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The Arcade Bathrooms collection from Burlington Bathrooms is a distinguished range that bridges the gap between modern minimalistic and vintage period designs, drawing inspiration from the Belle Époque era. This blend of styles renders the collection ideal for both contemporary and traditional bathroom settings.

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Arcade Clear Vase Shade - Oval Base

Arcade Clear Vase Shade - Oval Base

Was £275.00
Now Only £207.25
Arcade Frosted Cup Shade - Oval Base

Arcade Frosted Cup Shade - Oval Base

Was £275.00
Now Only £207.25
Arcade Frosted Tube Shade - Oval Base

Arcade Frosted Tube Shade - Oval Base

Was £275.00
Now Only £207.25
Arcade Close Coupled Back to Wall Toilet

Arcade Close Coupled Back to Wall Toilet

Was £800.00
Now Only £601.00
Arcade Double Basin

Arcade Double Basin

Was £679.00
Now Only £510.25
Arcade Back to Wall Toilet

Arcade Back to Wall Toilet

Was £359.00
Now Only £270.25
Arcade Cloakroom Basin

Arcade Cloakroom Basin

Was £215.00
Now Only £162.25
Arcade Monobloc Bidet Mixer (Chrome)

Arcade Monobloc Bidet Mixer (Chrome)

Was £275.00
Now Only £207.25
Arcade Cloakroom Basin Pillar Taps (Chrome)

Arcade Cloakroom Basin Pillar Taps (Chrome)

Was £255.00
Now Only £192.25

The inspiration drawn from the Belle Époque era, a period known for its optimism, peace, prosperity, and innovations in art and design, plays a pivotal role in the stylistic decisions evident in the Arcade Bathrooms collection. The Belle Époque, which translates to "Beautiful Era," was a period of Western history that lasted from the late 19th century to the onset of World War I. It was known for its flourishing arts, architecture, and general pursuit of elegance and sophistication, which are evidently reflected in the Arcade collection.

The modern minimalistic design elements in the Arcade collection are seen in the clean lines, uncluttered arrangements, and functional forms that cater to today's preference for simplicity and functionality. On the other hand, the vintage period designs in the collection are showcased through the use of classic shapes, traditional manufacturing techniques, and the choice of materials and finishes such as chrome and nickel, which were popular during the period eras.

Furthermore, the blend of these contrasting styles within the Arcade Bathrooms collection creates a unique aesthetic that can seamlessly fit into either a contemporary or traditional bathroom setting. The collection's ability to transcend a specific style era makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of consumers. Whether one has a modern bathroom that could benefit from a touch of classic elegance or a traditionally styled bathroom that could use some modern sleekness, the Arcade collection offers solutions.

Arcade Basins:

Arcade is a name that is often synonymous with elegance and quality. Their comprehensive line-up of basins is no exception, offering a range that promises both aesthetic and functional fulfilment. When you decide to incorporate an Arcade basin into your bathroom, you’re not just choosing a washbasin; you're making a lifestyle statement. Let’s delve into what makes Arcade’s range of basins the go-to choice for bathroom excellence.

One of the most intriguing facets of Arcade’s basin collection is the range of sizes available. You’re not pigeonholed into a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you have a snug cloakroom or a sprawling en-suite, Arcade has got you covered. Choose from the neat 500mm size, a more spacious 600mm, an expansive 900mm, or go all out with a double 1200mm basin. It’s all about giving you the freedom to customise your space according to your needs.

After selecting the perfect basin size, the next step is to pick out the matching elements that complete the look. Arcade doesn't disappoint here either. You can select ceramic legs, a pedestal, or even a basin stand to suit your tastes. Furthermore, these accessories come in refined finishes such as Chrome or Brushed Nickel, allowing for a harmonious blend with the rest of your bathroom decor.

Product Highlights

To give you a taste of what’s on offer, let’s spotlight a few standout products:

Arcade 1200mm Double Basin and Basin Stand

Imagine a basin that’s not just a basin but a style statement. The 1200mm double basin stand serves dual functionality. It's perfect for couples who prefer their own space or families who need that extra sink during the morning rush. The accompanying stand in either Chrome or Brushed Nickel brings in that extra touch of sophistication.

Arcade 500mm Cloakroom Basin with Overflow

If you’re working with limited space but still want to add a dash of luxury, this is your go-to. The 500mm Cloakroom Basin includes an overflow feature, which is a practical solution for those ‘just in case’ moments. And let's be honest, we've all left the tap running a little longer than we should have!

