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Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern

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Flush Plate
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  • Sigma 01 White Alpine (+ £33.92)
  • Sigma 01 Matt Chrome (+ £42.16)
  • Sigma 01 Gloss Chrome (+ £42.16)
  • Sigma 01 Jet Black (+ £45.77)
  • Sigma 20 White/Gloss Chrome/White (+ £47.92)
  • Sigma 10 White/Gloss Chrome/White (+ £49.49)
  • Sigma 10 White/Matt Chrome/Matt Chrome (+ £58.48)
  • Sigma 10 Black/Gloss Chrome/Black (+ £58.48)
  • Sigma 10 White/Gold Plated/White (+ £58.48)
  • Sigma 20 Black/Gloss Chrome/Black (+ £58.55)
  • Sigma 20 White/Matt Chrome/Matt Chrome (+ £58.55)
  • Sigma 20 White/Gold-plated/White (+ £58.55)
  • Sigma 01 Gloss Chrome/Matt Chrome (+ £66.97)
  • Sigma 10 Matt/Gloss/Matt Chrome (+ £67.48)
  • Sigma 10 Gloss/Matt/Gloss Chrome (+ £67.48)
  • Sigma 20 Matt/Gloss/Matt Chrome (+ £67.69)
  • Sigma 20 Gloss/Matt/Gloss Chrome (+ £67.69)
  • Sigma 10 Brushed/Polished/Brushed (+ £103.46)
  • Sigma 20 Brushed/Polished/Brushed (+ £129.10)
  • Sigma 50 Jet Black (+ £135.84)
  • Sigma 50 White Alpine (+ £135.84)
  • Sigma 50 Smoked Glass Reflective (+ £170.93)
  • Sigma 50 Green Glass (+ £170.93)
  • Sigma 50 Umber (+ £170.93)
  • Sigma 01 Special Brass (+ £175.42)
  • Sigma 70 White Glass (+ £244.19)
  • Sigma 70 Black Glass (+ £244.19)
  • Sigma 70 Umber Glass (+ £244.19)
  • Sigma 50 Brushed Stainless Steel (+ £260.89)
  • Sigma 70 Brushed Stainless Steel (+ £265.61)
  • Sigma 60 Brushed Chrome (+ £287.57)
Quantity: - + Total: £145.89 (inc. VAT)
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern
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Geberit Sigma 8cm Concealed Dual Flush Cistern (108cm Height)


  • With front access
  • Suitable for Sigma or Bolero flush plates
  • Installation depth of 80mm

Product Codes

  • 109.792.00.1 - Geberit Sigma Concealed Dual Flush Cistern 8cm, H108

  • 115.770.11.5 - Geberit Sigma 01 White Alpine Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.770.21.5 - Geberit Sigma 01 Gloss Chrome Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.770.46.5 - Geberit Sigma 01 Matt Chrome Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.770.KA.5 - Geberit Sigma 01 Gloss Chrome/Matt Chrome Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.770.DW.5 - Geberit Sigma 01 Jet Black Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.770.DT.5 - Geberit Sigma 01 Special Brass Plastic Dual Flush Plate

  • 115.758.KJ.5 - Geberit Sigma 10 White/Gloss Chrome/White Plastic Single Flush Plate
  • 115.758.KK.5 - Geberit Sigma 10 White/Gold Plated/White Plastic Single Flush Plate
  • 115.758.KL.5 - Geberit Sigma 10 White/Matt Chrome/Matt Chrome Single Flush Plate
  • 115.758.KM.5 - Geberit Sigma 10 Black/Gloss Chrome/Black Single Flush Plate
  • 115.758.KH.5 - Geberit Sigma 10 Gloss/Matt/Gloss Chrome Plastic Single Flush Plate
  • 115.758.KN.5 - Geberit Sigma 10 Matt/Gloss/Matt Chrome Plastic Single Flush Plate
  • 115.758.SN.5 - Geberit Sigma 10 Brushed/Polished/Brushed Stainless Steel Single Flush Plate

  • 115.778.KJ.5 - Geberit Sigma 20 White/Gloss Chrome/White Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.KK.5 - Geberit Sigma 20 White/Gold-plated/White Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.KL.5 - Geberit Sigma 20 White/Matt Chrome/Matt Chrome Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.KM.5 - Geberit Sigma 20 Black/Gloss Chrome/Black Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.KH.5 - Geberit Sigma 20 Gloss/Matt/Gloss Chrome Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.KN.5 - Geberit Sigma 20 Matt/Gloss/Matt Chrome Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.SN.5 - Geberit Sigma 20 Brushed/Polished/Brushed Stainless Steel Dual Flush Plate

  • 115.778.11.5 - Geberit Sigma 50 White Alpine Die-cast Zinc, Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.SE.5 - Geberit Sigma 50 Green Glass Satinised Die-cast Zinc, Glass Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.DW.5 - Geberit Sigma 50 Jet Black Die-cast Zinc, Plastic Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.SD.5 - Geberit Sigma 50 Smoked Glass Reflective Die-cast Zinc, Smoked Glass Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.SQ.5 - Geberit Sigma 50 Umber Die-cast Zinc, Glass Dual Flush Plate
  • 115.778.GH.5 - Geberit Sigma 50 Brushed Stainless Steel Die-cast Zinc, Brass Dual Flush Plate

  • 115.778.00.5 - Geberit Sigma 60 Brushed Chrome Die-cast Zinc Dual Flush Plate

  • 115.625.SI.5 - Geberit Sigma 70 White Glass Dual Hydraulic Servo Actuation Plate
  • 115.625.SJ.5 - Geberit Sigma 70 Black Glass Dual Hydraulic Servo Actuation Plate
  • 115.625.SQ.5 - Geberit Sigma 70 Umber Glass Dual Hydraulic Servo Actuation Plate
  • 115.625.FW.5 - Geberit Sigma 70 Brushed Stainless Steel Die-cast Zinc Dual Hydraulic Servo Actuation Plate

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