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Tavistock Bathrooms is your comprehensive solution for all bathroom requirements, whether you're seeking a minimalist, budget-friendly ensemble or a luxurious, expansive suite. Situated in the scenic spa city of Bath, this company boasts its own in-house design team, fully equipped technical expertise, and a research and development department. By merging contemporary engineering with superior-quality materials, Tavistock Bathrooms is committed to creating products that not only serve their intended purpose exceptionally well but also captivate with their striking designs. Read more to learn about this fantastic brand and what it has to offer.

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Tavistock Aspire Gloss White Toilet Seat

Tavistock Aspire Gloss White Toilet Seat

Was £57.40
Now Only £43.89
Tavistock Victoria Soft Close Toilet Seat

Tavistock Victoria Soft Close Toilet Seat

Was £170.30
Now Only £139.72
Tavistock Wrap Over Soft Close Seat

Tavistock Wrap Over Soft Close Seat

Was £67.20
Now Only £48.04
Tavistock Chrome Bottle Trap

Tavistock Chrome Bottle Trap

Was £73.00
Now Only £50.89
Tavistock 65mm Slotted Click Waste

Tavistock 65mm Slotted Click Waste

Was £27.30
Now Only £19.66
Tavistock 65mm Unslotted Click Waste

Tavistock 65mm Unslotted Click Waste

Was £27.30
Now Only £19.66
Tavistock 100mm Slotted Click Waste

Tavistock 100mm Slotted Click Waste

Was £33.00
Now Only £23.55
Tavistock Adapt Basin Mixer with Click Waste

Tavistock Adapt Basin Mixer with Click Waste

Was £149.50
Now Only £103.16
Tavistock Adapt Bath Filler

Tavistock Adapt Bath Filler

Was £228.00
Now Only £156.82
Tavistock Adapt Bath Shower Mixer and Handset

Tavistock Adapt Bath Shower Mixer and Handset

Was £265.00
Now Only £182.10
Tavistock Aerial Comfort Height Toilet

Tavistock Aerial Comfort Height Toilet

Was £361.00
Now Only £288.80
Tavistock Aerial 550mm Basin

Tavistock Aerial 550mm Basin

Was £209.00
Now Only £167.20

With Tavistock, style is an inherent part of the package. Revitalise your bathroom with these elegant pieces of furniture and sanitaryware, which boast vibrant finishes and stunning aesthetics. The taps and showers from this brand are not only visually appealing but are also compatible with all plumbing systems.

The styles represented in Tavistock's collections are diverse, spanning minimalist, geometric, traditional, and vintage-inspired designs. Their Classic Collection beautifully brings the elegance of Victorian interior decor to life using modern materials. The vintage-style pieces recreate the traditional forms and details of that era in a fresh, contemporary way.

No matter your specific taste or vision for a space, Tavistock likely has items that will fit seamlessly into your bathroom or washroom design. Their selections are versatile enough to suit private homes seeking a personal touch, as well as corporate environments in need of professional, polished furnishings. Whether you envision a minimalist, geometric, traditional or vintage look, Tavistock can bring your unique bathroom or washroom design to life. Their expansive collections offer something for every aesthetic, making it easy to find the perfect pieces to realise your interior design goals.

What taps does Tavistock offer?

When it comes to bathroom fittings, Tavistock stands out as a brand that combines elegance with functionality. Their range of bathroom taps is no exception, offering a variety of designs that cater to different tastes and bathroom styles.

Tavistock's Varsity Range:

The Varsity collection is a beautiful homage to the timeless elegance of historical bathroom fittings. If you have an affinity for traditional charm and sophistication, this range is perfectly suited for you. The taps from the Varsity collection incorporate graceful crosshead handles and understated ceramic details. These features merge the charm of yesteryear with the practicality of modern design

The crosshead handles harken back to vintage tap design, creating an aura of historical craftsmanship, while the ceramic accents provide a gentle decorative touch. Combined, these aspects result in taps that echo the majesty of a grand historical residence, yet offer the comfort and usability of contemporary fixtures.

The captivating Varsity collection artfully encapsulates the charm of days gone by with its traditionally styled handles and curves. This traditional brassware collection includes a functional yet classical basin mixer, traditional pillar taps, a bath filler and a bath shower mixer. Each piece is adorned with a glossy chrome coating for a stunning and enduring finish. A ten-year warranty ensures your peace of mind.