Arcade 1200mm Double Basin and Ceramic Console Legs

For those looking to channel a classic vibe, the 1200mm double basin with ceramic console legs offers an alternative to the basin stand. It's a perfect match for people who love an infusion of vintage charm in their modern spaces.

Arcade Cloakroom Basins

Tailored for smaller spaces, these basins are designed to provide functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. You get the same quality and elegance as the larger models but in a compact form.

To sum up, Arcade's range of basins offers more than just washbasins; they offer an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle. With a variety of sizes, complementary accessories, and aesthetic finishes, you’re not just buying a product; you’re buying into a luxurious experience. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Choose Arcade and redefine what your bathroom can be.

Arcade Toilets:

Arcade's range of toilets and WCs is a collection that takes care of your most basic needs while turning the humble lavatory into a work of art. But what makes Arcade's line of toilets truly stand out? Let's take a closer look.

A Diverse Line-Up for Diverse Needs

Arcade doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and their range of toilets and WCs proves that point quite effectively. The collection offers a smorgasbord of options, designed to meet the needs of various space and style considerations. You can pick from:

Close-coupled toilets

Close-coupled toilets are a space-saving option perfect for small or compact bathrooms. The toilet tank (or cistern) is directly attached to the toilet bowl, creating a seamless, integrated look. This style eliminates the gap between the tank and bowl, allowing the toilet to fit into tight spaces. Close-coupled toilets come in both modern and traditional designs to match any decor. They are easy to install as the tank and bowl come as a pre-assembled unit. Close-coupled toilets are a practical choice when bathroom real estate is limited.

Low-Level Toilets

Low-level toilets feature a toilet tank that is mounted lower on the wall, closer to the height of the toilet bowl. This gives a traditional, classic look reminiscent of old-fashioned water closets. The tank is connected to the bowl by a short pipe. Low-level tanks work well with vintage or neo-traditional bathroom styles. Their lower profile provides an elegant, distinguished aesthetic. However, they may not be ideal for people who have difficulty bending down. Overall, low-level toilets are a charming choice for those seeking an old-world bathroom design.

Medium-Level Toilets

Medium-level toilets have a toilet tank positioned at a moderate height above the bowl. This style splits the difference between a low-level and a high-level toilet. The tank is mounted higher than a low-level model but lower than a high-tank toilet. This provides a touch of extra height without going fully old-fashioned. Medium-level toilets add visual interest and a novel twist to traditional decor. They work well in neo-traditional or transitional bathroom styles. The moderately elevated tank gives a refined yet still accessible feel. Overall, medium-level toilets provide an intriguing spin on classic toilet designs.

High-Level Toilets

High-level toilets feature a toilet tank mounted high up on the wall, well above the bowl. The tank connects to the bowl via a long, exposed pipe. This style has a very vintage look, mimicking antique water closet designs. The elevated tank and prominent pipework add architectural flair. High-level toilets work excellently in heritage or period-style bathrooms, providing an aura of grandeur. However, the higher tank may be inconvenient for some users. Careful placement is needed to keep the tank easily accessible. For those desiring drama and old-world elegance, high-level toilets are a bold yet refined option.

Back-to-wall Toilets

Back-to-wall toilets have a toilet tank that is concealed within a wall cavity or vanity cabinet. This creates a smooth, streamlined look, hiding the tank from view. Only the toilet bowl is visible. Back-to-wall toilets have a very sleek, minimalist aesthetic that works well with modern or contemporary bathrooms. They help maintain clean sight lines. The hidden tank also facilitates easy cleaning around the toilet area. For those wanting a fuss-free, ultra-modern look, back-to-wall toilets are an ideal choice. Just be sure to allow proper tank access for repairs if needed.

Wall-hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets take minimalism even further. These toilets have no base or pedestal beneath; the bowl is fixed directly to the wall. The tank (if present) is fully concealed within the wall. This gives an ultra-streamlined, floating look. Wall-hung toilets are extremely easy to clean around, with no nooks or crannies. Their simple, fuss-free profiles work beautifully in modern, designer bathrooms. However, wall-hung toilets require reinforced walls to support their weight. Professional installation is also recommended. For those seeking a sleek, purist aesthetic, wall-mounted toilets are the ultimate choice.


