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Bette Shower Trays

The unassuming shower tray is the foundation of your shower area, the platform that can set the tone for the rest of your bathroom. When chosen thoughtfully, it not only serves its functional purpose but also enhances aesthetics and comfort. If you're in search of a shower tray that seamlessly combines durability, design, and innovation, Bette shower trays are your go-to option.

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Bette shower trays are manufactured using robust titanium steel coated with BetteGlasur®, a unique glazing material that makes them remarkably resistant to mechanical damage and scratches. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill steel; it's titanium steel, revered for its exceptional strength and long-lasting qualities. The additional BetteGlasur® coating acts as a further protective layer, increasing not just the longevity but also the visual appeal of the trays.

Bette Air:

The traditional shower tray, once a cumbersome addition to your bathroom, has undergone a monumental transformation, emerging sleeker, flatter, and seamlessly integrated into modern bathroom design. The harbinger of this revolutionary change? BetteAir, the world’s first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel, is from German manufacturer Bette. This fascinating innovation signifies not just an advancement in bathroom technology but a seismic shift in how we perceive and use shower areas.

Flat, flatter, and now, BetteAir—the evolution is complete. What makes BetteAir so groundbreaking is its seamless integration into the bathroom floor. With a height of just ten millimetres, it perfectly complements the thickness of large-format tiles. Indeed, it is so subtle that you’d be forgiven for thinking it's just another floor tile. This meticulous design has ushered in a new era in bathroom architecture, transitioning the shower tray into an almost invisible, but integral, part of the bathroom floor.

Unparalleled Design

Bette’s focus on pure design and revolutionary installation technology has compelled the company to refer to BetteAir not as a mere shower tray but as a 'shower tile.' Contributing to its sophisticated appearance are its precisely engineered corners, which have a radius of only five millimetres. This allows BetteAir to align flawlessly with the tile grid of your bathroom floor, creating an impeccably tailored look. Designer Dominik Tesseraux eloquently encapsulates the essence of BetteAir: "It has all the advantages of a tile without its disadvantages. The shower floor is immaculately beautiful, free of joints, and thus absolutely hygienic and easy to clean."

A Journey Through Time

If we were to take a trip back to the 1970s, we’d encounter shower trays that stood as high as 30 centimetres. Over the decades, technological advancements led to slimmer profiles, culminating in 2006 with Bette's BetteFloor, created from the same durable glazed titanium steel, offering a jointless, floor-level showering experience. BetteAir takes this progress to a whole new level. Its minimum installation height is an astonishing 97 millimetres, and Bette has even redesigned the waste system, magnifying it to 200 millimetres. The result? A concealed drainage system that manages to be both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional.

Revolutionary Installation

BetteAir isn't just remarkable for its aesthetics; it's the installation process that really sets it apart. The shower tile can be glued directly to the screed, just like a conventional tile. Bette has built upon its established Minimum Support and Installation Box technology to facilitate this process. The product arrives largely pre-assembled, offering a ‘plug-and-play’ installation experience. This considerably simplifies the task for bathroom fitters and tilers, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Customisation at Its Best

With eight sizes ranging from 900 x 900mm to 1400 x 1000mm, BetteAir accommodates diverse showering needs. The shower tile is available in 31 colours, providing an array of options for either seamless integration or stark contrast within your bathroom decor. For those concerned with safety, Bette offers optional anti-slip surfaces with Bette Anti-Slip Pro or the new Bette Anti-Slip Sense for gloss colours.

Whisper-Quiet Experience

Lastly, but by no means least, BetteAir comes with basic sound insulation as standard. When professionally installed, the sound level is a mere 19 dB(A), surpassing the VDI 4100 level 3 sound insulation requirements. This makes it ideal for flats or any environment where sound minimisation is essential.


When it comes to crafting a bathroom that serves as both a functional space and an oasis of luxury, the choice of shower area becomes pivotal. The ideal shower space must meet the demanding criteria of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and safety. Enter BetteFlat, a shower tray revolutionising the bathing experience. Made of glazed titanium steel and compliant with DIN 18040-2 standards, it checks all the boxes for commercial and private construction projects.

Elevating Accessibility Standards

DIN 18040-2 isn't just a number; it's a standard that assures barrier-free use of bathrooms. This is particularly significant for individuals with mobility challenges or those who plan for an accessible living space as they age. If the house plan falls under a regional building code (LBO) or has been directed as a technical building regulation, adherence to this standard becomes binding.

The BetteFlat shower tray is not merely compliant; it exceeds the standard. It has received certification from DIN CERTCO, ensuring that it meets all the requisite specifications for an accessible shower area. The BetteFlat shower trays need to be at least 120 x 120 cm in size and should be flush to the floor to allow easy entrance, even with a rollator.

Maximising Space in Compact Bathrooms

The BetteFlat is an ingenuous solution for small bathrooms where space is at a premium. Remarkably, up to 50 percent of its surface can be used to make room for other bathroom essentials like basins. Even when the floor plan is as compact as four square metres, this shower area ensures that your bathroom retains a high aesthetic quality without compromising functionality. The gradient of less than two percent means that half of its total area can be counted as a movement space, adding further versatility to its design.

