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Ideal Standard Bathroom Accessories

When it comes to designing a bathroom that serves as a personal oasis of comfort and utility, attention to detail is crucial. Often, it is the bathroom accessories that make the most significant difference, bridging the gap between functionality and style. In this regard, Ideal Standard, a name synonymous with quality and elegance, offers a variety of bathroom accessories that are not just visually appealing but also highly functional. Read more to delve deeper into what makes Ideal Standard's bathroom accessories the go-to choice for anyone seeking to optimise their bathroom experience.

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The first thing that strikes you about Ideal Standard bathroom accessories is their seamless blend of functionality and design. Whether it's a towel rail, a soap dispenser, or a shower basket, each accessory is engineered to serve its intended purpose effectively without compromising on style. For example, their towel rails and rings are sturdy and spacious, ensuring you have ample room for hanging and drying your towels. Similarly, their soap dishes and dispensers are not just stylish but also easy to clean and maintain, highlighting the brand's commitment to practicality.

The Concept Range by Ideal Standard: A Masterstroke in Inclusive Design

In today’s world, the concept of ‘inclusivity’ is more critical than ever, and the bathroom is no exception. It should be a space accessible to everyone, regardless of age or mobility. This is where the Concept Range by Ideal Standard truly shines. Developed with the philosophy of creating an inclusive environment, the range offers a suite of accessories designed to make bathrooms accessible for all. Let's delve deeper into what makes the Concept Range not just a set of bathroom fixtures but a game-changer in how we think about bathroom design.

Concept Freedom Accessories: For a Truly Inclusive Bathroom Experience

Ideal Standard’s Concept Freedom Accessories form a crucial subset of the broader Concept Range, specifically engineered to aid those with limited mobility. The goal here isn’t just to add a few functional elements but to fully integrate accessibility into the fabric of bathroom design. It’s about freedom – the freedom to move, the freedom to be independent, and the freedom to enjoy a safe, comfortable experience in the bathroom.

Grab Rails and Hinged Support Rails: Safety in Elegance

Grab rails and hinged support rails are perhaps the most visible elements in any accessible bathroom, but in the Concept Range, they are far from clinical or industrial. Finished to complement other bathroom fixtures, these rails provide robust support without looking out of place. The hinged support rails can be folded up when not in use, thereby providing versatility in a shared space.

Concept Towel Ring: A Nod to Contemporary Elegance

While the Concept Freedom Accessories focus on inclusivity, the range doesn't neglect style and aesthetic appeal. The Chrome towel ring, for example, is a testament to Ideal Standard’s commitment to creating products that are both functional and beautiful. Its sleek design complements modern interiors and provides a practical solution for towel storage.

Interoperability: Mix and Match to Fit Your Needs

Another noteworthy feature of the Concept Range is its flexibility. All the accessories in this range are designed to fit into the broader Ideal Standard ecosystem. This means that whether you are redesigning your entire bathroom or just making a few select upgrades, the Concept Range accessories will effortlessly fit in.

Longevity and Maintenance

When it comes to bathroom accessories, particularly those meant to aid mobility, durability is paramount. The Concept Range delivers robust, long-lasting accessories that are also easy to clean and maintain, thereby ensuring that they remain in top condition for an extended period.

Ideal Standard IOM Range

The Ideal Standard IOM Range has been designed with an eye towards both practicality and modern aesthetics, offering a variety of accessories that suit different needs and styles. Known for its chrome finishes and streamlined designs, the IOM Range is broken down into three distinct lines: the Regular IOM Range, the IOM Square Range, and the IOM Silk Black Range. Each offers a unique set of features, ensuring that there’s something for every bathroom.

The regular IOM range is what you might call the backbone of the IOM series. Finished in luxurious chrome, these accessories aim to solve everyday bathroom storage and usage issues. From shower baskets to bath towel racks and shaver mirrors, these accessories ensure you have a place for everything and everything in its place. The chrome finish adds a touch of elegance, making these accessories suitable for virtually any bathroom setting, be it contemporary or classic.

IOM Square Range: A Contemporary Twist

If you’re someone who prefers sharper, cleaner lines in your bathroom decor, the IOM Square Range is designed just for you. Keeping up with the growing trend of minimalist, angular designs, this range offers a fresh take on traditional bathroom accessories. Like the Regular IOM Range, the Square Range also provides a plethora of options like towel racks, shower baskets, and mirrors, but with a geometric twist. The squared-off edges and chrome finish make a bold statement, blending seamlessly with modern, cutting-edge interior design.

IOM Silk Black Range: The Ultimate in Modern Sophistication

For those who wish to make an even bolder statement, the IOM Silk Black Range offers a dramatic alternative. Finished in an exquisite silk black, these accessories add a touch of opulence and luxury to any bathroom setting. The stark contrast between the silk black finish and the usual whites and chromes of a bathroom creates an eye-catching focal point. Whether it’s a towel rack, a soap dish, or a toilet roll holder, the Silk Black Range ensures that each accessory is not just functional but also a conversation starter. This range is perfect for those who want their bathroom to reflect a sense of bold individuality and modern sophistication.

One of the strongest selling points of Ideal Standard is the sheer variety of products it offers. From basin units and cabinets to bath handles and waste bins, the list is exhaustive. Other accessories include shelves, mirrors, lighting options, towel rails, rings, hooks, toothbrush and tumbler holders, soap dispensers, dishes, toilet roll holders, brush and tissue holders, worktops, and counters, among many others.

Notably, each accessory is designed to serve a specific functional need while fitting into the overall design language of your bathroom. This ensures that regardless of your individual needs or design preferences, there's an Ideal Standard accessory that’s perfect for you.

In a world where living spaces are shrinking and the need for smart storage solutions is ever-increasing, Ideal Standard's bathroom accessories stand out as paragons of functional design. They offer a perfect blend of utility and aesthetics, catering to a wide range of needs and tastes. Whether you're designing a bathroom that's a hub of practicality or an aesthetic showpiece, Ideal Standard has you covered. With their Concept and IOM ranges, the brand has gone a step further in inclusivity and modern design, providing options that are as considerate as they are contemporary.

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