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Toilet Roll Holders

When it comes to kitting out your bathroom, even the smallest details can make a big difference. A toilet roll holder, for example, may seem like a simple accessory, but its impact on both functionality and bathroom aesthetics is undeniable. With a plethora of options available, from sleek modern designs to classic traditional styles, it's important to select a holder that not only matches your bathroom's theme but enhances its overall appeal.

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Silverdale Toilet Roll Holder

Silverdale Toilet Roll Holder

Was £115.86Now £88.60 inc VAT
Inda Touch Toilet Roll Holder

Inda Touch Toilet Roll Holder

Was £110.88Now £89.70 inc VAT
St James Toilet Roll Caddy

St James Toilet Roll Caddy

Was £124.00Now £119.51 inc VAT
Inda Avenue Toilet Roll Holder

Inda Avenue Toilet Roll Holder

Was £135.83Now £125.43 inc VAT

Vado’s Individual Range: A Synthesis of Style and Utility

The Vado Individual Knurled Accents Toilet Roll Holders stand out due to their distinctive textured surface that enhances grip and adds a unique visual element to a bathroom's design. Vado is renowned for its innovative designs and quality craftsmanship in bathroom accessories.

Design and Features: These holders are often wall-mounted and come in various finishes, including brushed nickel and chrome, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing look. The knurled detail not only adds to the tactile experience but also elevates the fixture’s elegance, making it a focal point in any contemporary bathroom setup.

Colours and Materials: Vado offers these in several colour options, such as striking brushed black and classic chrome, ensuring that there is a match for any bathroom colour scheme. Made predominantly from high-quality brass, these holders are built to last, blending functionality with luxury.

Colour Dynamics in Modern Holders

When it comes to personalising your bathroom, the choice of colour in accessories like toilet roll holders can subtly enhance or dramatically shift the ambiance of the space. Vado's Individual range, particularly known for its colour versatility, provides an excellent palette to match any bathroom design.

Choosing the Right Shade: The brushed nickel finish offers a muted, sophisticated look that complements high-end, modern bathrooms with elements like marble or polished tiles. On the other hand, the brushed black option adds depth and contrast, making it ideal for making bold statements or as a complement to lighter-coloured walls and fixtures. For those with a penchant for clean, futuristic looks, the chrome finish provides a mirror-like sheen that reflects light and adds brightness to the space.

Impact of Colour in Design: Integrating the right colours in bathroom fixtures can create harmony or focal points. For example, a black knurled holder against a white or pastel wall draws the eye, turning a mundane object into a piece of interest, while chrome or nickel can unify a space that leverages metallic accents in taps, shower heads, and even lighting fixtures.

The Allure of Texture: Knurled Accents

Texture is not just about the tactile experience—it also plays a crucial role in the visual styling of bathroom interiors. The knurled accents on Vado’s individual range of toilet roll holders offer a distinctive aesthetic that can elevate the overall decor.

Understanding Knurled Accents: Knurling involves creating a patterned texture on the surface of metal, which not only enhances grip but also adds an element of industrial chic to the bathroom’s design. This feature is particularly appealing in modern and contemporary settings, where design details are celebrated as part of the overall aesthetic.

Practical Benefits: Beyond their visual appeal, knurled accents offer practical benefits. They make the holder easier to grip and use, particularly in moist bathroom environments where smooth surfaces can be slippery. This is an excellent feature for homes with elderly residents or children, where ease of use is as important as style.

Styling with Knurled Accents: These toilet roll holders can serve as a starting point for incorporating similar textures throughout the bathroom. Matching the knurled detail on other fixtures, such as taps and towel bars, can create a cohesive look that ties the room together. Alternatively, they can stand alone as a statement piece against more subdued bathroom fittings.

Burlington and St. James Toilet Roll Holders

Burlington and St. James are renowned for their dedication to classic and traditional designs that bring a timeless elegance to any bathroom. These brands are perfect for those who appreciate the refined aesthetic of past eras blended with the functionality of modern design.

Burlington's Traditional Elegance:

Burlington's traditional toilet roll holders are a prime example of classic design with a functional twist. Crafted from high-quality brass and available in a polished chrome finish, these accessories are designed to provide both durability and a luxurious look. The Burlington Spire and Guild models, in particular, stand out with their ornate designs and attention to detail, such as chrome plating and secure mounting systems to prevent lateral movement.

St. James's Craftsmanship:

St. James’s contributions to bathroom aesthetics emphasise meticulous craftsmanship and vintage charm. Their products often feature intricate detailing and are available in various finishes, including bright chrome and gold, which cater to different styles and preferences.

Mixing and Matching: Integrating Modern and Traditional Elements

Blending modern elements like Vado's sleek, knurled textures with traditional designs from Burlington and St. James can create a dynamic bathroom interior that respects both the past and the present.

Choosing Complementary Finishes:

Match the chrome or nickel finishes of modern fixtures with the polished surfaces of traditional elements. This creates a cohesive look that bridges the gap between different eras.

Balancing Design Elements:

Use the bold, simple lines of modern accessories to complement the more detailed and ornate traditional pieces. This balance keeps the bathroom from feeling overly busy or stark.

Practical Considerations: Installation and Maintenance

When integrating both modern and traditional toilet roll holders into your bathroom decor, practical considerations like installation and maintenance should not be overlooked. This section provides guidance to ensure your chosen fixtures not only look excellent but also function seamlessly.

Installation Tips:

Modern Holders: Vado's holders typically feature wall-mounted designs with hidden fixings to maintain a sleek look. It's important to have the right tools and perhaps a template (which often comes with the packaging) to ensure a level installation.

Traditional Holders: Burlington and St. James holders may require a more detailed approach due to their ornate designs and exposed fixings. Ensuring that these fixtures are securely attached to the wall is crucial, especially in bathrooms with plaster walls.

Maintenance and Care:

Cleaning: To maintain the lustrous finish of chrome or nickel fixtures, use non-abrasive cleaners and avoid harsh chemicals that can tarnish the metal. Regular wiping with a soft cloth will prevent water spots and maintain the shine.

Longevity: Traditional fixtures often have lacquered finishes that protect against corrosion and tarnishing. Checking for any loosening over time is advisable, as the intricate designs can collect dust and require detailed cleaning.


Choosing the right toilet roll holder involves more than just picking a practical item; it's about enhancing the style and function of your bathroom. Whether you opt for the sleek, modern designs offered by Vado or the timeless elegance of Burlington and St. James, the key is to blend these styles in a way that reflects your personal taste and meets your practical needs.

Summary of Choices: Modern holders from Vado bring a contemporary edge with knurled textures and minimalistic designs, while Burlington and St. James offer a nod to classic decor with detailed craftsmanship and traditional finishes.

Final Tips: Consider the overall theme of your bathroom when selecting these accessories. A well-chosen toilet roll holder can act as a subtle accent or a standout feature in your space.

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