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RAK-Bathroom Furniture

RAK Ceramics is renowned for its innovative and luxurious bathroom furniture, capturing the essence of sophistication and functionality in every piece. Read more to delve into three of their distinguished ranges: RAK-Joy, RAK-Resort, and RAK-Washington. Each collection offers unique features and designs that cater to diverse tastes and requirements, ensuring your bathroom is not just a functional space but a haven of comfort and style.

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RAK-Joy Bathroom Furniture:

RAK-Joy stands out for its contemporary designs that blend seamlessly with modern bathroom interiors. This range is characterised by its sleek lines, minimalist aesthetic, and practical solutions for everyday needs. The furniture comes in various finishes, including matt and gloss, allowing for personalisation to match your bathroom's theme. One of the key features of RAK-Joy is its innovative storage solutions. The units are designed to maximise space efficiency, featuring drawers and cabinets that provide ample storage while maintaining a clutter-free look.

The range is praised for its innovative approach to bathroom storage, offering open storage solutions that are flexible, modular, and available in a dark grey finish. These can be easily integrated with the vanity units, ensuring a cohesive look across various finishes and enhancing space efficiency. The collection's variety extends to furniture depths and colours, providing options such as grey, oak, and white finishes, along with a choice between one or two doors and multiple drawers, catering to different storage requirements.

One of the standout materials in the RAK-Joy range is LAMILAK, a gloss material known for its brilliant shine and smooth surface, offering a sleek and contemporary look. Another innovative material, TECHWOOD, gives a realistic wood effect, adding warmth and texture to the bathroom. Both materials are environmentally friendly, made from recyclable PET and polypropylene, respectively. This commitment to sustainability is further underscored by the use of particleboard and MDF from responsible sources, ensuring the furniture not only looks good but also respects the planet.

The collection meets high standards of durability and performance, with furniture components that have passed rigorous water ingress tests and are fitted with lifetime-guaranteed hinges and drawer runners. For those looking to add a touch of luxury, there is the option to upgrade with ambient USB rechargeable lighting and dimming mirrors, enhancing both the functionality and elegance of the bathroom space.

RAK-Joy's extensive range of vanity units, available in sizes such as 400mm and 600mm wide, with different finishes like pure white, Scandinavian oak, urban grey, and grey elm, ensures that there is something to suit every style and size of bathroom. The wall-hung design of these units, along with the tall storage options, exemplifies the range's commitment to maximising space and maintaining a modern, clutter-free aesthetic.

RAK Resort Bathroom Furniture:

Transitioning to the RAK-Resort range further accentuates the blend of comfort and luxury, elevating the bathroom experience with its sophisticated design and advanced technological features. The RAK-Resort collection is lauded for its elegant and compact design, which uses space efficiently to create a luxuriously spacious feel in the bathroom. Available in formats like close-coupled, back-to-wall, or wall-hung, all in an alpine white colour, RAK-Resort is designed to meet the highest standards of aesthetics and practicality.

The variety within the RAK Resort range is impressive, with options that cater to different tastes and requirements. For example, the wash basins and full pedestals come in sizes from 500mm to 650mm wide, featuring a modern single tap hole design. The RAK-Resort also offers corner basins and pedestals for those looking to maximise space in smaller bathrooms. Bidets in the collection are available in both back-to-wall and wall-hung configurations, ensuring consistency in design across different bathroom fixtures.

The toilets in the RAK-Resort range are equipped with rimless technology, enhancing hygiene and ease of cleaning. This feature, coupled with soft-close seat technology, not only adds a touch of luxury but also contributes to the durability and quiet operation of the bathroom suite. The range offers various models, including rimless back-to-wall toilets with slim sandwich soft close seats and wall-hung toilets with hidden fixations, providing options for comfort height and compact designs.

Adding to the luxurious feel, the RAK-Resort bathroom furniture is available in five stylish matt pastel finishes, offering a contemporary addition to any bathroom. These units are manufactured from solid wood, ensuring durability while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

In comparison to RAK-Joy, RAK-Resort leans more towards the opulent end of the spectrum, focusing on advanced technological features and luxurious finishes to create a serene and indulgent bathroom environment. While both collections offer exemplary design and functionality, RAK-Resort is distinctively designed for those who desire an extra layer of luxury and comfort in their bathroom furnishings.

RAK Washington Bathroom Furniture:

The RAK-Washington collection brings a classic elegance to modern bathrooms, combining traditional design with contemporary functionality. This range is perfect for those who admire the beauty and grace of vintage bathroom designs but require the efficiency and convenience of modern fixtures.

RAK-Washington suite includes a variety of bathroom pieces that cater to a wide array of preferences and needs. The collection is known for its wide dimensions that allow for efficient cleansing and smooth discharge. It is available in a close-coupled format with a choice of seven colours, providing flexibility in design and style to fit any bathroom decor.

One of the standout features of the RAK-Washington range is the inclusion of both high-level WCs with chains and low-level WCs with front lever handles, offering a nod to the past while incorporating modern manufacturing techniques. This blend of old and new ensures that the collection can offer the aesthetic appeal of timeless design without sacrificing the performance expected from contemporary bathroom fixtures.

Furthermore, the RAK-Washington collection includes luxurious vanity units available in various sizes and finishes, including sophisticated floor-standing models that offer ample storage while serving as focal points in the bathroom. These units are complemented by stunning basins and space-saving wall-hung WCs that incorporate the latest rimless technology, combining traditional style with modern bathroom innovations.

In comparison to other RAK collections like RAK-Resort, which focuses on modern luxury and technological advancements, RAK-Washington appeals to those with a penchant for classic and timeless aesthetics. Despite their different design philosophies, both collections uphold the highest standards of quality and functionality, ensuring that users can enjoy a blend of beauty and practicality in their bathroom spaces.

For those interested in integrating the elegance of bygone eras with the performance and convenience of modern technology, the RAK-Washington range is an unparalleled choice. Its ability to beautify any bathroom with its sophisticated and elegant designs, alongside practical features like rimless technology and soft-close seats, makes it a standout collection for traditional bathroom renovations.


RAK Ceramics' RAK-Joy, RAK-Resort, and RAK-Washington ranges each offer unique perspectives on bathroom design, catering to a wide array of preferences and needs. RAK-Joy is the go-to for those who desire modern elegance and efficient storage solutions. RAK-Resort, on the other hand, is perfect for individuals looking for a blend of luxury, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. Finally, RAK-Washington appeals to lovers of classic design, offering pieces that bring historical elegance into the modern bathroom.

Choosing the right range depends on your personal style, the functionality you seek, and the atmosphere you wish to create in your bathroom. Regardless of your choice, RAK Ceramics guarantees quality, durability, and design excellence, ensuring that your bathroom is not just a space for daily routines but a sanctuary of comfort and style.

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