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Coram Stylus Glass Shower Panel

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  • 300mm, Satin Glass (+ £172.80)
Quantity: - + Total: £234.00 (inc. VAT)
Coram Stylus Glass Shower Panel
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Coram Stylus Glass Shower Panel

With Stylus the 8mm glass panel is held firmly in place by a slimline brace and superbly engineered brackets. As a further alternative, panels can be supported with a more discrete shortened brace and bracket, mounted at an angle.

Glass Shower Panels

Comes with glass panel, wall channel & universal bracing bar

Size and Description Product Code
500mm, Clear Glass SPS 50 CUC
500mm, Satin Glass SPS 50 SUC
500mm, Modesty Panel SPS 50 SM1C
600mm, Clear Glass SPS 60 CUC
600mm, Satin Glass SPS 60 SUC
600mm, Modesty Panel SPS 60 SM1C
700mm, Clear Glass SPS 70 CUC
700mm, Satin Glass SPS 70 SUC
700mm, Modesty Panel SPS 70 SM1C
800mm, Clear Glass SPS 80 CUC
800mm, Satin Glass SPS 80 SUC
800mm, Modesty Panel SPS 80 SM1C
900mm, Clear Glass SPS 90 CUC
900mm, Satin Glass SPS 90 SUC
900mm, Modesty Panel SPS 90 SM1C
1000mm, Clear Glass SPS 1000 CUC
1000mm, Satin Glass SPS 1000 SUC
1000mm, Modesty Panel SPS 1000 SM1C
1100mm, Clear Glass SPS 1100 CUC
1100mm, Satin Glass SPS 1100 SUC
1100mm, Modesty Panel SPS 1100 SM1C
1200mm, Clear Glass SPS 1200 CUC
1200mm, Satin Glass SPS 1200 SUC
1200mm, Modesty Panel SPS 1200 SM1C

Return Panel Packs

Comes with glass panel, 90° corner joint, top cap and square chrome foot.

Size and Description Product Code
200mm, Plain Glass SPS 02 CUC
200mm, Satin Glass SPS 02 SUC
200mm, Modesty Panel SPS 02 SM1C
300mm, Plain Glass SPS 03 CUC
300mm, Satin Glass SPS 03 SUC
300mm, Modesty Panel SPS 03 SM1C
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