Whether your bathroom is predominantly traditional or you're looking to incorporate a hint of enduring elegance, the Varsity collection infuses a touch of classic allure into modern homes. It presents a style that is comfortably familiar yet refined, invoking images of clawfoot bathtubs and porcelain basins, successfully translating the charm of yesteryear into a current, appealing aesthetic.

Tavistock's Blaze Range:

While the name "Blaze" might evoke imagery of warmth and fire, the Blaze range from Tavistock is a true personification of sleek coolness. This set of bathroom taps exemplifies modernity with its minimalist design. The tap bodies, marked by contemporary clean lines, pair elegantly with the streamlined spouts, promising to add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom aesthetic.

The beauty of the Blaze range, however, is not just skin deep. Its versatility lies in the wide array of options it offers to cater to diverse needs and tastes. The collection incorporates a standard basin mixer, a compact mini basin mixer suitable for smaller spaces, a convenient bath filler, and a versatile bath shower mixer. No matter your choice, the Blaze range guarantees a unified aesthetic across all your bathroom fixtures thanks to its distinct style.

What sets the Blaze range apart is its marriage of aesthetics with cutting-edge design. Every tap in the collection has been thoughtfully engineered with the goal of prioritising user experience. Regardless of whether you're filling your bathtub for a relaxing soak or simply washing your hands in the basin, you can rely on Blaze taps. They provide a steady and consistent water flow, paired with user-friendly controls, making daily tasks an absolute breeze.

In essence, the Tavistock Blaze collection is a paragon of contemporary bathroom design. It marries a chic aesthetic with practical functionality, proving to be an excellent choice for anyone seeking to revamp their bathroom fixtures. Opt for Blaze if you desire a dash of modern elegance that seamlessly blends style and ease-of-use in your bathroom.

Tavistock's Kinetic Range:

The Kinetic range of premium brassware is crafted to elevate the look and functionality of today's modern bathroom. This extensive collection features a contemporary cylindrical silhouette and ergonomic lever handles designed for easy gripping and smooth operation.

At the core of each Kinetic tap is a sturdy brass construction that promises durability and reliable performance for years to come. The sleek, mirrored chrome finish gives off a bright and sophisticated shine, complementing both traditional and contemporary bath decor.

Choose from a range of designs to meet your specific needs, including basin mixers, mini basin mixers, mini basin taps, tall basin mixers, bath fillers, and bath shower mixers. Kinetic basin mixers come in single-handle and widespread options to fit your existing sink setup, while the bath filler and shower mixer models allow you to customise your ideal tub configuration.

With Kinetic, you don't have to sacrifice form for function. Thoughtful details like matching pop-up drains, aerated water flow, and smooth rotating spouts prevent splashing and flooding. Each tap also includes flexible supply lines for easy installation.

Every Kinetic tap is manufactured under strict quality standards and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. Experience the merging of beautiful, modern design and reliable everyday performance with the Kinetic collection of luxury bathroom brassware.

What is available in Tavistocks furniture range?

Tavistock bathroom furniture has a classy and traditional English style. They draw inspiration from Georgian and Victorian design elements and their cabinets, vanities, and mirrors in particular are elegant and understated.

Tavistock uses high-quality materials like wood veneers, granite, and marble in their products. They offer bathroom cabinets, vanities, wardrobes, and tall units in oak, walnut, maple, and ash wood finishes. Tavistock bathroom furniture is made to last. They use durable wood materials and sturdy hardware. Their wooden cabinets have drawers and doors lined with dovetail joints.

Tavistock offers custom sizes and configurations for many of their bathroom products. This allows you to create setups that perfectly fit your space and needs.

Let's take a look at some of their standout ranges.

Tavistock's Acumen Range:

The Acumen range by Tavistock Bathrooms is a testament to contemporary design that marries style with substance. This collection represents the latest in modern furniture design, offering a blend of form and function that is sure to elevate any bathroom space.

Acumen's design is characterised by clean lines that contribute to a sleek and modern aesthetic. The furniture offers ample storage space, a crucial feature for maintaining an organised and clutter-free bathroom. One of the standout features of the Acumen range is the minimal cut-out handle. This design element not only adds to the visual appeal of the furniture but also allows for a smooth finish, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Acumen range offers a degree of customisation that allows homeowners to tailor their bathroom furniture to their personal design style. You can choose from three on-trend finishes to complement their bathroom decor. The range also offers the option to complete the look with a handle trim of your choice, adding a personal touch to the furniture.

