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Bette 900 x 900mm Square Shower Tray

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  • Bette Waste for 15cm Tray (+ £36.48)
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  • Bette Waste for 6.5cm Tray (+ £117.12)
  • Bette Waste for 2.5cm Tray (+ £117.12)
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  • Anti-Slip (+ £95.00)
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Bette 900 x 900mm Square Shower Tray
Bette 900 x 900mm Square Shower Tray
Bette 900 x 900mm Square Shower Tray
Bette 900 x 900mm Square Shower Tray
Bette 900 x 900mm Square Shower Tray
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Bette Steel Enamel 90 x 90cm Square Shower Tray

The Bette square shower trays come in a wide variety of depths. This particular model is available in 25mm, 65mm, 150mm and 280mm depths.

Product Codes

  • 5930-000 - Bette 90 x 90 x 2.5cm Shower Tray
  • 5920-000 - Bette 90 x 90 x 6.5cm Shower Tray
  • 5900-000 - Bette 90 x 90 x 15cm Shower Tray
  • 5910-000 - Bette 90 x 90 x 28cm Shower Tray

Bette Shower Tray Depths

Please note: All tray depths are not always available to order in every tray size.

Bette Shower Tray Waste

  • Bette Waste For 2.5 and 6.5cm Shower Trays (Product Code B571-901)
  • Bette Waste For 15cm Shower Tray (Product Code B577-901)
  • Bette Pop-up Waste for 28cm Shower (Product Code B600-901) 

Bette Anti-Slip Finish

Bette Anti-Slip provides even more safety and security when standing in the shower. A quartz/sand mix is fired into the enamel suface to offer more grip underfoot. 

Bette Glaze Plus Finish

Bette Glaze Plus is an additional finish applied to the surface of the tray. The water-repellent action of the crystal-clear polymer film makes it even easier for the beads of water to drip off. That means there are less deposits of dirt and less effort is required for cleaning. 

Bette Shower Tray Technical Specification

Please click on any of the links below to view the technical specification on the depth of shower tray you are looking for. 

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