of door styles, including sliding, hinged, and infold doors, make Apollo a suitable choice for those valuing durability and classic design.

Minos: Luxurious Versatility The Minos range is a luxurious blend of traditional and modern styling, perfect for wet rooms and tiled bathrooms. Its unique selling point lies in the variety of finishes - chrome, brushed brass, bronze, gunmetal, and black - along with the use of PVD coating technology for durability. The 10mm Toughglass in Minos adds an extra layer of safety and luxury, making it an ideal choice for those seeking grandeur in their bathroom retreat.

Thalia: Transformative Elegance Thalia specialises in bath screens, transforming traditional bathtubs into stylish showering areas with ease. Its frameless screen enclosures, available in various finishes, provide a sleek and minimalist look, enhancing the bathroom's visual space. The universal design for left or right-hand openings and the 20mm adjustment for wall irregularities make Thalia an adaptable and elegant solution for bathroom renovations.

Final Thoughts Dawn Showering's collections are a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and design. Each range offers something unique, from the understated elegance of Athena to the robust classicism of Apollo, the versatile luxury of Minos, and the transformative elegance of Thalia. With features like the Trident Guard, various glass thickness options, and a lifetime guarantee, these ranges not only meet aesthetic preferences but also ensure safety, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Whether you are renovating an existing space or designing a new one, Dawn Showering provides a plethora of options to suit every need and style. Their commitment to sustainability, with eco-friendly packaging and materials, further adds to the appeal of their products. In summary, Dawn Showering's ranges offer a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and quality, ensuring that every bathroom transformation is both luxurious and practical.

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