One of the unique features of the Acumen range is the ability to build your own unit. Customers can select a size that fits their bathroom space and then proceed to customise the unit further. The range offers an extensive collection of countertop and standard basin styles. The Acumen ceramic basin is a popular choice, featuring a generous wash space, soft curved edges, and plenty of space for bathroom essentials. For those looking to make a statement, Tavistock offers six stylish countertop basin and worktop pairings.

The finish options for the Acumen range include gloss white, storm grey, and viridian green. These options ensure that the sleek design of the Acumen range can be adapted to suit a variety of bathroom styles. The range is ultra-customisable, offering generous space in a modern package.

The final touch to customising your Acumen unit is the choice of handle trim finishes. Available in classic chrome, dramatic black, or luxurious brushed brass, these trims allow you to tailor your unit to your style and taste. They also provide the opportunity to create a completely coordinated look across your bathroom by choosing matching taps, mirrors, and accessories.

In conclusion, the Acumen range by Tavistock Bathrooms is a modern, stylish, and functional choice for any bathroom. With its customisable features and sleek design, it offers homeowners the opportunity to create a bathroom space that is truly their own.

Tavistock's Compass Range:

The Tavistock Compass range is a collection of bathroom furniture that combines modern luxury with practicality. This range is designed with the user in mind, offering a variety of sizes and styles to suit different bathroom needs.

The Compass range is characterised by its smooth, curved edges and a luxuriously deep ceramic basin. The design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, aiming to impress any bathroom guest. The extra-thick doors and robust construction of the units demonstrate their durability, indicating that they are built to last.

The Compass range offers compact units of 450mm and 500mm, which are perfect for basin and storage solutions in cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms. These compact units are designed to maximise space without compromising on style or functionality. For those who require extra storage space, the Compass range also includes larger units of 600mm and 800mm. These units are available in either freestanding or wall-mounted styles, providing flexibility to suit different bathroom layouts and personal preferences.

The Compass range is not only about practicality and functionality; it also represents modern luxury. The design is contemporary and compact, making it a perfect fit for any modern bathroom. The units are available in a variety of finishes, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your bathroom decor.

One of the key features of the Compass range is the option to request a furniture swatch. This allows you to see the actual colour of the furniture before making a purchase. This is particularly useful as the colours shown online can be affected by various factors, such as lighting and surrounding items. By obtaining a swatch, you can test the colour in your intended bathroom area to ensure it matches your expectations.

What bathroom suites do Tavistock offer?

Great question! Let's have a look at a few.

Tavistock's Vitoria range:

The Vitoria range by Tavistock Bathrooms is a beautifully crafted collection of bathroom suites that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. This range is perfect for those who appreciate the charm and character of traditional design yet desire the quality and functionality of modern bathroom fixtures.

The Vitoria range is a comprehensive collection that includes both low- and high-level WCs, traditional washstands, and a variety of classic ceramic basins. These basins come in both rounded and square designs, providing options to suit different tastes and bathroom layouts.

The basins are designed to be paired with the Vitoria washstand or ceramic pedestal and a basin mixer of your choice, allowing for a cohesive and harmonious bathroom suite.

One of the standout products in the Vitoria range is the Vitoria 1 Tap Hole Basin. This basin is cast from warm ceramic and is the ideal traditional basin option. It lends a sense of heritage and timelessness to your bathroom scheme.

Another notable product is the Vitoria 2-Tap Hole Basin. Like the 1 Tap Hole Basin, it is cast from warm ceramic and is designed to be paired with the Vitoria washstand or ceramic pedestal. However, this basin is designed for use with a pair of traditional bathroom taps, providing a different aesthetic and functionality.

For smaller spaces, the Vitoria range offers the Vitoria Cloakroom Basin and Trap. This 500mm wall-mounted cloakroom basin is perfect for ensuites and cloakrooms. It is an elegantly designed two-tap-hole bathroom basin and includes a chrome overflow.

The Vitoria range is not just about basins and WCs. It is complemented by many classically inspired collections of furniture, mirrors, and brassware. This allows for the creation of a complete and coordinated bathroom suite that exudes the timeless styling of the Vitoria range.

In conclusion, the Vitoria range by Tavistock Bathrooms is a perfect blend of timeless styling and modern design. It offers a comprehensive collection of bathroom fixtures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and of high quality. Whether you are renovating a period home or simply love the charm of traditional design, the Vitoria range is a perfect choice.

