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Geberit Aquaclean Tuma

In our lifetimes, we’ve seen once unimaginable technologies become everyday realities – from smartphones and smart homes to electric vehicles and more. Now, one of the last frontiers for technological innovation is getting an overhaul: the humble toilet. With the Geberit AquaClean Tuma, you can experience the most advanced shower toilet technology in a sleek, high-design form. This innovative series brings the future of bathroom hygiene and comfort to your home today.

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Geberit AquaClean Tuma Classic Complete Set

Geberit AquaClean Tuma Classic Complete Set

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The Tuma Series: Where Comfort Meets Innovation

At the heart of the Geberit AquaClean Tuma series are two main versions: the Tuma Comfort and the Tuma Classic. Both models epitomise the core aspects of a modern shower toilet but differ in the extent of their features. The Tuma Comfort is designed for those who seek an elevated level of well-being, while the Tuma Classic caters to users who prefer the essential functionalities.

WhirlSpray Shower Technology: A Cornerstone of Cleanliness

Central to both models is the patented WhirlSpray shower technology. This feature ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience using warm water. It's the epitome of the commitment of Geberit to blend comfort with hygiene, offering a refreshing and hygienic clean every time. The WhirlSpray system consumes less water than traditional bidets while delivering superior results. The rimless bowl design also optimizes hygiene by eliminating hard-to-reach crevices where dirt can hide.

For the ultimate in relaxation, the Tuma Comfort model features a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings. The integrated warm air dryer and odor extraction unit leave you feeling refreshed and the bathroom smelling clean.

Rimfree WC Ceramic Appliance: The Hygienic Choice

Another standout feature in both models is the Rimfree WC ceramic appliance. This innovative design eliminates the traditional toilet rim, thereby enhancing hygiene and simplifying cleaning. It's a thoughtful detail that reflects Geberit's dedication to cleanliness and ease of maintenance.

Tuma Comfort: Elevating Bathroom Luxury

The Tuma Comfort model goes beyond the basics with features designed to transform your bathroom experience into a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness.

Enhanced Comfort Options: The heated seat, warm air dryer, and odour extraction unit work together to provide an experience of unrivalled comfort and luxury.

Customisation at Its Best: With adjustable shower pressure, water temperature control, and an oscillating spray, the Tuma Comfort tailors its functionality to your personal preferences. The inclusion of a separate lady shower feature underscores its commitment to cater to all users.

Tuma Classic: Simplifying Sophistication

While the Tuma Classic may not boast the additional features of the Comfort model, it still stands as a testament to Geberit's high standards. It offers essential functionalities with a focus on user-friendly operation, including app control for personalisation.

Design and Installation: Versatile and User-Oriented

One of the most striking aspects of the AquaClean Tuma series is its versatility in installation and design.

Adaptable Installation Options: Whether you prefer a wall-hung or floor-standing model, the Tuma series can accommodate. This flexibility ensures that it can fit into a variety of bathroom layouts and styles.

Retrofitting Capability: The series is not just for new installations. Its ability to enhance existing WC units makes it a practical choice for those looking to upgrade their bathrooms without extensive renovations.

Aesthetic Design Covers: The range of design covers, including options like white alpine, black glass, and stainless steel, allows for seamless integration into any bathroom decor.

Practicality and Ease of Installation

Geberit has designed the Tuma series with practicality in mind:

Straightforward Installation: The series is engineered for easy installation by a qualified installer, requiring no major structural changes.

Universal Compatibility: The series is compatible with standard connection dimensions, further easing the installation process and ensuring it can be integrated with various systems, including Geberit's own Monolith sanitary modules.

Experience the Tuma Difference

With its advanced hygiene, customised comforts, and sleek, innovative style, the Geberit AquaClean Tuma brings a new level of sophistication to the modern bathroom. It combines the best in European engineering and contemporary design to create a shower-toilet experience beyond your expectations.

Geberit has a long legacy of leading the industry in high-performance sanitary products that meet real-world customer needs. The AquaClean Tuma continues that tradition by redefining what an intelligent, well-designed toilet can deliver in terms of comfort, convenience, and healthy cleanliness.

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