Bidets provide the ultimate in bathroom hygiene and refreshing cleanliness. A bidet's angled spray allows for superior cleansing after using the toilet. Adding a bidet gives your bathroom a touch of European sophistication. Bidets come in both standalone and integrated models, with the latter installed right into the existing toilet. Standalone bidets have a refined elegance, while integrated ones maintain a streamlined look. Advanced bidets offer features like warm water, adjustable pressure, and self-cleaning capabilities. For health, hygiene, and indulgence, adding a bidet takes your bathroom to the next level.


Urinals offer convenience and space savings in bathrooms with high traffic. Designed for minimal splashing and easy cleaning, urinals excel in public or commercial settings. But modern residential urinals can also be very useful in busy family bathrooms. Sleek, low-profile designs fit unobtrusively into contemporary decor. Waterless urinals are also available for additional eco-friendly savings. For optimal hygiene, urinals should have removable trap inserts. Automated flushers and sensors add high-tech appeal. Ultimately, today's urinals combine practicality with panache.

Toilet Seats and WC Accessories

No toilet is complete without a well-made toilet seat and the right accessories. Toilet seats come in different shapes, materials, and colours to match any bowl. Durable plastic and treated wood seats resist wear and stains. Softer, padded seats provide extra comfort. Elongated bowls work better for most people. Consider adding a slow-close seat to prevent loud slams. Matching the seat finish to other bathroom metals and hardware ensures a cohesive look. Flush levers and decorative tank covers also allow you to customise your toilet's style. For convenience, choose a dual flush mechanism to conserve water. With so many options, it's easy to create a toilet that's both beautiful and functional, down to the smallest detail.

Quality That Speaks for Itself

When it comes to bathroom fittings, quality can't be compromised, and Arcade is a brand that understands this well. Each product in their toilet range is crafted from premium materials, ensuring that they stand the test of time. The focus isn't just on aesthetics; it's about offering a well-rounded package that scores high on usability, durability, and style.

Timeless Design Meets Modern Functionality

While the design elements hark back to traditional and timeless styles, don't think for a second that you're sacrificing modern functionalities. Features such as efficient flushing systems, easy-to-clean surfaces, and ergonomic designs make sure your experience is nothing short of excellent.

Arcade Bathroom Taps:

Arcade taps are designed to perfectly harmonise with the broader Arcade Bathrooms collection, but they are stand-out pieces in their own right. With their traditional aesthetic, these taps can instantly elevate any bathroom, giving it a vintage or period look that is always in style. Whether you're renovating a historic home or you're just a fan of timeless design, Arcade taps are the go-to choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Tailor-Made Choices in Finishes

When it comes to finishes, Arcade offers a meticulously curated range. Chrome and Nickel finishes are available, each with its own unique characteristics. Chrome provides a bright, mirrored finish that reflects light and is incredibly easy to clean. Nickel, on the other hand, offers a softer, warmer finish that brings an air of sophistication to your bathroom.

A Tap for Every Need

The collection comprises basin taps, bath taps, and bidet taps, ensuring a cohesive look across all the water fixtures in your bathroom. What’s more, you have multiple styles to choose from:

Single or Dual mixers

Single-lever mixers allow you to control both water flow and temperature with one handle. This provides ease of use and a streamlined, uncluttered look. Single-lever taps work well in contemporary or minimalist bathrooms. For those desiring more precise control, dual-lever mixers have separate hot and cold handles. This lets you fine-tune the water temperature and pressure. Dual levers give a more traditional feel. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a single lever or the precision of dual levers, Arcade has stylish mixer taps to match your needs.

Pillar Taps

For a truly period-perfect look, pillar taps are the way to go. Featuring separate hot and cold taps mounted on a shared "pillar," this style replicates old-fashioned washroom designs. The elegant silhouette of pillar taps adds refined style to heritage or neo-traditional bathrooms. Their two-handle operation allows for precision flow and temperature control. Pillar taps remain a timeless choice for those seeking to recreate a Victorian, Edwardian, or other historical aesthetic. Their graceful shapes and traditional charm never go out of style.

Three-Tap Hole Options

Arcade offers tapware designed for basins with three tap holes. This configuration allows for a wider spout and dual lever controls. The third tap hole provides pleasant visual symmetry. Three-hole taps work well on larger or double basins. The additional space also allows for a useful side tap, providing filtered water on demand. For those who prefer the balanced look and functionality of three tap holes, Arcade has attractive options that integrate beautifully. With their considered proportions, these taps optimise both form and function.