Tavistock's Orbit range:

The Tavistock Orbit range of bathroom suites is a collection that embodies contemporary, smooth, rounded styling. This ultra-modern range is characterised by its unique and generous shapes, offering a variety of basins and WCs that are designed to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of any bathroom.

The Orbit range includes a variety of products such as the Orbit 550mm Basin and Pedestal, Orbit Semi Countertop Basin, Orbit Slim Depth Semi-Countertop Basin, Orbit Fully Enclosed Close Coupled Pan, Orbit Comfort Height Fully Enclosed Close Coupled Pan, Orbit Open Back Close Coupled WC Pan, Orbit Back To Wall WC, and Orbit WC Seat. Each of these products is designed with a modern aesthetic in mind, featuring sleek lines and rounded edges that give a sense of simplicity and elegance.

One of the standout features of the Orbit range is the Easi-clean rimless technology. This feature is included in all the basins and WCs in the range, allowing you to clean surfaces with ease. This technology not only ensures hygiene but also adds to the overall sleek design of the products.

The Orbit 550mm Basin and Pedestal, for instance, features an extra-thin-edged basin design with a tap hole for monobloc mixers, offering a generous wash space. It can be used with a coordinating pedestal or, for a more contemporary look, wall-hung with a simple chrome bottle trap.

The Orbit Semi-Countertop Basin and the Orbit Slim Depth Semi-Countertop Basin are practical solutions for any bathroom. Their contemporary styling means they will coordinate with most modern bathroom styles and are designed for use with a wide range of bathroom furniture units.

The Orbit range also includes a variety of WCs. The Orbit Fully Enclosed Close Coupled Pan, Orbit Comfort Height Fully Enclosed Close Coupled Pan, and Orbit Open Back Close Coupled WC Pan are all designed with rounded contemporary styling. They feature Easi-Clean rimless technology, making them exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean.

The Orbit Back To Wall WC is another product in the range that is sure to become a design classic. It also features the Easi-clean rimless technology and is available in close-coupled and wall-hung versions.

Finally, the Orbit WC Seat is a perfect addition to any of the toilets in the Orbit range. It is designed specifically for the Tavistock Orbit range of toilets and might not work on any other toilets. It comes with soft-close hinges, which allow you to close the seat more quietly.

Tavistock's Structure range:

Finally, Tavistock's Structure range of bathroom suites is designed with a contemporary aesthetic in mind. The range is characterised by its simple, sleek, and beautifully sculpted designs that are perfect for modern bathrooms. The flowing lines and thin edges of the products in this range add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom.

The Structure range includes a variety of products, each designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality. The Structure 550mm Slim Basin and Pedestal features a stunning design with gentle organic lines, delicate edges, and a generous basin area. It is available with a single tap hole option and is paired with a full pedestal.

The Structure Semi-Countertop Basin is designed for use with fitted furniture with a standard depth size. It complements the Structure back to wall WC for a complete contemporary look. The Structure Semi-Countertop Slim Depth Basin is a slim depth ceramic semi-countertop basin designed for use with slim depth fitted furniture.

The Structure range also includes a variety of WC pans. The Structure Open Back Close Coupled Pan is simple, sleek, and beautifully sculpted. It has a projection of 640mm and is paired with the coordinating Structure dual flush cistern. The Structure Fully Enclosed Close Coupled WC Pan conceals pipework and has a projection of 610mm. It is also paired with the coordinating Structure dual flush cistern.

For those seeking a bit more comfort, the Structure Comfort Height Open Back Close Coupled Pan and the Structure Comfort Height Fully Enclosed Close Coupled Pan sit several centimetres taller than standard WCs. This makes them ideal for taller, less able, or elderly users. The extra height of the pan helps keep knees at a more comfortable angle in use as well.

The Structure Back To Wall WC and the Structure Short Projection Back to Wall WCs are perfect solutions for smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms, or ensuites. They are simple, sleek, and beautifully sculpted, with concealed floor fixings.

In conclusion, Tavistock's Structure range of bathroom suites offers a wide variety of products that cater to different needs and preferences. Each product in the range is designed with a contemporary aesthetic and is perfect for modern bathrooms. The range is characterised by its simple, sleek, and beautifully sculpted designs, making it a great choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their bathrooms.

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