Uncompromising Safety Across Generations

Safety is a non-negotiable aspect of bathroom design. Slip-resistant flooring is a necessity, and BetteFlat offers just that, meeting the DIN 18040-2 requirement with its Anti-slip Pro surface. Florian Lenzmeier, the product manager at Bette, sagely notes, "There's never too much safety in the bathroom." Every year, a staggering number of people experience bathroom-related accidents, especially among seniors and children. BetteFlat addresses this concern head-on, offering a shower space where one can enjoy a carefree shower experience.

What sets the BetteFlat apart is that its integrated slip resistance negates the need for additional anti-slip mats or pads, which are not only cumbersome but also breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria.

An Aesthetic That Ensures Safety

A beautiful bathroom is indeed delightful, but what if aesthetics could also enhance safety? BetteFlat comes in a range of exclusive colours, from pristine white to more adventurous hues like Pergamon, Manhattan, Bahamas, Edelweiss, Jasmine, and matte black. The variety in colours serves a dual purpose: aesthetic appeal and increased safety for individuals with low vision. The contrasting colours assist in orientation, even in poorly lit conditions.

Longevity and Ease of Maintenance

The glazed titanium steel used in BetteFlat is impact, scratch, and chemical-resistant, showcasing an incredible blend of robustness and sophistication. Bette is so confident in its product's longevity that it offers a 30-year guarantee. In addition, it simplifies the maintenance process. The hygienic and non-porous surface makes it difficult for dirt and bacteria to adhere.

With the BetteInstallation System Universal, the shower area is sealed to DIN 18534 standards and can be inspected at any time. If that wasn't enough, it comes standard with a basic sound insulation set, making your shower experience peaceful and serene. Additional sound insulation can also be added as per DIN 4109 if needed.

In a nutshell, the BetteFlat shower tray encapsulates what modern, safe, and accessible bathroom design should be. It is a harmonious blend of functionality, safety, and aesthetics, all wrapped up in a robust material backed by a 30-year guarantee. If you are planning a bathroom renovation or constructing from scratch, giving BetteFlat due consideration could indeed be a decision that stands the test of time, both in durability and design.


When it comes to crafting a luxurious yet functional bathroom, the choice of fixtures can make or break the entire design. One product that truly stands out for merging utility with aesthetic excellence is the BetteFloor shower tray. Often overshadowed by the flamboyance of rain showerheads or the sheer extravagance of whirlpool tubs, shower trays seldom receive the attention they deserve. However, BetteFloor ensures that these underrated bathroom essentials are elevated to a new level of significance. Here, we explore the unique features that make BetteFloor shower trays not just a necessity but an exceptional addition to any contemporary bathroom.

Understated Elegance in Design

The first thing you notice about a BetteFloor shower tray is its captivating yet understated design. Contrary to products that strive to be the centrepiece, BetteFloor gracefully complements your existing bathroom architecture without overwhelming it. Its clean lines and pore-free finish seamlessly integrate with the floor, offering a harmonious blend that speaks to meticulous craftsmanship. The design exudes an elegance that's both timeless and unobtrusive, providing the ideal backdrop for other standout features in your bathroom.

Customisation Galore

BetteFloor isn't a one-size-fits-all product. Recognising that bathrooms come in diverse dimensions and styles, the range offers a plethora of sizes and designs. Whether you're dealing with a cosy, space-restricted bathroom or a grand, spa-like retreat, there's a BetteFloor shower tray designed to fit your needs. Sizes range from small, standard dimensions to generously spacious trays that allow you to shower alone or share the experience with a friend.

Furthermore, BetteFloor doesn’t limit you to a monotonous palette. The collection is available in an extensive array of standard bathroom colours as well as 22 exclusive matt hues. The colour variety ensures that you can find the perfect match for your design ethos, be it minimalist chic or modern flamboyance.

Safety and Functionality

While aesthetics are vital, a bathroom fixture must first and foremost be functional and safe. BetteFloor excels in these aspects through its Bette Anti-Slip Sense technology. This feature enhances the safety quotient, especially in wet areas like a bathroom. A bathroom should be a sanctuary, and the peace of mind provided by such a safety feature cannot be overstated.

The Practicality of Installation

Perhaps one of the most overlooked yet essential features of any bathroom fixture is the ease of installation. BetteFloor comes equipped with an adjustable foot system that has a range of 80–200 mm. This flexibility facilitates not just an easy but also a secure installation, vital for a fixture that will be subjected to daily wear and tear.

Material Excellence

Durability is another attribute where BetteFloor stands out. Manufactured from robust steel enamel, these trays are built to withstand the test of time. The steel enamel not only offers a superior, long-lasting quality but also contributes to the pore-free finish, augmenting the product’s aesthetic and hygienic quotient.

Easy Maintenance with BetteGlaze Plus

Cleaning and maintenance often serve as deterrents when considering bathroom fixtures. BetteFloor combats this through its optional BetteGlaze Plus surface. Designed for simplified maintenance, this coating makes cleaning a breeze. Your shower tray will continue to look as pristine as the day it was installed with minimal upkeep, allowing you more time to enjoy your bathroom rather than labouring over its cleanliness.

In summary, BetteFloor shower trays bring together a remarkable blend of style, functionality, and durability. Its understated design makes it a versatile addition to any architectural theme, while the choice of sizes and colours allows for a high degree of customisation. The use of robust materials guarantees longevity, and their safety features ensure that your showering experience remains pleasurable. Add to this the benefits of easy installation and maintenance, and you have a product that genuinely understands the nuances of modern living. With BetteFloor, your bathroom isn’t just another room; it's a statement of your lifestyle.

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