Arcade Deck-Mounted Bath Shower Mixer

The Arcade deck-mounted bath shower mixer provides the ultimate in bathing flexibility and timeless style. Installed right on the bath deck, this mixer allows easy switching between bath mode and shower mode using a convenient diverter. The graceful arched spout pours water into the tub, while the attached shower head provides invigorating rain-style coverage. The mixer's traditional design features smooth lines and subtly curved levers. Beautifully finished in chrome or antique metals, it complements heritage, neo-traditional, and transitional bathrooms. The deck-mounted configuration provides a clean look with no visible pipework. For those seeking flexibility, elegance, and vintage appeal, this bath shower mixer delivers.

Arcade Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer

For those who prefer a streamlined, minimalist look, Arcade's wall-mounted bath shower mixer is the perfect choice. Mounted discreetly on the wall above the tub, the mixer provides the same dual bath-shower functionality as the deck version. An easy diverter switches effortlessly between the bath filler and showerhead. When not in use, the showerhead docks neatly into a holder. The wall-mounted orientation maximises space on your tub's rim and simplifies cleaning. It allows for a sleek, clutter-free aesthetic. Finished in stunning chrome or black, this mixer suits contemporary, modern, and designer bathrooms. For a minimalist take on bath-shower versatility, the Arcade wall-mounted mixer hits the mark.

Arcade 3 Tap Hole Wall-Mounted Basin Mixer

For bathrooms desiring a touch of grandeur, Arcade's 3-tap-hole basin mixer beautifully fills the bill. Designed for use with larger basins or countertops, this gorgeous mixer features a widespread configuration with room for three faucets. This allows for an elegantly arched centre spout flanked by two decorative lever handles. The third tap hole provides space for an instant filtered water tap or other useful accessory. The shapely traditional silhouette brings a refined, ornamental feel. Finishes like chrome and brushed nickel complement classic bathroom styles. For those seeking to add a breath of old-world splendour, the Arcade 3-tap hole basin mixer commands attention. Its harmonious style and gracious curves create an aura of timeless sophistication.

Arcade’s range of bathroom taps offers something for everyone, from the homeowner looking to create a cohesive period-style bathroom to the individual seeking a single standout fixture. The choice of finishes, styles, and types of taps ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Arcade Baths:

Arcade’s collection boasts a varied selection, catering to different tastes, spaces, and functionalities:

Freestanding Baths

For making a statement, it's hard to surpass the visual impact of a freestanding bathtub. Arcade's freestanding baths provide a sculptural centrepiece perfect for spa-like bathrooms. Available in round, oval, rectangular, or even asymmetric organic shapes, they command attention with their striking silhouettes. Materials like acrylic, stone resin, and enamelled steel provide durability and lustrous good looks. Whirlpool and air massage options transform the bath into a therapeutic escape. Cutting-edge tech features like chromotherapy lighting take luxury to the next level. Place your freestanding tub on a decorative rug or tile platform for full dramatic effect. For showstopping style, there's nothing quite like a freestanding bath.

Standard Baths

Standard tubs from Arcade offer uncomplicated elegance and versatility. Available in alcove, corner, and drop-in variations, these built-in tubs provide classic bathroom relaxation. Clean lines and modest edges blend seamlessly into your decor. Durable acrylic and enamelled steel materials ensure lasting quality with minimal maintenance required. Standard tubs keep the focus on unwinding with a warm, soothing bath. For those seeking a stylish yet understated bathing experience, Arcade's standard tubs deliver exceptional comfort without going over the top.

Showering Baths

For the best of both worlds, Arcade's showering baths allow you to enjoy a relaxing soak or an invigorating shower. Models with integral showers feature a built-in overhead rainfall showerhead. This provides full-body immersion at the press of a button. Some showering tubs also include a handheld shower wand for directed rinsing. The addition of a bathtub shower brings convenience to family bathrooms. The adjustable showerhead simplifies bathing for kids or pets too. With options like whirlpool massage and air spa jets, showering tubs take functionality to the next level. Where a dual tub and shower solution is needed, these multi-tasking models get the job done in style.

Albany Range: The Epitome of Luxury

Arcade's Albany range represents the pinnacle of freestanding bathtub luxury. At the heart of the range are stunning natural stone baths that make an audacious design statement. Available in white Carrara or silver Travertine marble, the tubs have a sculptural quality with sloping interior walls and refined rectangular exteriors. The veining and fossil-style detailing of the natural stone gives each tub unmatched visual depth and character. Albany baths can be customised with different hydrotherapy options like air spas, whirlpool jet massagers, and even mood-enhancing chromotherapy lighting. The tubs' organic shapes and fine-crafted details provide an ultra-luxurious, spa-like soaking experience unmatched in pleasure and beauty.

