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Merlyn 10 Series Showerwall

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Merlyn 10 Series Showerwall
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Merlyn 10 Series Wetroom Panel

Step into luxury with the new range of 10 Series Wetrooms; a selection of luxurious wetroom panels, crafted with our signature 10mm Glass.


Each showerwall comes with a wall profile as standard – you can then tailor it with the addition of various options such as stabilising bars, end/swivel or cube panels and flush wall and floor profiles

  • Height: 2000mm
  • 10mm Toughened Glass
  • Mershield Stayclear easy clean protected glass
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Choice of additional options to tailor your wetroom to suit your space.
  • Suitable for recess or corner situation
  • Suitable for wetroom or tray application
  • Reversible



Size Product Code Glass Type Adjustment (Wetroom)
*300mm S10SW300 Clear 275 - 290mm
*400mm S10SW400 Clear 375 - 390mm
*500mm S10SW500 Clear 475 - 490mm
*600mm S10SW600 Clear 575 - 590mm
*700mm S10SW700 Clear 675 - 690mm
*800mm S10SW800 Clear 775 - 790mm
*900mm S10SW900 Clear 875 - 890mm
1000mm S10SW1000 Clear 975 - 990mm
1100mm S10SW1100 Clear 1075 - 1090mm
1200mm S10SW1200 Clear 1175 - 1190mm
1400mm S10SW1400 Clear 1375 - 1390mm

*We recommend that these sizes are the only sizes which can be used as a side panel or end panel.

Additional Options

Additional Option  Size Product Code
(A) Straight Stabilising Bar Max 1000mm SPOS8TRSET N
(B) Angled Stabilising Bar 350mm SPO8SCU12320
(C) T Bracket (Bracket to connect 2 Stabilising Bars) N/A SP0S8RTPSET
(D) Swivel Panel 300mm M8SWS30 N
(E) Cube Panel 300mm A0413C0 N
(F) Vertical Post Max 3000mm A0417C0 N
(G) Flush Wall Profile Max 2000mm SP02000FWP
(H) Flush Floor Profile Max 1400mm SP01400FFP
(I) U Channel Max 1400mm MGVC35

Lifetime Guarantee.

Merlyn offer a lifetime guarantee covering all manufacturing defects ensuring ultimate peace of mind.

Mershield Protection.

Mershield is a hydrophobic coating for glass and glass-like surfaces. The Mershield coating repels water, preventing the build up of limescale and soap deposits and so makes the shower glass easy to clean and less susceptible to scratching.

Safety Glass.

All Merlyn enclosures come with glass thicknesses up to 10mm which has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets high industry standards and criteria for endurance, stability and water retention.

CE Approved.

CE approval is a declaration that products comply with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. 

About Merlyn.

Merlyn don't just make shower enclosures, they design, engineer and craft the finest showering environments in the world. Their unrelenting attention to detail is matched only by their passion and understanding of good design and the importance of superb materials. Their enclosures are an experience, wether it is the effortless glide of the doors, the calibre and weight of the fixings or simply the beautiful clean lines of their design aesthetic, their passion is all directed towards giving the customer one thing, the ultimate showering experience. 

After Sales and Customer Service.

Established in 1999, the Merlyn brand has a policy of continued improvement in design, development  and customer service. Merlyn Showering is a member of the highly regarded Bathroom Manufacturers Association and as such is fully compliant with industry standards. 

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