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RAK Ceramics is renowned for its high-quality bathroom fittings, offering a wide range of products that can transform any bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Their showering range is particularly notable for its diversity, sophistication, and innovation, catering to various styles and preferences.

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RAK Exposed Showers

RAK Ceramics presents a line of exposed showers that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. These showers are designed to be a focal point in any bathroom, combining elegant design with practical features. The RAK Petit Wall-Mounted Exposed Thermostatic Bar Valve showcases the brand's dedication to merging aesthetic appeal with functionality. These valves are available in various finishes, including brushed nickel, matt black, and brushed gold, each designed to be a striking addition to any bathroom space.

The key features across these models include easy wall-mounted installation, enhanced safety through thermostatic control to prevent sudden temperature changes, and an integrated control mechanism for both hot and cold water. This ensures a consistent and comfortable showering experience. The materials used in construction are of high quality, offering a long service life and corrosion resistance, making these valves a practical choice for any bathroom.

The brushed nickel finish of the RAK Wall-Mounted Exposed Thermostatic Bar Valve is noted for its sleek design and absolute control, providing a blend of luxury and functionality. It is easy to install, comes with a 15-year guarantee, supports both high (6.0 bar) and low (1.0 bar) pressure systems, and is made from durable brass.

Similarly, the matt black version offers a unique, industrial aesthetic appeal with its striking finish, along with the convenience of easy installation and the same reliable thermostatic technology to maintain steady temperatures.

For those seeking a touch of luxury, the brushed gold finish available in the RAK Amalfi Wall Mounted Exposed Thermostatic Bar Valve adds timeless elegance to bathroom decor. It features two knob handles, adjustable inlet centres for flexible installation, and is part of the renowned RAK Amalfi range, known for its quality and durability.

Each model is designed with the user in mind, ensuring not only an aesthetically pleasing look but also providing a safe and enjoyable showering experience. These valves are suitable for a wide range of bathroom sizes and styles, from compact apartments to spacious homes and luxurious hotel suites, elevating the overall aesthetic and functional quality of the bathroom space.

RAK Shower Heads:

The shower heads from RAK Ceramics, such as the RAK Round Fixed Shower Head, are crafted from premium materials, showcasing the brand's ability to merge effective performance with attractive design. One of the standout features of these shower heads is their construction from high-quality brass material, which guarantees durability and longevity. The matt black and brushed gold finishes not only add a contemporary touch to any bathroom but also resist water spots and fingerprints, making them easy to clean and maintain. The design is tailored for easy installation with standard plumbing connections, highlighting the brand's commitment to user-friendly products.

Furthermore, RAK shower heads are designed to be installed with either wall- or ceiling-mounted shower arms, giving flexibility in bathroom design and layout. The emphasis on a large diameter ensures a fuller, more immersive shower experience, akin to a luxurious spa or a hotel-like bathroom setting. Additionally, the shower heads come with a 15-year guarantee from the manufacturer, underscoring the confidence in the product's quality and performance.

The inclusion of features like air induction technology in certain models further amplifies the showering experience by introducing air into the water stream, creating a richer and more invigorating flow. This technology not only elevates the sensory experience of the shower but also contributes to water efficiency by ensuring a full-bodied spray without the need for increased water consumption.

These RAK shower heads represent a blend of aesthetic appeal, technological advancement, and practical functionality. Whether opting for the sleek sophistication of matt black or the refined elegance of brushed gold, users can expect a shower experience that feels both indulgent and invigorating. The commitment to quality materials, coupled with modern design and innovative features, makes RAK Ceramics a prominent choice for those looking to enhance their bathroom with fixtures that combine style with substance.

RAK Slide Rail Kits:

The RAK Ceramics slide rail kits, particularly those from their Resort range, are a testament to the brand's commitment to modern design and quality. These kits are designed with a contemporary aesthetic in mind, and their construction from solid brass, finished in chrome, ensures durability and a sleek look. A significant aspect of these kits is their versatility in finishes and styles. They come in options that allow for a harmonious integration into various bathroom designs, whether aiming for a rounded or square shape, thus accommodating different personal preferences and design needs.

One standout feature of the RAK slide rail kits is their adaptability. You can choose between chrome or black finishes, each adding a distinct character to the bathroom. Furthermore, the kits offer different showering options, including single-mode, three-mode, or three-mode wall outlet variations. This flexibility allows users to tailor their shower experience to their specific desires. The inclusion of water-saving technology in these kits highlights RAK Ceramics' commitment to eco-friendly solutions, making them a responsible choice for modern bathrooms. The durability and quality of these kits are underscored by the 15-year guarantee offered by RAK Ceramics, reflecting the brand's confidence in their product's longevity and performance.

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