Windsor Range: Double the Comfort

Featuring extra-long, double-ended designs, the Windsor range maximises bathing comfort and luxury. Available in spacious 150cm and 170cm lengths, Windsor's acrylic double tubs allow two people to stretch out and soak in tandem. The double-ended style also allows entry from either end for added flexibility. Windsor tubs can be customised with air massage, whirlpool jet systems, and other hydrotherapy features. Choose between contemporary thin-line rims or ornate rollover styles. Standard or luxury feet provide the perfect finishing foundation. For a decadently relaxing and social bathing experience, Windsor's dual-access double baths truly deliver.

Bateau Range: Classic Yet Contemporary

Combining classic boat hull-inspired lines with contemporary style, the Bateau range hits the sweet spot between traditional and modern. The range's double-ended tubs provide a symmetrical soaking room for two people. Luxurious details like textured slip-resistant floors elevate the experience. Bateau's double baths can be customised with options like whirlpool massage, chromotherapy lighting, and even sound system integration. The range offers a choice of standard or luxurious claw feet for the perfect finishing touch. Equally at home in heritage or contemporary bathrooms, the Bateau range merges timeless elegance with today's in-demand features.

Hampton Range: The All-Rounder

Offering diverse design options, Arcade's Hampton range is the consummate all-rounder bath collection. Choices include corner tubs, spacious showering baths, and elegantly simple freestanders. The range's right and left-handed baths with integral showers provide refreshing, drenching coverage. Sleek freestanding tubs make dramatic contemporary statements. Practical 1500mm and 1700mm corner baths maximise small or awkward bathroom spaces. And accessories like sturdy standard feet, ornate claw feet, or sleek chrome bath panels allow customization. Whether your priority is space savings, style, or multifunctionality, the Hampton range's diverse selection has the ideal bath solution.

Built to Last, Designed to Impress

What makes the Hampton range even more special is its core construction. Each bath in this range features a stone resin core, a reinforced acrylic layer, and a flawless white finish. This ensures that while you’re investing in an aesthetic masterpiece, you’re also getting a product that is durable and designed to withstand the test of time.

Easy Installation

We all know how cumbersome and complicated installing a bath can be. But fear not; the Hampton range, especially the freestanding variant, comes with design elements that make installation a breeze. One side of the bath is straight, designed specifically for easy corner installation, letting you save both time and energy during the fitting process.

Arcade Accessories:

Let’s break down the selection of classy, practical, and versatile accessories that Arcade offers to complement its premium baths and toilets.

Roll in the Style: Toilet Roll Holders

You might think a toilet roll holder is just a necessity, a utilitarian object you'd rather not think about. But with Arcade, even this everyday item gets a dash of elegance. The range offers various types of WC Roll Holders—all available with the necessary mounting hardware. These holders are not merely functional; they bring that seamless, luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Reflecting Class: Mirrors

Arcade offers both traditional and cosmetic mirrors that reflect the brand’s commitment to a traditional design aesthetic. Whether you're looking for a simple mirror that complements your vintage vibe or something more ornate, rest assured, you'll find it in this range.

Illuminate Your Space: Bathroom Lights

Lighting plays a crucial role in how your bathroom looks and feels. Arcade's light fixtures include the Burlington Frosted Cup Bathroom Light as well as the Edwardian Single-Elliptical and Round Wall Lights. These pieces aren't just practical; they're statement-making elements that elevate the overall ambience of your space.

Robe Hooks:

Need a place to hang that robe or towel? The Double Robe Hook and Triple Robe Hook have you covered. Available in multiple finishes, these are hooks that you won't want to hide behind the door.

Soap Baskets and Dispensers:

Arcade takes soap storage to the next level with its versatile range of soap baskets. Choose from deep corner, shallow corner, or traditional square deep soap baskets. And for those who prefer liquid soap, the Traditional Double Liquid Soap Dispenser and Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser make sure your soap is always within reach, without cluttering the sink.

Arcade's collection of bathroom accessories melds style, function, and durability, offering a cohesive look that aligns with its other bathroom products. Whether you're redecorating your entire bathroom or simply looking to add some classy finishing touches, this range has something for everyone. So go ahead, add those elegant hooks, opulent soap dispensers, and eye-catching mirrors, and transform your bathroom from a mere functional space to a luxurious retreat. Arcade makes it not just possible but irresistibly tempting.

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